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  1. Do you need a rip of the Diament edition? I believe I have one, I can dig it out for you.
  2. If we even get the full tape! It may be another partial release 🙄
  3. Wow! It's beautiful, and the Bigsby tremolo fit perfectly on here. Obviously the sound is great (from the videos). My only question would be about the quality, is there anything you notice on it that seemed to be a little lower quality? Or have you been completely satisfied with it so far? I wanted it for pretty much the same reason, I thought it was one of Page's coolest guitars. Seeing as he's the biggest influence on my playing and the sound I like to get, I figured this would be perfect! I just can't figure out where Epiphone cut costs to be able to make a premium guitar available at a lower price? You'd think they'd be losing money selling these, unless they're outsourcing production to Indonesia or something.
  4. Nice, Antoine! Great sound out of that Epiphone, looks like the Black Beauty copy? I was actually thinking about getting this one from Sweetwater soon, what do you think of it?
  5. 9/29/71 in Osaka! I was thinking back on what show is actually my favorite and I really couldn't say it's anything other than this one. It's really dear to me personally. When I was a young teen, I didn't have an iPod or any mp3 type devices (this was around 10 years ago), so I just ended up using my dad's old Walkman when I wanted to have my music on the go. I had just gotten into Zep bootlegs around then, and saved up to order a copy of the 9/29 show, the Nighthawk CD version. I remember listening to it constantly at home, but wanting to have it for bus rides and just when I was out in general! So I bootlegged my bootleg 🤣 I used some old casette tapes my dad had and taped the whole thing. It fit on a couple casette tapes, and those things with me to hell and back. In the process I became intimately familiar with the show, and I love every minute of it. Funnily enough, it's still the show I listen to most. Albeit with half of it now being replaced with the vastly superior soundboard source. Here's to hoping the rest comes out eventually!
  6. The 3/21 solo is pretty awesome. It's a little long but the play style is reminiscent of 1973.
  7. I'd definitely be one of them, both shows were astounding and among my favorites! We can hope!
  8. I tend to agree, I've seen your arguments for it and I do think there's at least a FEW tapes out there. If the '71 boards exist I'm sure there's recordings from the '72 US Tour; even in the moment I feel like it'd be pretty hard for the band to ignore that they were on a ridiculous stretch of shows that NEEDED to be documented somehow. My hope is that there's at least something from the stretch run that began in Nassau on the 14th through the end of the month; the couple weeks beginning with the Nassau show have some of the finest performances of their entire career (the 14th itself, the 19th in Seattle, and the 25th to name the most obvious ones). All we can do is keep hoping!
  9. Did you know what was coming? That was almost TOO ironic... 😉
  10. ^^ The post took out my response for some reason? Anyways, if it's Osaka 929 part 2, I'll give them a kidney for a copy...
  11. Awesome! Thanks, this was great. Been getting back into guitar recently and I'm starting to learn more complex solos so this was really cool to watch and keep some of these techniques in mind.
  12. So I had heard an interesting story as to why Page hated the song, I don't know if it's true and I forgot where exactly I heard/read about it, but apparently when the bulk of II was finished, they were still a little short and needed one more song to hit the length they needed for a full album. So Jimmy put together LLM pretty quickly as some filler to reach the required length, but always hated it because it wasn't something he originally planned on doing.
  13. Just saw and was coming here to deliver the bad news...utterly atrocious. I'd been looking forward to this all week, it's such a letdown and a below the belt move by Wendy.
  14. The original poster for that thread said: Anyone know more about this claim? Just received this info via email ... NEW NEW LED ZEPPELIN / MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM 1971 【3CD】 3 CD WENDY LABEL $106 ATTENTION 4 FIRST SONG ON THIS SET AS NEVER APPEAR BEFORE ON SOUNDBOARD FOR THE 1ST TIME ON SB YOU GET TO LISTEN TO THIS 4 SONGS NO OTHER LABEL CAME OUT WITH IT YET SO IT IS HUGE UPGRADE SOUNDBOARD RECORDING DISC ONE FOR THE 1ST TIME ON SB 01. Immigrant Song 02. Heartbreaker 03. Black Dog 04. Dazed and Confused MAPLE LEAF GARDENS, TORONTO ONTARIO, CANADA September 4, 1971 SOUNDBOARD AND AUD TAPES DISC ONE SOUNDBOARD RECORDING DISC TWO AND DISC THREE AUDIENCE RECORDING Which would lead me to believe that this actually is more of the board tape since they put so much emphasis on the new source. Then again it's Wendy who aren't exactly known for putting out new material so we'll have to see!
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