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  1. Been any updates on this tape? Really looking forward to hearing it, it's amazing after all these years that treasures like this still surface.
  2. Oh gotcha and yeah you're right a soundboard puts forth absolutely every little mistake vs an audience recording which hides the minute details.
  3. So I have to ask, why did your ratings from the audience recording get higher grades vs. the soundboard starting with The Song Remains The Same through to The Wanton Song? Also do you think you'll do the Brussels show by chance?
  4. You're right Robert does hit the "lady" note at the Tokyo 10/02/1972 show he also goes for it for one final time at the show on the 9th in Osaka although it's a bit flat there. He also sings it at the Auckland, Brisbane, both the Seattle shows, and LA. He seemed to dodge the "lady" note more and more in 72 given his voice was slowly deteriorating and never hits the E5 again after 72. In 1971 he starts to dodge the "lady" note after the first LA show but then hits it in again at Orlando, then during the 1971 Japan tour he hits it at both the Tokyo shows, And again after a two month break he hits it again more frequently during the Winter UK tour in Newcastle, London, Manchester, and Leicester.
  5. IMO the 77 tour ended just like it started with average/mediocre performances, the band didn't start to really warm up until the final Chicago show from that show on they kept improving. A show that'd be neat for you to nitpick next imo would be the Cincinnati show on 4/20/77 its an above average to good show in my opinion even if it's missing the acoustic set and most of SIBLY but the quality is actually pretty good.
  6. Robert's voice recovers extremely well in 77, his voice in 77 sounds the closest to his earlier years performances.
  7. This is really cool, These are the concerts I've always wanted to hear the most from the first half of 1971 the one's where Robert's at peak voice still.
  8. How Many More Times 1/22/1975 Robert hits an incredibly high note on the final gun at 1:36:34 The show also features Robert's best performance of The Wanton Song he sings it with incredible power, he then later goes on to push his voice to the absolute limit during the final part of Stairway to the breaking point with his voice cracking badly.
  9. No recordings exist from that show unfortunately. Although there is an audience recording the day before that show in Tulsa Ok on 8/21/70.
  10. Thanks for all the replies I'll be sure to check put the performances you all listed.
  11. What is the best sung and played version of San Francisco it's often one of my favorite parts of Dazed I'm partial to the 6/3 performance in LA before the tape starts warbleing.
  12. Landover 5/30/77 definitely one of the best of 77
  13. I've never listened to this performance of The Battle Of Evermore before now but its definitely one of Robert's best vocal performances of the song.
  14. I'd really like to hear some of the missing shows, I think the first leg of the 77 tour is pretty underrated it suffers from having poor audience recordings. I imagine Dallas would've been pretty rough, but would be interesting to hear how Robert sounded the first night of the tour.
  15. Definitely a rusty show for Zeppelin they seem to hit their stride at the last Chicago show onto the two Cincinnati shows which have decent recordings. The first leg of the tour has some pretty underrated shows and is often overlooked other than the Destroyer show.
  16. Definitely the best 80 show for me, Jimmy seems really coherent and fluid with his playing and Robert sounds as good as ever with his voice hitting a higher register for the final half of the show.
  17. Thanks I'll check that one out!
  18. gibsonfan129 As a song that was only performed mostly in 77 with two from 79 what would you say were the best performances of Ten Years Gone overall from this tour I really like the badgeholders show version but what others stood out to you from the tour?
  19. Robert definitely sounded great during the whole 77 tour it's really what makes me rank it as high as I do even above 72-75 era, I really think the third leg of the 77 tour tarnished its reputation especially with the Tempe performance and Roberts voice being weak for those last four shows of the tour, if you listen to the first leg yes it does start off rough but as they go on they improve during each performance and by the time you get to the second leg of the tour they're close to reaching their previous heights again.
  20. It hasn’t been removed it was just moved to the members only section.
  21. Thanks for the response! Maybe some day it’ll leak out!
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