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  1. +1 Obsessing over "theory" is a thing nowadays. It sells instructional books and videos I guess. Jimmy learned a ton of songs when he started out on guitar. Then he became a session musician and learned the ins and outs of a million more songs, on a professional level. After some time, wax on, wax off...he knew how a song went. He knew the parts. He knew the chords that people used in songs and wrote Tangerine with simple chords. I believe it's just a four chord song: Am, C, D, G and the odd F on the ending, which you can always take liberties with, but basically just a four chord song in
  2. It's in G major. The verses sound like the Dorian mode and the chorus is straight up G. All the chords are diatonic to G. Tangerine is the first song I learned to strum and sing at the same time. Jimmy wrote it years before during his time with the Yardbirds. It had a different title at first: "Knowing That I'm Losing You"
  3. When I first got these two albums, I was a little disappointed with Presence and extremely disappointed with ITTOD. To me, Zeppelin was Black Dog, Stairway, Heartbreaker, Immigrant Song and the like. Plant's voice on Black Dog and the band's riffs were the most exciting thing I had ever heard in music, while the poignancy and imagery contained in songs like Stairway, Ramble On and Going to California were the other side of the coin for me. With Presence, I did not get my fill in either way with any of the songs. I did like Nobody's Fault right away and Achilles was good but too long for me. Th
  4. This is an awesome video. They all did an amazing job, but I think Eric Johnson's solo was probably the best.
  5. I've learned how to appreciate this album over the years. When I was a kid I was the biggest Zeppelin fanboy in the world, and ITTOD was the last album I got of theirs. It took me years to get all the albums and when I got ITTOD, I had to admit for the first time ever that I didn't absolutely love something Zeppelin did. Soon, I realized that I didn't really like this album and wondered how they could have put this out. Looking back now, I think I can name a few things that rubbed me the wrong way. 1. Cheesy keyboard sound. It was all over this album like way too much cheap perfume.
  6. I think Jimmy needs to put out his own autobiography. He's got either an excellent memory or took excellent notes on his early career going all the way back to his first gigs. He updates his Facebook page daily (sometimes Sharon does it for him) and has fascinating little stories about what he did on this day in 1964 or whatever year. He's got tons of pictures too. Really cool stuff. He digs deep into his studio career with interesting anecdotes galore. I'm sure he could reveal some insights about how he approached composition, his knowledge of music theory, his approach to production, how he
  7. This sounds great! Please send me the link. Thank you.
  8. I believe the tracks recorded for NQ at that time didn't sound very much like the final tracks used for the HOTH album. I think they were earlier versions of the song before it was properly developed. It's sounded like a weird and less convincing NQ. I could be wrong. It's been 15 years since I listened to them.
  9. For me, Zeppelin and the Stones can't be compared. I think the Stones are way overrated and I think you had to be there at the time to see the Stones as equal or better than Zep. I was born in 74 and there was still plenty of Stones being played on the radio as I was growing up, but to my ears it sounded, shall we say, "black and white" while Zeppelin sounded "in color", if you know what I mean. Zeppelin ushered in modernity itself in music, while the Stones were "last generation". It's like TV at the time. Shows from 64-67 were in black and white and today, they seem so old fashioned. They se
  10. For this one I can see adding Ozone Baby and Darlene in place of Carouselambra. SIDE ONE: In The Evening South Bound Saurez Fool in the Rain Hot Dog SIDE TWO: Darlene All My Love Ozone Baby I'm Gonna Crawl I like putting Ozone Baby between All my Love and I'm Gonna Crawl for contrast. Something upbeat between the mellow tunes seems in the Zeppelin spirit. As far as Wearing and Tearing goes and Walter's Walk, meh, leave 'em on Coda! I was never a fan of either of those songs, especially Wearing and Tearing.
  11. I don't think this is an improvement, to be frank. I think The Rain Song belongs after TSRTS and that's how Jimmy first had them paired when TSRTS was still an instrumental. Boogie with Stu is not good after the Crunge and has a totally different vibe than the rest of the album. Bron-Yr-Aur isn't a bad choice in terms of mood, but I find it unnecessary and does not improve the album. Sometimes less is more. The thing about the HOTH album is that it's the first Zeppelin album to not feature blues based riff tunes and reworked blues numbers from the past (Okay, I guess The Ocean's main rif
  12. I can't see changing the fourth album at all. It is the very essence of perfection as it stands. I can't even think about rearranging the tunes (like I could for the third album) because I think the sequence is perfect too.
  13. I think he chose the songs he did because they were all recorded during the studio time allotted for the fourth album. Night Flight and those other tunes didn't make the cut on the fourth album so they stuck them on the PG double album. Plant's vocals on those tunes show him at his peak still, while the others like Kashmir, IMTOD, Trampled and the rest show his new, huskier voice.
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