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  1. Yeah, learned of them through the bass player in our band who is friends with Ed Bernard (guitarist/multi instrumentalist of Druckfarben) . Ed was heavily influenced by Yes and it's a shame that they are not more well known.
  2. Yes O2 . I was both thrilled and worried about the O2 reunion because of the past reunion disasters. When i heard Kashmir from the first cellphone audio (youtube) of this i am not ashamed to say i had tears of joy . The hair on the back of my head stood on end listening to Robert's wail on Kashmir.
  3. 8 out of 10 with two complete guesses that i picked correctly.lol
  4. This is a very difficult question lol. As another poster alluded to sometimes it depends on your mood on a given day. In The Light , How many more Times, Kashmir......You Shook Me (because this is the song that really turned me on to Zep)
  5. Has anyone heard of Druckfarben ? Pretty good prog rock band from Toronto in recent years.
  6. Sounds like the woman at the till was actually the Blind person.
  7. Agreed about the Leafs, great young team for a change and that Austin Matthews is making Leaf fans forget the garbage last few seasons ( it's actually more lol) I once said that i don't think i would see the Leafs win the cup in my lifetime......with this bunch there is a glimmer of hope.
  8. House of the rising Sun- The Animals
  9. Vocal health and maintenance ....warm ups etc.. wasn't as prevelant and well known as it is today. Plant strained the shit out of his voice constantly with tour after tour with little rest and the extra curriculars didn't help his voice either lol. In my opinion there is nobody that could match early Plant vocally ...and i speak of tone, power, delivery and sheer emotion of his voice. Plant at 75 percent is still far better then most vocalists. He is the Golden God lol.
  10. No doubt Marriott was great and it's too bad he couldn't get his shit together...One of my fav songs is "30 Days in The Hole"(Humble Pie) just a great effing tune.
  11. Ahh...some fellow beer drinkers eh ! lol Proud to be Canadian
  12. I will be 48 soon . Zeppelin is immortal and i realized that their music and influence has no age limit/restriction.
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