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  1. Holy Cow, looked it up on discogs, only 156 pressed on etched vinyl. Unusual for Jimmy as he seems to not be into releasing colored vinyl or anything fancy of that sort, deluxe packaging sure, but the platter is always black if I'm not mistaken. I guess it makes sense here since the 8 tracks fit on one side. Can't even buy it, but I bet it would fetch at least a 1000 in mint condition.
  2. Has Jimmy turned to God or similar religious beliefs in his later years? I remember there was an interview and when it was over Jimmy gave some really religious good will to everyone in the room invoking God and I thought that was very strange for a man with his apparent past ideology. I wish I could/remember find the interview.
  3. I think the "Stairway" represents an easy way to seek forgiveness ("all that glitters is gold") for living a less than stellar life. You hear about these maifa guys who call priests to their deathbed to get them into Heaven in the last minutes of live. Sure you did terrible things in your life but at the last minute you just ask for forgiveness and your in. I actually think it says that is possible in the Bible, but it seems so cheap, life has no meaning if you can game the system like that. Like people who are terrible all week but go to church on Sunday, clear their sins, and go back to a less than stellar way of life on Monday. Regarding the Piper, I think there is a depiction of the devil playing bagpipes and tempting you with his music. I think the piper here represents that, being swayed to do bad things, but calling upon God when it looks like it's time to pay for your crimes and when you feel everything is okay once again following the "Piper."
  4. Did Jimmy own his occult book store at this point? I would imagine he found images from simply having access to that. Also back in the day I think I found a reference for every song title on the artwork, although it's strange, the human at the bottom of the mountain seems to have a dog's face. (Black Dog) a stretch, also I don't know if the jacket's I have had have just been scratched up but it seems like there is a storm by the mountains (rain) when the levee breaks (flooding?) Also Four Sticks would be obvious from the album cover, but also in the lantern itself. I was really into this album back then and just projected my own thoughts onto the artwork LOL!!!
  5. Love this song, it has an eerie feel to it, like they are reciting some kind of tribal chant or spell, a very free and wild sounding song. For me I would eject "Misty Mountian Hop" from the album. A good enough b-side perhaps, but just kills the momentum of the album for me. The album has a very mystic feel to it, and Mountian Hop is like a parody of those themes. Doesn't fit in nicely with the rest of the record.
  6. Typically these magazines just compile old articles. I remember an AC/DC issue focusing on Bon Scott. I think the new part was the conspiracy theories surrounding Bon's stolen book of lyrics after his death and whether they were used in writing "Back in Black". As for that Page Uncut issue, Jimmy's lack of commentary 3 times sounds like a drag. I would have just edited those questions out.
  7. In some ways its better for a band to finds its feet and develop. Priest grew into an incredible band of course. You can always improve and get better, but starting out on top out of the gate, its very easy to fall down as well. You set huge expectations. A big trap in some cases.
  8. I guess Robert finds Stairway to be an albatross. Anything he does is in it's shadow. I think it was the same for Pete after Tommy. Michael Stipe after Murmur. You hit your high and of course people will never let you forget and move on. All of these musicians had their albatross when they were relatively young/fairly early in their respective careers. (Stipe,first album out of the gate).
  9. Nothing wrong with Hello Kitty, (amazing how a simple image has turned into a billion dollar industry) I was just poking fun at Gene. Didn't he claim he got Jimmy and Robert in a room and offered them like a million in cash to reunite (or something to that effect) LOL!!!
  10. Gene Simmons to Jimmy Page: Led Zeppelin is not a band ,its a "BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND." Can't wait for Zeppelin Hello Kitty and Zeppelin toilet paper.
  11. Can't someone shoot an email to Robert and clear this up once and for all??? LOL!!!
  12. This brings up a good point, I would think as tough as Grant was, he would bend to Jimmy's whims, especially on the artistic side of things, and vice versa for Jimmy on the business side.
  13. Maybe Jimmy has the show in the vaults, and since the bootleggers did not get to it first, he has no excuse not to release it. Maybe they were on the Moby Dick intro/outro with tambourines in hand. Joking aside, Jimmy and Led Zeppelin seemed incredibly opened minded for being the biggest rock band in the world. Expressing fondness for Punk, when Punk was spitting on Zeppelin, Jimmy in that one interview saying he loves all guitar playing, its all good, I think when Steely Dan was brought up. I think that was why they were so great and successful, nothing was completely out of the question for them and they soaked it all in.
  14. toI think its a little strange the Jimmy would let the bootleggers have the advantage of what can and cannot be released simply because they found a way to release it first, Its Jimmy's life's work and material. If this is simply a theme for these series of re-releases and not a philosophy okay then, but get the remaining "released" stuff out there at some point and please do not attach it the studio albums yet again.
  15. Zeppelin's legacy will live forever. Twisted Sister is just about at 90% forgotten at this point. Probably clown makeup will be there legacy.
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