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  1. I'm 20, and whenever I find a band I really like, Classic Rock or otherwise, I latch on to a member (or members) and learn not only thier name, but anything about them I can find. Not everyone my age or around my age is like that, and not everyone my age, younger or even older cares or knows about this music, but you'd be surprised, I've met kids in MIDDLE SCHOOL who have a love for this music, for Zeppelin and other great bands. When a band is as good as Zep, they'll never truly die.
  2. A lot of the songs on Jimi Hendrix's Axis, Bold As Love but especially "If 6 was 9" and "Little Wing," have also been feeling the song "Supervixen" by Garbage.
  3. How they always seem so timeless. I'm pretty young but I feel like my children or my children's children could discover Zep and become enthralled. They really did change music forever. On the right Zeppelin song, the perfect Zeppelin song, you will be whisked away into Page's beautiful guitar, Bonham's drums, John Paul Jones's quieter but powerful bass playing and of course Golden God Robert Plant's beautiful and unique voice. This perfect song for me is "Thank You," I found it when I was a middle schooler, and it always makes me cry still.
  4. Steve was never known to be the nicest of guys, that's a closest thing to a compliment you'll ever get from him! Steve is a great musician though....
  5. Now this would probably only really appeal to fans of other, not very Zeppelin artists like Iggy Pop, etc (whom I love) but The Orwells are a great NEW rock band carrying the spirit of rock and roll in 2017! They're around my age (and I'm really young by anyone's standards, born in the 90s) they have a real rock attitude on and off stage. Thier album "Disgraceland" is among my favorites, here's a link to thier song "They Put a Body in the Bayou" LIVE:
  6. Currently listening to LED ZEPPELIN IV 

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