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  1. I remember some of you swore this concert would never be released to the public. You were so sure and snobby.
  2. Congratulations, Pagey! Quite an accomplishment, considering you and LZ always stayed out of politics. Peace is always a good thing and I totally agree to the power of music and its positive effect. I don't believe that Pagey learned of his latest accolade just minutes after confirming reports he'd be among the headliners considering he had a written speech for accepting the award.
  3. Them Crooked Vultures CD is really good, especially the last half of it. You can really hear the Zeppelin influence. JPJ was always so quiet but he was defiantly a powerful influence in the music of LZ. I would like them to put out more music. I'd buy it.
  4. tyedye

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Now there's one I haven't seen before! Thank you!
  5. That looks like Metallica. I seen them last year. Was a great concert!
  6. I listen to a lot of metal. I know a lot of people label LZ as metal but I just can't no matter how hard I try. LZ is very unique. To me, they are in a category all by themselves. They are awesome.
  7. I have a twitter account, but don't use it much. Most of my friends are on facebook. I suppose it depends on where most of the people in your circle socialize. To me, twitter is boring. Facebook is where it's at because that is where most of my friends are. Besides, facebook has Farmtown. lol
  8. I find it amusing that Tommi accuses Ozzy of not getting anything done. Sabbath wouldn't of been the success it was without Ozzy. I hope Ozzy wins the lawsuit. ...and on a sidenote, the new Heaven & Hell CD really rocks.
  9. I thought the movie ranked right down there with one of the worst movies ever. Haven't read the books and have no desire to read that crap anyway. I prefer to read real literature.
  10. Dazed and Confused -from the How The West Was Won CD. Absolutely sublime.
  11. Metallica is pseudonymous with metal. They revolutionized the genre. Love them or hate them. Their influence is undeniable. I don't care who you talk to, but if you mention metal, Metallica is the band that first comes to mind, even with people who hate metal music. I hate artists like Michael Jackson and Madonna, but just because I hate their brand of music, doesn't change their influence on others in their field. Listening taste is subjective. That is why there are so many genres.
  12. Pretty dang awesome and I am not a big Lizzy fan.
  13. http://www.cleveland.com/popmusic/index.ss...eminem_and.html Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones and Eminem will be among the celebrity presenters coming to Cleveland for the sold-out Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony Saturday, April 4, at Public Auditorium.
  14. I think there are few, if any artists, with the amount of success Robert Plant has had through the years, with LZ, his solo stuff, and now with Allison. Is there any other single person with the degree of success that Roberts had? He's been in the spotlight since the late 60's and just won a Grammy for his project with Allison. Seldom has the spotlight waned for Planty. Roberts talented and diverse. My one lament is that he won't get together with his old LZ pals and do a couple more gigs Stateside. Sorry to bring it up, but I had to say it coz it's how I feel. I burn to see them all together. It would be a dream come true. I feel very blessed to of seen Page and Plant live together. It's probably the closest I will ever come to the magic that could be of the Three J's together.
  15. To say that Waters wrote the Wall by himself is not completely true. Waters wrote the LYRICS. Interestingly enough, there has been some PF stuff on VH1 Classic this past week talking about this very subject. Waters admits to being an egomaniac now. Some interesting stuff on Wikipedia too http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Waters
  16. I'd like to know what were you on when you starting counting how many times the word "know" was on the HOTH album?
  17. I've just started reading WGWTE, and it's a real page turner. The author isn't sugar coating anything. So far, so good.
  18. Anyone currently reading or have read this book? I got it as a late Christmas pressie, and wow. I can't hardly put it down!
  19. Sometimes I think Jimmy is just more content to let Robbert talk.
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