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  1. Oh don't make me, don't make me, don't make me, don't make me, don't make me lose it!
  2. Hitting on the MOONSHINE, rocking in the grain. Oh don't make me, don't make me, don't make me, don't make me, don't make me lose it! Sing loud for the sunshine Pray hard for the rain.
  3. 1 - Black Mountain Side 2 - Moby Dick 3 - Hats Off to Roy Harper 4. Battle of Evermore HOTH - The Rain Song Physical - Sick Again Presence - Candy Store Rock ITTOD - Caraselambra Coda - Wearing and Tearing
  4. What's the earliest show with this tune in the WLL medley? First time I heard it was on the BBC session back in the 80s. I've heard it played on 9-14-71 and a few other dates in 71, but it seems to me that the BBC sessions (April, 1971) may be the earliest date. Any thoughts?
  5. I just came across the Grame Remaster of this excellent 75 show and I have to say it sounds fantastic! Among others, this show has my favorite versions of Kashmir, The Rain Song, No Quarter, Dazed, Trampled and Stairway, but the Whole Lotta Love middle section is outstanding too with JPJ really funking it up! According to me ears, Jimmy plays as well in this show as any show from 73. I'm not a real big fan of 75 shows and rather prefer earlier Zeppelin, but on more than one occasion, when trying show people the greatness of Jimmy Page's live playing, I've turned to this show to do it and played them NQ, Dazed and Stairway to make my point.
  6. I'd rather hear another 5 minutes of NQ than Candy Story Rock, that's for sure. I'm learning not to hate that song nowadays, but it's a work in progress. Your point is taken though; it would have been okay if they shortened NQ a bit so we could hear some other cool songs. I would like to have heard The Rover and Houses of the Holy in 75-77. I could see them alternating NQ with In the Light too. My top 5 No Quarters as of today: 1. TSRTS 2. 2-14-75 3. 5-18-75 4. 3-27-75 5. 3-21-75
  7. I find this offstage stuff very interesting too, and I thank the poster who started this thread. It was a great read!.
  8. Robert aged 10 years between July 19 73 and when this photo was taken in 1977. He looks a lot older here. In the song remains the same he still looks like a kid and in this picture he definitely looks over 30.
  9. I thought Jimmy cranked it to 10. The only reason I didn't was because it was almost too loud already in the rehearsal space. Glad you mentioned this. I put my pre amp to 10. Where do you put the Master? And where are you and the others setting your lows, mids and highs for songs like, say, The Ocean, WLL, CB, Dazed and so forth? EDIT: I see that in your earlier comment you said you start with the Master at about 6 and then it goes up to about 8 near the later part of the show. We have almost the same amp except mine's a 77.
  10. I can attest to this myself. I played a rehearsal with my Strat when my LP was in the shop. The Strat performed wonderfully as far as tone goes. I listened to the recordings (we record rehearsals) in my car afterward and I couldn't tell it was my Strat! I was using it through a little Fender GDec 30 watt amp and placed the recording mic just right, getting a monster tone on record. I get a monster tone from that little Gdec when I run it through the PA, but it's time for me to step it up a notch and get a real rig together.
  11. I want to thank everyone for their valuable input. I've always played through combo amps and I know how to work them pretty good to get the sound I want, but playing gigs is a new thing for me and I've never worked with a head and cab before, and I've never used pedals because my combos have all the digital effects already (except back in 1989, I picked up the Digitech GSP 5 multi-effects digital processor.) Guys, I picked up a 1977 50 watt Marshall MK2 and a B52 4x12 cab. I wanted a Marshall cab but my next gig is coming right up and I needed something fast. The amp sounds okay, but it's very clean. I cranked the pre amp to 10 and put the volume at about 3. It was pretty clean indeed. I cranked the volume up to 7 or 8 and it got a bit dirtier, which was nice, but much cleaner than I expected. It's got no reverb. Just high, med, low, pre amp, master volume and presence, but the presence hardly does anything. I don't know if it really works or not. I came to realize I'm going to need some pedals, so I picked up a Twin Bender from Ramble Fx (a Tone Bender copy) for my fuzz. I tried it through my little Fender Blues Jr. tonight and it was kinda cool, but I couldn't really nail the Communication Breakdown tone, but then again I was using my Les Paul. Still, I could hear the classic fuzz tone almost doing its thing when I played the Dazed riff and The Girl I love. I used it for about 2 hours, playing with the attack level, the selector for "fat", "stock" and "mids", the bias and my amp's eq. I almost got WLL but not quite. Not good enough. Thanks for the great tip! I wonder if you guys have any input about the following pedals, which I selected based on a bunch of research. Tone Bender Fuzz Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret JHS-Crayon Xotic SL Drive Boss RV-3 Reverb Catalinbread EchoRec Echo Fulltone OCD Drive Boss CE-2 Chorus You can find these recommended at https://reverb.com/news/nailing-it-achieving-the-tones-of-jimmy-page
  12. I read your post, and it doesn't say how you know. That's why I asked you, "How do you know?" But I haven't gotten an answer, which suggests that there isn't a good answer, and I'm fine leaving it at that.
  13. If you don't run it through the PA as well, it's still plenty loud enough for a pub? I'm thinking of picking up a 50 watt head anyways and your comment is sort of validating this for me. I was wondering why you use the overdrive pedal when you could just turn up the gain on the head. Any insight you can share on that?
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