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  1. Walter

    2020 MLB Thread

    And infiltrating football...
  2. Just took ‘er for a test drive and...nice! Thank you for getting it out to us.
  3. He always maintained Led Zeppelin should never be seen on a small screen. Short sighted in hind-site.
  4. Gorgeous. Sunny and 75....top down weather for sure! ☀️
  5. Was just listening to this and having a toast! Great to hear CD anytime - makes me want the smoking 9/29 version even more! So glad these shows are being unearthed. Thanks for sharing!!
  6. That was an amazing clip of Wanton Song! So much better than the P/P versions. That show must come out!!
  7. For the record, Alec Baldwin doesn't like to play Trump at all but Lorne Michaels begs him to continue to do it. He won't do it more than once a month and thinks it hurts the show when he is in the opening scene. He spoke about it during his latest appearance on the Stern show. I do find it ironic Trump supporters get so butt hurt over him being mocked or made fun of - at the same time whine about everybody being too "pc", easily offended or thin skinned. Snowflakes.
  8. Walter

    2020 MLB Thread

    Oh and the Commish is definitely a weak dick.... Trying to protect the guilty, not the game.
  9. Dazed and Confused - May 24, 1975 - Earl’s Court - London Just because....
  10. Walter

    The Racing Thread

    Praying for Ryan Newman right now after a truly horrific wreck at the end of the Daytona 500. The reaction afterward reminds me of the day we lost Dale Earnhardt. 🙏🏻
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