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  1. I think it was Bonzo who was in a band with Dave Pegg who became the bass player in Fairport when they were both living in Birmingham. Robert is certainly a fan of theirs because he is at Cropredy, their music festival, most years and has even played on stage twice, once with his band and once with Fairport backing him. Robert also is at least a friend of David Gilmour (it's Gilmour not gilmore!) if not a fan of his music (although i expect that he does like David's music) because i saw him taking his seat at David's dvd premiere at Leceister Square last year.
  2. and its gilmour not gilmore although i'm glad to finally see someone mentioning him. IMO he's the best guitar player, he might not technically be the best but the music he makes is, and the feeling he puts into his music, and solos in particular makes him my favourite
  3. being 'biased' simply means that i have an opinion, just like those who say that Pink Floyd's last two studio albums aren't as good. How can you say if you like something or not without having an opinion, or in other words being biased. I knew that some people disagree with me, its a common split amongst Pink Floyd fans, but you cant just answer back with, 'your biased.' what, am i biased because i have listened to the album? is anyone who disagrees with you (i assume from your comment you dont like the last two pink floyd albums) simply biased? if so then i apologise for having an opinion but
  4. Vinyl: David Gilmour - David Gilmour Meddle - Pink Floyd Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Black Sabbath
  5. fair share? wtf? they were some kids who went to a school around the corner who were lucky gits who got asked to sing a few lines. thats all, they don't deserve anything. their fair share don't exist. they should consider themsleves to be lucky little gits who got to be on ONE song. a song they didnt write. whats their fair share for? performers rights? in that case there are lots of people who are going to start demanding royalties. i dont see why they should have gotten anything. when they started the legal preceedings they were just being greedy gits. they dont deserve anything. if i was th
  6. A pink floyd reunion (a proper one where they play two and a half hours, not just 4 songs) would be even bigger and better than Led Zeppelins reunion. Yes there are more tour members of floyd but their music has more layers than zeps live stuff - thats not a bad or good thing, but people cant just dismiss floyd 'because they had some other musicians with them when they toured.' If it came to a choice of seeing Waters or Zep (if both were touring) i'd choose Waters, if it were a choice between Gilmour or Zep i would choice Gilmour. Simply, there is only one band, or members of that band on thei
  7. 1) David Gilmour 2) Pete Townsend 3) Jimmy Page 4) Frank Zappa 5) Snowy White 6) Simon Nicol 7) Richard Tompson
  8. 1990s: The Division Bell - Pink Floyd PULSE - Pink Floyd 2000s: Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980-81 - Pink Floyd In the Flesh Live - Roger Waters The Who Live at the Royal Albert Hall Endless Wire - The Who On an Island - David Gilmour Remember that Night - David Gilmour I know that the last one isn't released until later this year but i know that it will be great. There is still some great music being released, it's just most of it is being written by people who began when most music was good.
  9. No Quarter is probably the second best song ever recorded (TSRTS version) IMO. Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd is the only thing that beats it.
  10. No Quarter - Can't quite remember, i think it was led something ...
  11. well my grandparents never will appreciate but i'll make them listen to it!
  12. I realise that this may make me unpopular seeing as this is a Led Zeppelin forum after all but i think the who were the better live act. I'd like to point out that this is only based on my listening to both Led Zeppelin and Who live albums and watching the DVDs, i'm too young to have been able to see Zep and just haven't managed to see the who yet. But based on the live albums and DVDs, i'd have to say that the who were better. I think on average the who's songs were slightly better (although both were great)
  13. I think i'll play the live version of No Quarter at my wedding, one of the few times when people will be forced to listen to it! (that and my funeral)
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