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  1. I’m just bustin balls. You did a tremendous job! I’m listening as I type - great choices.
  2. Absolutely! Put it in place of MD - same show...easy fix!
  3. Yes, RIP to the great, legendary, Niki Lauda. What a true innovator he was, in all parts of his life. So sad for his family.
  4. Ah, you definitely should! Wasn’t his username “Chicago”?
  5. Yeah, much like reality went, Robert was in and out of wanting to be in Zeppelin after 77. I think that would’ve been the case had they taken a lengthy hiatus after 80/81. He would’ve come back into the fold after a few years for a reunion or to make more music, then drifted back out and so forth. IMO.
  6. Born and raised about 15 min from Utica. There until the mid-80’s.
  7. I grew up near there. My high school was 5 min away from Turning Stone - back when it was still cow pastures and farms. I went to Vernon Downs many times with my father. My mother lives within walking distance of the track and her significant other works for Turning Stone. This weekend is the Preakness, correct?
  8. Walter

    2018 NHL Season

    Yup - the got royally fucked on that call! Hope they can tie it up tonight.
  9. Walter

    2018 NHL Season

    The 3rd game the sharks won with ref help... the Blues got screwed tonight.
  10. Ever go to Vernon Downs over by Turning Stone Casino?
  11. A nice blast of Charlie I would presume. Agreed with those songs...after that though...
  12. Double edge sword on that one - could just be 2 songs... I bet "Moby Dick" is on there. One disc is better than nothing.
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