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  1. That’s a beautiful pic. Hot and dry here today - heat index of 101. Heading to the beach for some R&R, Thursday through the weekend.
  2. You’re correct - chickens. Lots of well prepared masked peeps, supplied with stacks of bricks out there and imagine that...they attacked CNN, the so called liberal mecca... Too transparent.
  3. Opinion = Truth in too many minds...hence all these batshit crazy conspiracy theories without any foundation. Back to the virus...I see where one person who attended last week’s Lake of the Ozarks cluster came down with symptoms Sunday and now has tested positive. Went to many bars and restaurants. Will be interesting to see what transpires with so many in such close contact.
  4. Love it when forum members take the time and get together. Enjoy fellas! 🍻
  5. “Putin’s sitting there, he’s smiling....watches those flames get higher and higher”
  6. Yes, RIP Bob Kulick. Very respected musician. He and his brother are both great guys. He will be missed!
  7. I’m gonna have my friend Don Felder play some guitar for you.... They do such a great job with this song.
  8. Summertime music... and from the LA Forum Oct ‘76....possibly Strider or badgeholder were in attendance?
  9. We’ve had 2 tropical systems come through the last two weeks (Hurricane season doesn’t begin until June) so we’re up to our necks in it. Wish we could send just a little your way. I assume you have a well up there? Peroni and a blunt....a perfect combination. Put on Zep III and it’s the cherry on top!
  10. Hot, humid with a chance of random downpours... summertime in central Florida!
  11. Finishing up the May 25th Earls Court dvd. Beginning the encores.
  12. Yeah junior got us to start watching that. We’re up to season 5 now. Good series.
  13. Absolutely. Some common fuckin sense.
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