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  1. I can’t believe there is not substance behind it when the reaction to COVID has been so much better, vaccine distribution, etc Believe what you want, but I’m seeing results statistically and on the streets. I’m ready to get my first vaccine, shortly. RIP Lawrence Ferlinghetti. 101 is a lot of living...
  2. I’m not sure if that reference is to me or not.... I have yet to say anything negative about Rush, unlike others about different people or groups of people in this thread. All I said, again, was nobody cool died the day he did. Let me know anyone who fits that description and I’ll reconsider. I did say the resident bitch is claiming his throne again and he never disappoints. The people in Texas that have passed as a result of incompetence and greed are to be mourned as well as the 500,000, or half of a million, American people who have died due in large part to the incompetence of th
  3. No surprise the bitch of the forum is being a bitch again....fuck your feelings is the slogan, right?! I choose to mourn the lost souls in Texas tonight who have passed away due to the effects of a combination of climate change meets “that’ll never happen here” short sighted morons running the state of Texas. Lots of blood being spilled/frozen due to a lack of foresight and preparation. Very sad. 🙏🏻
  4. Cloudy, light rain and 66F... Tomorrow they’re calling for a high of 87F!
  5. A clip from the often heard about but never seen, Live at Houston Summit 1980 show....if anyone has a link to more from this show please share.
  6. I so remember that stable jet stream when I was a kid in the 70’s in upstate NY. A few dips, but nothing like now.... We had feels like temps at almost 90 today. Insane.
  7. Fiery end to last night’s Daytona 500. Michael McDowell managed to be in the lead the moment the caution was thrown, so safety workers could get to and help all involved in the pileup faster. His first career win.
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