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  1. Not just Zeppelin's "last concert with Bonham" - the last concert EVER. Also it wasn't just Stairway they stretched on the night - they knew, of course, it was the last show of the tour and they elongated just about EVERY song on that night. It's a fairly bad end to a heavily scaled down set. I went to the opening night of the tour in Dortmund and that certainly sounded better!
  2. I've visited Baltimore many times. Jimmy's Knebworth shirt "lives" in Alexandria, VA as does the bow he used at the same shows! My best friend has both of them! In TSRTS the scene where the girl is asking for tickets outside the arena was not shot in New York ,it's Baltimore!
  3. I'm gonna be a smart arse again rugby is actually called rugby football
  4. Ev do you know what the FA CUP is? - that joke is now slightly out of date cos Coventry City have now won the cup since it was written!! - all the best matey!! (smart arse H)
  5. When I saw it way back then I remember a shiver going down my spine when Jimmy said he was now "a better guitarist because I'm working harder" Some of the Jugula album was played at the Cambridge Folk Festival in 1984 where Jimmy played 2 sets with Roy Harper - what a bloody great day that was!! Anglia TV(the local TV station filmed the entire first set)promised to show highlights but it never saw the light of day. No one knows where THAT went!!
  6. I'm puzzled at this - there's maybe FOUR pages of adverts in a FOURTEEN page(if you count the inside covers) programme and the page next to back shows more clearly what people can win in the contests - I have it right here - hardly FULL of advertisments! I thought the articles were really interesting, especially the one by Zacron which included some really rare photographs The advertisments that ARE there are from companies that sponsored the event - As you said it is for charity - you want Annie to stump up the WHOLE cost of the event? It cost her enough in money time and worry as it is! BELIEVE me I know! - I can only say sorry that you're disappointed
  7. I'm chilled - I was having a laugh AS WELL!! I just turned my back on all the shit that came our way!!
  8. You think I'm gonna wait 4 YEARS and SIT ALL DAY though the crap that included Chas and Dave for christ's sake and THEN SIT DOWN when the GODS WALK ON?????? YOU'RE HAVING A LAUGH MATE......... That must make me a twat then... Cos I didn't sit down. I never sat at any Zeppelin concert I saw (8)
  9. I expect the 1969 tour book is soggy by now - the way Annie was drooling all over the Jimmy close-ups!!
  10. Annie drove off with some of my precious things last Saturday - The photos I walked bloody miles all through London to find, all those years ago. It was like losing friends...... - All my walls are bare!!
  11. Robert sold his rights to any royalties back in the 1980's There are some on here who know better than me but could it be he just doesn't know what he REALLY wants to do?? Who are WE to tell him?? Robert Plant owes nobody anything. If anyone wasnts to hear and watch Zeppelin at their best put the RAH on - NOTHING peaks that. Watch them BATTER a screaming audience into submission. That, for me, is unsurpassable. Just my opinion mind.
  12. Jimmy was/is particularly fond of the Knebworth shows he really was/is!!
  13. Ok People - just an update on this REALLY exciting event this year. The focus, don't forget is the ABC Trust, the Organisers are taking no money from this. ALL the profits are going to the ABC. We have a TON of great memorabilia to show plus some other exciting things, BUT don't let that put anybody off if you are willing to lend the exhibit some items. These DO NOT have to be super rare or anything like that. We are considering EVERYTHING for showing. Things are continuing to move apace on a daily basis. this is gonna be a BIGGIE!! feel free to pm me if you wanna know anymore! Thanks!
  14. That's interesting you say that because to a sizeable number of fans/followers, 1977 was a poor year. Even the band don't really look back at it with much fondness. too many drugs around and the general consensus is that this was the year that they gave their worst ever concert i.eTempe. It also says a lot that for the 2003 DVD Jimmy only used bootleg footage and sound from that year as well. I'll give you that "LTTE" is up there with the best ever bootlegs though!
  15. Well I have only seen the 3rd Eye bootleg dvd of the tribute show, and in my opinion this, IN NO WAY COMPARES to them in the 1970's. Firstly there are the limitations of the DVD sound naturally. It's taken from quite a way back in the audience and it just doesn't catch the atmosphere that there must have been on the night. Actually being at Earls Court and Knebworth is an unfair comparison but I have to say that on viewing the DVD doesn't make me froth at the mouth and jump outta my seat screaming THEY GOTTA TOUR!! but if I try and take the sound limitations of the bootleg and atmosphere "problem" out of the equation. What I saw was certainly a different Led Zeppelin. Jason put everything into it but proved he isn't his Dad (no one can be) Obviously the band have aged now and part of the Led Zeppelin viewing experience WAS the movement on stage. I'm not denying Pagey put everything he had into it. Remember this is an opinion of someone who wasn't there. Ask someone who was they'll probably say the opposite and I'm talking bollox!!
  16. Some footage was filmed at Baltimore as well - the scene of the stoned girl outside asking for tickets is from there
  17. Yes that's it - the grounds were very nice but NOWHERE near as fantastic as Plumpton Place or Pangbourne. The house itself had a newer extension round the back attached to the actual mill house. There were also 2 other outhouses in the grounds, that, themselves could have been houses in their own right
  18. This house holds some very specal memories for me
  19. Can anyone please tell me why this thread is on here and what is it about?? PLEASE
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