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  1. tyedye

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Now there's one I haven't seen before! Thank you!
  2. That looks like Metallica. I seen them last year. Was a great concert!
  3. Dazed and Confused -from the How The West Was Won CD. Absolutely sublime.
  4. Pretty dang awesome and I am not a big Lizzy fan.
  5. You are certainly entitled to your opinion. I totally disagree, but to each his/her own. Floyd is in the top percentile of great bands. Your opinion of Floyd doesn't change that.
  6. tyedye


    The intro to Stormy May Day could easily be mistook for a LZ song. It's very similar to IMTOD. Almost identical notes.
  7. tyedye

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    That there is pure hot perfection. Jimmy in white Shirt open That face Those curls
  8. I can't decide if i love Zep better or Metallica so it's a tie..and that makes them my top 5 band. I tell you what though. This forum is so much nicer then Metallica's. The people there are just plain idiots. If I read one more thread over there about clipping....
  9. tyedye

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Look at the way Robert is looking at Jimmy there.
  10. tyedye

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I seen some It Might Get Loud screenies earlier in this thread. Is there a vid with JP in in somewhere and if so, where's the link please.
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