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  1. Well there was a handful of questions asked in one post but heyho I'll answer them as there's nothing I enjoy more than talking guitars and cars.lol. I got into AC/DC at age 15 or so which would have been around '86 or '87 and I've never stopped loving them to this day.I've found myself getting a little snooty and dismissing them as a little too simple and 'one domensional' around the time I was getting into all that late 60s kind of music and disappearing up my own arse lol. That would have been because I hadn't put any of the records on in a while conveniantly forgetting just how
  2. I hate it when I'm forced to agree with the majority but sometimes the majority,inexplicably,get it bang on as in this case. Van Halen were good,great even and obviously they had one of the most unique and better guitarists of the 80s but as I read in the verdict of someone above (commented above not some mythical creater lol) AC/DC is AC/DC. You could argue that EVH is the better guitarist between him and Angus but as great as EVH is/was I don't think he is as instantly recognisable as Angus.Besides almost every single solo and lead part that Angus played throughout AC/DCs career w
  3. Mmm, ok is Jimmy Page sloppy or not. At times yes but that doesn't lessen his ability and fluidity when he's on his true form nor somehow reflect on him as somehow a less accomplished or 'agricultural' player not in the technical skill or true musical ability of the Vai's and Satriani's that have been touted as true virtuosos many times throughout this topic. Think of it this way.The likes of said technique junkie, fret wanking, whammy bar, two handed tapping, scale burning maestros come from that Neo-Classical school of guitar player pioneered by I'd hesitantly say EVH and Randy Rhodes w
  4. Totally off topic I know but in regard to EC I've always felt his biggest break post Cream was Peter Green losing it completely to the point of growing his fingernails into talons because that man was exceptional and overshadowed EC in every way.
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