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  1. Thank you one and all for all the suggestions. Much appreciated. The fun begins now as I start laying out the adventure. Time to Ramble On...
  2. If there are other locales, pubs, and the like that still remain I'd certainly welcome any information anyone can provide. My travels will involve a heavy dose of JRR and RJJJ. My intentions are to ensure I have captured all I can and immerse myself as much as possible in the mythical magic of one of the greatest writers of our time and times gone by while embracing the legacy of perhaps the greatest musical partnership of all time. I have no doubt the experiece will be memorable beyond words...despite the fact that it is the words, both JRR's and RJJJ's that make it so.
  3. Thanks much. Know they are both private and have been for some time. Good tip regarding Plumpton and Horselunges. Thought occurred to me that perhaps writing the owners in advance may help but no doubt they get hundress of such requests. The quest continues...
  4. First time poster. I am planning an adventure for 2018 to visit LZ sites, Tolkien sites, and family heritage locales in England and Scotland. Any info regarding access to Headley Grange, Bron Yr Aur, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Several sites on the net and stumbled on this...happily so. Checking Tolkien society and such but figured perhaps someone here had some insight. Thanks much, All.
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