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  1. It's not Paul's fault this guy is a jazz jerk. No one is John but Paul rocked the Super Bowl a couple of years back and he has earned some respect.
  2. This guy is a jerk.. Doesn't Rock and Roll deserve reviewers that like the music from the start, not jazz heads looking for a couple of bucks per word because they got stiffed in the coffee house last night. Any review of the current Led Zep has to first respect the older version and take it from there. If you think the BBC sessions suck how could you review O2? Sorry jerkoff but Zep doesn't play "My favorite things." The worst thing about Jazz is the pompus people that play it and think they're better than anyone else. Truth is much of Jazz today is people playing like monkeys with no i
  3. The Barbecue is great in Memphis and it's worth the trip to Graceland for any music fan. "Tennessee, Tennessee ain't no place I'd rather be." Maybe even visit the Martin Luther King museum with Obama and Hillary..... Sun Studios, Grand Old Opery, Loretta Young's Kitchen and The Mighty Mississippi.....
  4. Jason is good.....He plays the tunes like he's been waiting all his life for this gig and you can't replace this type of intensity so easily. He drumming is more straght ahead than I expected but still he's a hard hitter and I find it hard not to like him. Not to mention his excellent vocals that appear to be spot on and a great addition to the show. As far as the jams go, The Cream tour was much the same and they had Baker, their origional drummer so it's hard to say why this is occuring in this geriatric genre. Don't forget that these guys had mega stage muscles back in the day and it's ha
  5. You forget that the Stones are much older than Zep. To write that The Stones have no "talent" is a bit silly. Both groups have been ravaged by drug addiction and booze helping to inspire and erode their considerable skills. Since 1974 Robert could not keep up with his bandmates and almost always sang with a list of excuses. Jagger on the other hand is a money machine putting the party aside to give his fan's a glimpse of brit genius.
  6. They wrote STH, KAS, OTHAFA......, So many many great songs that this idea baffels me. Their interpitations of the blues standards do not make them a cover band. Is John Coltrane a cover artist? Zep is not Vanilla Fudge. Sure they did some people tunes but usually traditional blues songs. Is Hendrix a cover artist because he played "Day Tripper" and "Killing Floor".
  7. I just heard Zep put out a restraining order against you!!!!!!!! You "DA MAN"...... I hope the show was tremendous for you..... Watching you play the tunes it's amazing how simple they appear...Pagey, a true master!
  8. Yes, I was certain RR would open show. This was a better opener and despite the lousy monitor job and feedback nonesense, kicked butt. Zep will benefit from their own show where they control the sound 100%. I wouldn't be suprised if Robert was dealing with sub-par monitors through-out the show. That may have contributed to the awkwardness many have claimed to have noticed. These guys are on the verge of astounding us and themselves if they can establish a suitable playing field. Come on, there's no excuse for such feedback after a day of soundchecks and a few warm up bands. Did Foreigner
  9. ---Peace-----We're all entitled to like what we wish.... It used to be cool to love Peter Gabriel and hate Phil Collins, now I can't tell much difference...like em both, I suppose. Putting this aside, has Zep ever won or been nominated for a Grammy? Shame if they didn't win one. Happy Holidays and if Grohl ever gets the job he better be great or else! B-Bender
  10. Sorry, I just hate The Foo Fighters and don't see them as a serious band. Their songs are little ditties and when I saw them they were barely able to play them. I see pictures of Dave with a towel on his head mugging for the camera and I wonder how can anyone like this pathetic junk. Granted, he may be a nice person and a great drummer and he's clearly a smart buisnessman but when I saw his name mentioned as a possible Zeppelin drummer I was stunned. The only thing they have in common is that they both played in bands that met tragic ends. Plus I saw him dose an flight crew!
  11. The guy is such a poser... I can't stand his mugging in The Foo Fighters videos. I don't care if he's a good drummer he's so wrong in every way. Everytime he dresses in drag and mugs at the camera I want to slam his....whatever. Jason is awesome, correct and has a beautiful vibe, this is disrespectful to him. He's jumped huge hurdles to get this seat and we should embrace his success as a benchmark for us all. If they tour he will just get better and better. Grohl will cheapen the entire legacy with his MTV pop sensibilities and cartoony mug.
  12. Harvey Goldsmith = Peter Grant....THE $ONG REMAN$ THE $AME...... But thats ok I'll pay!
  13. I was one that bitched early on about the performances by the band but as I've seen and listened to the show non stop for a week now I love most of it. Jason is becoming my favorite part of the show and is a hard hitter like his dad. Does Robert have a son that can sing?
  14. Clapton lost a similar legal action for his direct rip off of "Give Me Strength" on 461 Ocean Blvd. Claims to have been jealous of George Harrison in his new book as well. Clapton is a great musician but seems like a hypocrite in many of his latest quotes. Perhaps it's better for him that he never spoke out much in the past. Don't buy his rubbish book! He needs a beer if you ask me!
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