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  1. I think they should keep what they’ve got. Washington Football Team sounds so old school. Perfect for a historic franchise. Wonder who the Rams will pick up to help their injured running game??
  2. Sorry to hear it. I do appreciate you sharing your story. I’m fully vaccinated too, but starting to lean back towards wearing a mask when enclosed in a building with others. Hope you’re back to full strength soon.
  3. Shit, just get the edible ones so you can have a snack too!!
  4. Rewatched first season of Ted Lasso…in preparation for season 2 premiere this Friday.
  5. I’ll watch. Along with the GOT prequel.
  6. Thinking about going to the Orlando show, night before Thanksgiving. 🤘🏼
  7. Absolutely. It is horrible. Don’t know how in thee hell he sells so much of it.
  8. Maybe…but he made more $ than any other professional athlete last year. The paying public gets the sizzle, he enjoys the steak. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/brettknight/2021/05/12/the-worlds-10-highest-paid-athletes-conor-mcgregor-leads-a-group-of-sports-stars-unfazed-by-the-pandemic/amp/
  9. Yeah he is, but he’s not vanilla like many of the other very forgettable fighters out there. Not a fan, just like the show.
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