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  1. Christopher Lees

    Nitpicking Page 1980

    I read a lot of people saying this, but I don't really hear it that way. To me, Bonzo kept getting better and better, unlike poor Jimmy, who got worse and worse.
  2. Christopher Lees

    The Crunge - Best Live Version

    What is the best live version of The Crunge? It doesn't necessarily have to be the most complete version, as far as I'm concerned, but which version do you think best expresses the whole idea of The Crunge? There are versions of it from some 72' boots and later ones as well. I think some of them were inserted into DAC in 72. Thoughts?
  3. Christopher Lees

    Zep Songs You Didn't Like, But You Like Now

    I forgot one: The Crunge! I used hate, hate, hate it, but now I love it. It's genuine too. I didn't have to force it if you know what I mean.
  4. Christopher Lees

    D'yer Maker?

    Me too, for years!
  5. Christopher Lees

    D'yer Maker?

    Zepp fans who are too cool for school continually bash Dyer Maker, but I don't know why. It's one of their most recognizable and enduring songs, well known by non Zepp fans. It's a textbook example of a hit song too. Not only that, but it's yet another one of Zeppelin's songs where the drums make it instantly recognizable. That drum intro is simple and timeless. I think it's a great, fun song and it does what a song should do. It makes you tap your foot, it's got memorable parts, a memorable melody, a concise solo and it's easy to sing along to. It's a bright and cheery song too, and I find HOTH to be mostly bright and cheery sounding, which is nice for a change.
  6. Christopher Lees

    Best Version of Black Dog Ever Played

    These are some great version to be sure, but imo, none of them are as heavy as 9-9-71. It's just thunderously smoking.
  7. Christopher Lees

    Not so hot Zep songs

    Wearing and Tearing Candy store rock Bonzos Montreaux
  8. Christopher Lees

    Your Favorite song from each live and studio CD disc.

    1. Good Times bad Times 2. Heartbreaker 3. Since I’ve been loving you 4. Black dog HOTH. Over the hills and far away PHYS 1: The rover PHYS 2: Down by the seaside PRES: for your life ITTOD: i’m gonna crawl Coda: Darlene TSRTS: since I’ve been loving you BBC: whole Lotta love including medley HTTWW: since I’ve been loving you
  9. Christopher Lees

    Can you list your top 10 LZ songs, in no particular order?

    I chose these 10 songs based entirely on the studio versions and disregarding any preference I have for their live renditions. 1. Since I’ve been loving you 2. Black dog 3. Stairway to heaven 4. Heartbreaker 5. Going to California 6. Good Times bad Times 7. Over the hills and far away 8. I’m gonna crawl 9. The rover 10. Houses of the holy
  10. These are the songs I used to not like, would skip over if I could, but I like them now, many, many years later: Hots On for Nowhere Royal Orleans Hot Dog Southbound Saurez Darlene Ozone Baby
  11. Christopher Lees

    Best Version of Black Dog Ever Played

    The version of Black Dog they played Sept 9, 1971 in Hampton (I have the Dead Battery boot) is the most aggressive, heaviest, badass version of this song I've ever heard. Period. The "Hey baby, Oh baby, Pretty baby, gotta get you moving now..." part is absolutely thunderous! One must only listen to this in the car with good speakers cranked up to 10 - no excuses and alternatives are not accepted.
  12. Christopher Lees

    Nitpicking Page 1979

    I agree with gibsonfan159 here. It just goes to show, no matter who you are, you can't be a heroin addict and still function as you did - even if you're Jimmy Page. If this band had stayed away from drinking and drugging and instead focused on their skills, the new heights they would have achieved would barely be expressible by words alone. Unfortunately, reality played out differently. Just imagine if 73' Page was just climbing up the ladder to the even better 75' page, and the 77-80 was even better than that. That's how it could have been. Stay away from drugs kids.
  13. Christopher Lees

    Does anyone have any controversial opinions about Zep?

    Why not Black Dog and Heartbreaker?
  14. Christopher Lees

    Favorite versions of Dazed and Confused?

    No sound?
  15. Christopher Lees

    Favorite versions of Dazed and Confused?

    10-10-69 9-4-70 9-29-71 TSRTS Feb 14, 1975