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  1. Hey girl! Saw you changed your name here to DE12. Made me think how I haven't seen you around lately. Hope you enjoyed the holiday season and didn't work too much! Take care, just wanted you to know you are missed. :peace:

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Hope all is well!

  3. Hope your research is going well! Where are you studying?


  4. Happy Birthday Deb! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

  5. Hope all is well with you and your family! Saw that you were on tonight, so I thought I would say "hello". Take care.

  6. Nothing personal, Lindsay, but due to your age I am not going to add you to my friends list. Have fun in the forum! Peace.

  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Hope you're doing well. Haven't seen you around this week, hope it was just because your power was out. Take care!

  9. Not much. Just finished summer vacation and now the new school year has begun.... So, just getting back into the swing of things! How about yourself? Taking classes? Staying out of trouble? ;) Take it easy!!

  10. Hey there Coda! Nice to hear from you. All is fine here, how about over there? Hope life is much more calm than in the spring! Take care.

  11. New avatar is MUCH better than Mr. Jeremy! Why did you use him in the first place? Haha!

  12. Good morning Miss LQ! Hope you're doing well.... :)

  13. Happy Birthday! Keep rockin', brotha!

  14. If you want to delete a post, just click on edit and then remove as much as you want. Then resubmit. If you remove all of it, it'll just be blank. Then you can an oops with a cute face icon or something. Let me know if you need more info.

  15. I see you are on this morning. Feeling more rested today? Nice to hear from you! :)

  16. Hey Deb! Tried to send you a PM, but you're full already - must be tough being that popular! :). We had a great time up there at The Tabernacle. Awesome venue! Talked to the bartender on JPJ's side of the stage, about your Vultures show - that must've been one incredible night! We will definitely have to get together next we're up there. Take care darlin'.

  17. Hey there LQ, funny new avatar picture you have up! Are M&m's your favorite candy? Don't be a stranger! :)

  18. Hey there Zep brother! Thanks for bringing so much technical info to the forum and, of course, the Bath video segment.


  19. Happy Birthday, bud! Hope you have a great one!!

  20. What's going on, LQ?

  21. Happy Birthday, oldman! :P

    Have a good one! :beer:

  22. Saw you were on tonight, just wanted to say "hi". Hope all is well.


  23. Hey there! :)

    Just kickin' ass and taken names!

  24. Hey there! Just wanted to say welcome to the insanity!! Hope you find the answers you're looking for....


    'Walter' - Chuck

  25. Happy birthday Tom Kid!

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