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  1. I'll try this another way. You can write (musical content, and it is subjective) the best or worst song ever, but the manner in which it was recorded and presented does have a big impact on how it is received. Bieber et al releases the worst shit ever, but it is sonically, out of the speakers, apparently pleasing to kids and teens as they don't know anything other to base or judge it by. Does that still make it a good and well constructed song? If you wrap a piece of shit in a Christmas bow, naive people will be instantly pleased, but once they get a smell of it, it will soon be out in t
  2. What?? I think I stated pretty clearly that the drums overall sound great, compared to other produced drum sounds. Maybe you have been sniffing something that fogged up your glasses. You wanna share some? Totally missed the point, or am I missing your point? Bonham himself was not always pleased with his recorded sound. Just forget it and move on, I have. So not every album is masterfully produced, so what. The world continues.
  3. Thanks, that must be it. Probably got some youtube stuff mixed up. Must have been a great night for you, you lucky bastard! (said with respect of course.) Would have been equally exhilarating and sad for Jason to play along with his father, if not actually in person. Is there, or would there be, any official release of such event? Probably not.
  4. In Through The Out Door: SOUND: This is a nicely recorded album, mostly, if not well mixed. The guitar is too low, the keyboards are very late 70's early 80's sounding, but they did not have hindsight nor the benefit of years of later scrutiny. Vocals are indistinct at times. It is easy to pick the shit out of something many years later but I would think they did the best they could with what they had. However, you can almost get a hint of what would be the (sadly) future of drum sounds with the added reverb and maybe some delay, which would eventually lead to that horrendous and unnatural
  5. Graffiti: SOUND: Average to very good. Nice separation of each instrument, you can clearly hear what is going on. Drums are good overall, if maybe a touch boxy sounding. Guitars are well defined without excess distortion. Song by song, the guitars can either be very layered, or single guitar tracks. A couple of songs the guitar sounds a touch muffled. For me, the fullness of a song is a combination of all instruments panned and mixed well. There is a ton of great riffs here. If you are a first time Zeppelin listener, this should be your go-to starting point. Not the best ever recording but n
  6. Houses: SOUND: Terrible sounding album. The guitar is thin with no sustain, the drums at times sound like cardboard boxes, and Robert's voice sounds unnaturally high at times, as if it the tape were speed-ed up. This is odd considering some songs were recorded and then the tape was slowed down a whole step in pitch. I don't get it. But then a few songs sound just great. SONGS: Some standout songs, and a few that have me bewildered. Song Remains is a classic. Song Remains (live): SOUND: For a live recording this is very acceptable. All the instruments are well recorded and separated in
  7. III: SOUND: Bit of a muddy sounding album at times, then some really nice bright acoustic parts. Immigrant Song is one of the worst sounding, but great songs, I've ever heard - it is so dull sounding guitar wise. It's a great song but the recording sounds like shit. Overall it is an inconsistently recorded collection of songs - that is, good songs that sound like it was the audio engineer's first day on the job and had no idea at all what to do. SONGS: Standouts are Celebration Day, Since I've Been Loving You, and Out On The Tiles. I did not like these songs at all initially. I thought Cel
  8. I: SOUND: A bit ordinary really. Maybe it was cutting edge in late 60's. Drums are present, probably the highlight of the album. Cymbals sound dull and clangy, not typical Paiste's - they were, I guess, Paiste Giant Beat models, not the later 2002 series which are bright and glassy. Drums can have a very subconscious overall result in the complete sound - basically a shitty drum sound will give a shitty album sound. Studio engineers have since learnt this lesson, where previously drums were an afterthought. Listen to any Phil Spector 60's recording, or Beatles, where the drums are so indist
  9. I am going to do some very long posts. Album by album. I accept I may initially be called a pretentious wanker but it is only my opinion here and nothing to get upset about if you consider yourself to be a rational adult. Curious? Hopefully it will make sense when you consider the total sum. Take some time to consider before responding and try not to be instantly biased or defensive. Several things can influence a listener in music: The quality of the song, and the quality of the recording of those songs. Maybe this is only for the audiophiles, but there are many instances where sound can
  10. Year 2000 plus era Iron Maiden. I am not British (I'm Australian) but these guys are currently considered to be the closest thing to rock Gods as far as humanly possible in their homeland. Yes, no? Been going since the late 70's, had their rise, fall, and resurrection. Not a bad effort really considering the expected lifetime of any band. The blokes are thought to be 'diamond geezers' which translates to ... I don't know an equivalent world wide translation - Just damn likeable? - but it is certainly a compliment. I have a problem. I get hooked on a band, listen non stop for six months, g
  11. Well done LpMan. I work in the printing business. When I am on my death bed with one hour left, what do you think I will care about? It will certainly not be if somebody had their business card printed and delivered a day late. I will care about if I was a good enough father, that I had people that appreciated me for being me, and myself in return, and that I did the best I could and no more than that. Anything else is insignificant. My life is about having 24 hours a day to fill, and doing what I consider worthwhile to fill those hours. I may request a suitable Zeppelin song to be played
  12. Very unfortunate about Chris. Early reports indicate it was due to clinical depression, something which many artists' suffer through. Depression / bi-polar is a very real medical condition which many outside people seem to ignore or not believe in until it is too late. It matters little if you live in a mansion or on the street. Everyone has troubles in life, and having money and being popular is not the long term answer. Feelings of self worth become amplified, as does self doubt. You try to please everyone else and end up ignoring your own needs. I have lived with it my whole life and i
  13. Whether this is relevant ... I consider a musician worth listening to on not how many notes they can play, but the notes they choose to play. Simple enough really considering most audiences' know nothing at all about music except what is pleasant to their ears.
  14. I wouldn't say they changed it. They were doing more or less the same thing as most 70's rock bands, except a hell of a lot better. Music changed dramatically after they were gone - rap etc. Music today is worlds away from Zeppelin, to the detriment of it in my opinion. If anything, they showed us what not to do with a good band - how to ruin it. Of course no one learns and good bands still self-destruct today.
  15. I borrowed the DVD for 02 years ago from the local library. I am certain it had an extras section that had Jason playing along to a video projection of Moby Dick from Madison Square Gardens. I have never been able to find the concert DVD again with this in it. Don't know if it was a special edition or what, does the current release have this bit deleted, or have I mistaken it from something else? Maybe the Australian release was edited? Thanks.
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