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  1. There is also the issue of the vandalism of Page's tape vaults that occurred in the 1980's. What was taken could be the stuff that Page may have wanted to put out at some point. If he doesn't have the original master tapes, he's screwed. Because then you are dealing with sources where the audio gets worse and worse. Suppose all soundboards from the 1977 tour were vandalized. Well, that's trouble, because as we all know, the band was often off and on during that tour. But if Page had all the tapes, he could've assembled a "best of the 1977 tour" so that only the best recorded version of "A
  2. I wish there was an "official" autobiography as it would put an end to all these unauthorized jobs, but from what everything I can tell, the 50th anniversary book is just going to be like Page's photography book. Maybe they will have some more commentary related to the pics. But it's not going to be like "Walk This Way" from Aerosmith of "One Way Out" on the Allman Bros. Band where you get the real low down. The mystique that LZ has is something that is powerful and I can understand the band wishing to protect it. But the unfortunate side effect of it is that it leads to unauthorized bios and
  3. Bonzo just wasn't the same to me on the 1980 European Tour and much of the 1977 tour (although he clearly had his moments). He was overweight and out of shape, and you cannot be that as a drummer playing the kind of music LZ played. It's going to show at times. I don't wish to insinuate that I feel John became a bad drummer. He just wasn't the same guy he used to be. He wasn't as consistent. The saddest thing about Bonzo for me is that by the time LZ was ready to hit America before he died, Richard Cole and many of the band's bad influences were gone. Starting in the 80's, it started beco
  4. I had to laugh at this because we couldn't be more different in our opinions. It's not that I am right and you are wrong (or vice versa), but we couldn't be anymore different in our takes. Why?...... 1) "Physical Graffiti" is my all-time favorite album by any artist in the history of recorded sound. I am dead serious. I also like it 2.5x better than any other LZ record. I think it is an utter masterpiece from top to bottom. 2) Besides "Satisfaction" from the Stones, "Achilles Last Stand" is my all-time favorite song in the history of recorded music by any artist. It is Page's masterp
  5. As much as I respect Ross Halfin as a photographer, he is the kind of guy who would ask Page about off-stage activities of the band (and its crew) that LZ clearly don't wish to talk about, which I understand. I mean, if you read Nikki Sixx's book "The Heroin Diaries," it talks about an orgy that Ross participated in. Whenever sex, drugs, and sleaze are brought up in various Behind The Musics, there's old Ross telling us about everything he witnessed. I don't read his website, but whenever he is on TV, he comes off as a guy who is the least bit concerned about the music. I think LZ can do
  6. Of course, but can't I be an idealist?? . I realize the Springsteen style download site won't likely occur, but it's still a great idea, presuming the artist wants their concerts to be released, which is the reason why the guys in LZ would nix the idea. They would only want the very best stuff to be publicly released. I understand that's the way they operate. So be it. But when it comes to the book, that's a different matter. It makes no sense for them to do the book in any other way than I described it. For the amount of griping that Page and Plant have done in interviews over the years
  7. You're completely and totally missing my point. I already know those details. Most serious Zep fans do as well. I don't care what wikipedia says. I don't care what some wikipedia writer picked out of Stephen Davis' book. And frankly, I don't even care what Jimmy Page had to say about Presence back in 1976 or even ten years ago. I want the surviving band members and the surviving band members only to be writing the text from their contemporary perspective in this new book. They have never told it from their perspective and their perspective only. All three guys. It is really important, as Jimm
  8. Regarding the Led Zeppelin book that is going to be released in September or October (or whenever it is).......it is my sincere hope that the book contains more TEXT than photos. There have been a million and a half LZ photo books, including Page's book. What has been untold is the Led Zeppelin story in their own words. All we have been given over the years are mainly unauthorized bios with disgruntled former employees being used as the main source of info. The books are totally lacking in detail about the kinds of things that a Zeppelin maniac would want to know. How was "The Rain Song" writt
  9. I think that Jimmy was in worse shape in 1977 than he was in 1979 or even 1980. I have listened to every Europe 1980 show, and none of them drop to the low points of some of the 1977 gigs when Jimmy had be carried to the limo. I felt Robert's vocals were much better in 1980 than 1977 as well. Don't get me wrong: I think Jimmy was in bad shape, and he desperately needed to clean up his act, but I think it could've been a better overall tour than the 1977 tour was. But I am just guessing.
  10. Getting back to the track "Swan Song," I know parts of it were put into The Firm track "Midnight Moonlight," but people act sometimes as if "Swan Song" IS "Midnight Moonlight," when it's clearly not. If you listen to the songs back to back, there is a whole bunch of music on "Swan Song" that didn't get transferred over to "Midnight Moonlight." Once again, not including "Swan Song" on the PG companion disc is a travesty. There was more than enough room for it. I know Jimmy tried to stay away from things that have already been bootlegged. I can understand that, but when there is room on the CD,
  11. I feel we are more likely to get audio. It might be cool to do a thing like Tom Petty did where he released a 4-CD package of live tunes spread over his entire career. That way Jimmy could pick the best of what he's got rather than focus on one show and spending a zillion hours trying to fix it. Of course, some of this depends on what Jimmy still has in his vaults after the infamous tape theft in the 1980's. One would hope that safeties were made of the live shows that were lost, but I kind of doubt it.
  12. It would've been interesting to see what the 1980 tour list would have looked like. I doubt that we would've seen Moby Dick and Dazed and Confused re-enter the set. I think that era of the band was over. Starting with the 1979 Knebworth gigs, LZ was a different band. One of the reasons why I like watching those Knebworth gigs (despite the flaws, playing, weather or otherwise) is the variety of songs they played. They still didn't break out anything like a full version of The Rover or Hots On For Nowhere, but still, it was neat to see all those tunes played.
  13. I doubt this song was officially recorded for PG, but the rehearsal jam should've been included on the PG companion disc. I know Jimmy tried to stay away from items that have been bootlegged, but there was enough room on the disc to include this great little song that is considered the predecessor to "the Wanton Song."
  14. I am sure this topic has been covered before.......but all you need to do is go over to youtube.com and listen to a Zep song or bootleg concert, and some guy will have written a 33,000 word essay in the comments section about how Zep ripped off blues artists (and other songwriters) left and right and never gave them proper writing credits. It seems to be almost like some sort of movement, driven by people who are very jealous of Zep's popularity and immense influence. I'm not just talking about a few songs off of the first two records.....some of these people even dissect every verse on "In Th
  15. Clarksdale was better than some of the LZ albums, IMO. I still listen to it once per week. I went to two or three concerts after that, and I haven't gone to a big time concert since. It absolutely pissed me off when fans would head for the beer stands when they started an unbelievable song like "When The World Was Young." I felt they were disrespectful. I sat there looking at those meatheads and said to myself, "Do you realize what you folks are doing to the real fans. You're going to deprive us of ever seeing Jimmy and Robert playing electric music ever again. Because Robert has zero toleranc
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