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  1. Only one I'd say sounds better to my ears is the 9/29 board tape.
  2. Ramble On was sort of referenced in some shows. 3/21/70 Vancouver in Communication Breakdown, 04/17/70 Memphis in How Many More Times, 9/09/70 Boston in Whole Lotta Love. There was one somewhat more extensive performance, 8/07/71 in Montreux, again in Whole Lotta Love.
  3. The Wildwood versions of the 50's/60's Standards seem to be the very best of the bunch. These new 50's/60's Standards have been spectacular in my opinion, I've loved each one I've played so far.
  4. They're awesome, I love them! I enjoyed Crack-Up, but it's the type of album that is more suited towards sitting and listening to the whole thing. It's more than the sum of its individual parts. Listened to all of Shore yesterday and really liked it, it can be taken in parts as individual songs more so than you could with Crack-Up.
  5. The proof is in how they're remembered. Baker can say whatever he wants about different drummers' styles. And this isn't to say he wasn't a great drummer in his own right, but he's damn near irrelevant in comparison to Bonham. Absolute ridiculousness.
  6. https://www.bareknucklepickups.co.uk/pickup/humbucker/rebel-yell Anyone have these? I've been thinking about getting a pair for my Les Paul because it seems like they sound incredible, but I was curious if anyone else has experience with them here.
  7. I had remastered it a while back, it's on my blog. Looking back at it, wasn't the best thing I've ever done, but I still enjoy it. Just PM'd you a link, let me know if it's any improvement!
  8. A few quick suggestions off the top of my head: 2/19 2/25 6/09 6/18 6/22 6/25 10/02 10/09 12/03
  9. I'd snag a copy of the 3/21/70 Vancouver show. It's a great radio broadcast, about 40 minutes long and in surprisingly good quality. It's an interesting mix with Plant FAR forwards; it's super cool to hear the vocals so far up in the mix, and it fortunately happens to be an awesome Plant show as well. You can check Bootledz for the individual details on the releases, but I'd go with the new Graf Zeppelin version.
  10. Hampton '71. '71 is my favorite year of their live performances and I would eat up everything I could find from that year, but something always put me off this show. Couldn't tell if it was the deadened sound from the higher generation tape, or the more lackadaisical performance, or what. I finally ended up going back to it this year, listening to a newer remaster based on EV's "Sonic Boom" release. This time, I ended up loving it. The sound is far improved here, and for some reason, something about the performance really clicked with me. The band isn't BLAZING hot as they seemed to be through any other recorded '71 shows we have, but there's something that's welcoming about this. It's such a warm, relaxed show, and actually really well performed in its own right. Like USA '73 vibes with a '71 type show. It's now a show I enjoy a lot more and listen to quite often.
  11. I agree, I'm sure there are decent chunks missing because of the incompetency of the filmmakers, but then again, there also has to be some footage that we haven't seen. Considering all three nights were filmed, as well as the extras in Shepperton, I'd imagine there's a significant chunk of really great unreleased film. That said, Page would have to create a standalone release for us to see any extra footage, because editing the actual TSRTS film would take jumping through a lot of legal/copyright hoops.
  12. It's worth messing with it a bit! I got decent results out of a free compressor plugin called RoughRider2, you can download and install it into Audacity. But thanks! I'm doing both a film and album version for this one so it's taking a while, hoping the end result will be worth it. That said I absolutely agree, the show deserves its own individual release. As an audio only release it's possible we could get Thank You from the show, unless the organ track didn't record on that either (like SIBLY). I'd give a helluva lot to hear that one!
  13. I agree, the true vinyl versions are much better. I think I had come across your rip, it was very nice! I'm not a huge fan of what Wendy did to it, their EQ work is odd. But Liquid Led did some awesome work with it, I still haven't heard a better version. A while back I was playing around with the vinyl version and was able to boost the guitar a fair bit with a compression VST in Audacity; I'll have to look back at some point here and get that finished up. Currently working on a RAH '70 project!
  14. Absolutely! The Liquid Led one in particular was great, it's my go to version for that show.
  15. Yep, wasn't all that much to be done for that. I would look for the vinyl versions because they're far clearer than the "tape," which I think were recorded from the original vinyls anyways. Graf Zeppelin and Liquid Led seem to have the best of the bunch. The pernod remaster is also really good.
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