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  1. Can't someone shoot an email to Robert and clear this up once and for all??? LOL!!!
  2. This brings up a good point, I would think as tough as Grant was, he would bend to Jimmy's whims, especially on the artistic side of things, and vice versa for Jimmy on the business side.
  3. Maybe Jimmy has the show in the vaults, and since the bootleggers did not get to it first, he has no excuse not to release it. Maybe they were on the Moby Dick intro/outro with tambourines in hand. Joking aside, Jimmy and Led Zeppelin seemed incredibly opened minded for being the biggest rock band in the world. Expressing fondness for Punk, when Punk was spitting on Zeppelin, Jimmy in that one interview saying he loves all guitar playing, its all good, I think when Steely Dan was brought up. I think that was why they were so great and successful, nothing was completely out of the question for them and they soaked it all in.
  4. toI think its a little strange the Jimmy would let the bootleggers have the advantage of what can and cannot be released simply because they found a way to release it first, Its Jimmy's life's work and material. If this is simply a theme for these series of re-releases and not a philosophy okay then, but get the remaining "released" stuff out there at some point and please do not attach it the studio albums yet again.
  5. Zeppelin's legacy will live forever. Twisted Sister is just about at 90% forgotten at this point. Probably clown makeup will be there legacy.
  6. If Plant wants to upgrade to a diner there is a place called Pappy's in my town. I will arrange everything. No need for fast food Robert!!! Zep is better than that.
  7. There seems to be some indication that the house is a landmark and protected? In the US if that happens even the person who buys the house is responsible for preserving it and cannot make changes to it. Jimmy should have no problem if his house is historic and Williams construction will destroy/damage it but I understand the laws in England may be different Other than that I don't think I would want to live someplace where I constantly have to walk on egg shells. Him being a musician makes it strange he can only bring out an acoustic. But hey maybe that's Jimmy's excuse for not doing any new music lol!!!
  8. As much as I love Black Dog and Rock and Roll, I consider them the oddball tracks on 4. They don't seem to fit in with the theme of the rest of the album. Not complaining but in my mind 4 starts with BOE and flows perfectly from there.
  9. I would say Friends/Celebration day are psychedelic. I don't think anything on the first album fits that the description. The themes are pretty straight forward.
  10. Your probably right, I mean that does make the remaining members of The Who callous. I imagine just quitting in the middle of a tour, there has to be repercussions on some level. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.
  11. I believe Pete simply stated that to pull out of the tour would be a complete disaster for everyone involved so it was a business decision I guess to try to do the right thing for the majority. Read Pete's autobiography and it gets ridiculous how many times the band was supposed to end but Pete finds himself being dragged back in. He really despises The Who at points.
  12. I tend to think of musicians who are as talented as Jones are there because they love playing music. Of course he probably loved the money, (who wouldn't) but fame is not something he was really comfortable with or really after. Just my speculation. Call him underrated and he could care less. The dude is essential to Zeppelin and the band would have been completely something else without him.
  13. That pick would be gone already if the tell all was part of the deal!!!
  14. The Beatles were not a boy band. Boy Bands do not write their own music, play instruments. Before they become huge The Beatles would do 8 hour sets. Just cause they wore matching suits and happened to appeal to young females does not make them a boy band. Boy bands hardly last 3 years, and they have no legacy. Every week there is a new book about the Beatles, (what more can be said at this point?). I think Zeppelin gets a few books a year and that is still awesome. As for the early material, I don't understand the slogging. What band's of that era trumped what the Beatles were doing in the pop realm?
  15. Couldn't we surmise Zeppelin was a jam Band essentially? They tried to do what jam bands do and take the audience somewhere else sometimes hitting and sometimes missing? Never trying to replicate what's on record. I kind of dig that because if I want to hear an exact copy of the record and I can stay home and listen to the record. A unique performance can only happen once.
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