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  1. Sorry brother I'm not following, I only know of the 5/3 performance in Copenhagen? Was there one before that?
  2. Hi, I did the JRK Remaster version! Check it out and let me know what you think https://mega.nz/#!2R1kgQwY!qr8hnOVnI5Oi674LnaCHaT0PjWejlxD5RRRsccd9Nxs
  3. Yep, it's ridiculous that this stupid video exists, but as long as they state that it's a parody with some form of overview, it's legal. That's how shows like Family Guy and South Park get away with some of their gags with otherwise copyrighted material.
  4. I think they got the form down for how they wanted to record the song during their second US Tour of 1969; see shows like the Fillmore West performances for some good examples, it's really close to how the actual studio version of the song was recorded.
  5. Pennies from Heaven, from 9/29/71 Osaka. I made a compilation of Zeppelin's live covers and it's amazing!
  6. It's actually a decent show, right! Really well recorded even by the high '75 standard for board tapes. Seems like it's all going well until Page hits the dressing room during Moby Dick, then the Jack sends everything south... Anyways, great work, I really enjoy reading these!
  7. Hey gibsonfan159! Very interesting little series here, love reading through. Curious if you'll give 2/28 Baton Rouge a run through? I remember this being the first time when I was listening to Zeppelin bootlegs where I looked up and was in shock over how badly page was playing because I thought it was so rare! This was during the Black Dog solo, he is COMPLETELY LOST.
  8. Wow, no mention of the one from the 3/21/1970 broadcast from Vancouver? One of, if not the finest vocal performance of the song from Plant, captured stunningly with his voice in the front of the mix. I've never heard it sound so raw and emotional, and a lot of that has to do with how Plant sings it out of his MIND that night.
  9. The absolute most prominent one to my memory? March 21st of 1970, in Vancouver. There's a great radio broadcast that captures EVERY SINGLE nuance of Plant's vocals. It's so shittily mixed that his voice drowns out everything else to a large degree, but it's a wonderful study in just how spectacular Plant's voice was in 1970. Also check the legendary show on September 19th of 1970 in MSG, the evening show.
  10. You need to be changed away from a guest now to be able to access the .torrent files. I don't know if it is a recent thing but that's how it was for me.
  11. Hi friend! Also another thing to note, once you join, you'll need to email the mods to ask them to be upgraded beyond a guest account. I was at the "guest" status for months and couldn't figure out why the hell I couldn't find the .torrent files on the page! After some sleuthing I found out that you need to email them and tell them your username, they'll upgrade and allow you to download. I found it on the wiki in more detail, here: http://wiki.../index.php/DimeFAQ:Frequently_Asked_Questions#Why_am_I_not_able_to_get_dot-torrent_files_and_join_torrents_here.3F_Or_I_can_do_that.2C_but_why_am_I_not_authorized_to_post_my_own_torrents_onto_DIME.3F
  12. Hello my friend, Closest I could find was a comparison file. The first 1:53 is the old source, the rest of the song is the new. Enjoy! http://twitsound.jp/musics/tsjyZFYP3
  13. Ahhhh yes, valid point! Interesting that you should mention the matrix, I already gave it a test run with Immigrant Song, from the EVSD single and the Winston Remaster versions. It sounds amazing! Even so, it would be wonderful to have what I presume will be the majority of the concert on the new SBD. Speaking of the other board tapes, that actually gave rise to my idea to make a compilation that would present a complete '71 show in high quality. This was why I was searching for the Osaka STH, I actually prefer it over Orlando, Hampton, and Toronto's respective versions.
  14. Oh! My bad, I had figured that the old recording was a crummy soundboard feed, or perhaps even a REALLY high-gen transfer of the stereo soundboard as we are now hearing it.
  15. Hi, everyone! I love to do remasters of Zeppelin live shows. So far I've only lurked through the forum, this is my first actual post. I was wondering if anyone could send me the lossless source of the new Stairway to Heaven from Osaka 9/29, the new multitrack that EV put out? It would be HUGELY appreciated, as I am working on a '71 soundboard compilation and would love to use Stairway from this show!
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