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  1. Those are awesome! I never saw the 1st and the 3rd one before...Bluesville club is amazing, wow to have seen that gig!! thanks
  2. Aidan - excellent! keep on jamming and learning - there is hope for youth of today...
  3. great openers you all are picking - am trying not to duplicate anyone... AC/DC – It’s a Long Way to the Top Bad Company – Can’t Get Enough Boston – More than a Feeling CCR - I Put a Spell on You CSN&Y – Carry On Eagles – Take It Easy Foghat – I Just Want to Make Love to You Heart – Magic Man Kiss – Strutter Meatloaf – Bat out of Hell (am not counting his obscure duo album 6/7 years earlier…) Montrose – Rock the Nation Queen – Keep Yourself Alive Ted Nugent – Stranglehold Cheers!
  4. I wish I could remember more other than him strolling out saying something about Presence coming out soon, he was pretty drunk...I will see if a friend of mine remembers more
  5. MSG June 13, '77 - my girlfriend passed out during No Quarter and missed most of the show (she was not a huge fan)...I documented the show with notes the next day on each song but lost it somewhere over the years. And I have no idea why I didn't try to see the '75 tour. Saw Page/Plant in '98 in Philly which was an awesome show. Also was at Deep Purple Radio City Music Hall in '76 the night Bonzo strolled out on stage which was very cool...
  6. nice topic....for me difficult to rank as an adult as I can fit them in all as #1's (LZ I through PG) and #2's (the last 3...) definitely has changed over the years, I wore out IV as a teen...I can put together a "best of" all the reissues and have it rank in the middle 1. II 2. Physical Graffiti 3. IV 4. Houses 5. III 6. I 7.ITTOD 8. Presence 9. Coda
  7. I just went down tracks album by album and the only songs I usually skip are Hats off to Harper, Tea for One and Carouselambra so not that I don't like them but I guess those are my least favorites...
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