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  1. Nothing official from anyone other than blabbermouth...aka Diamond Dave. Woolfie is doing his own thing, so until that’s over I don’t expect much - if anything.
  2. They just seem to be in the business of gun sales anymore. Even 41 thought so.
  3. Walter

    2018 NHL Season

    You do know that W had his best 24 hours ever!?! He’s a Blues fan and Raptors fan. So he’s been on cloud 9 ever since! So has the rest of Mrs. Walter’s family for the St Louis win.
  4. An increase of mass shootings has only happened with the defunding mental health services and the removal of regulations preventing the purchase of military grade weapons and/or the enhancement of a weapon’s ability to shoot an obscene amount of rounds rapidly. Most people want to carry to intimidate others or have the faux machismo effect, where they feel invincible to any perceived threat but really would shit their pants if they were being directly attacked. Or option three, kill someone unnecessarily and then hide behind the “stand your ground” law that is used in many racially motivated homicides in the US. The more money pumped into the pockets of our government by the NRA - which is essentially a tax exempt lobby group fixated on the manufacturing and selling of guns - the worse the problem has become. I have a permit to carry, btw, and responsibly own fire arms.
  5. Agree on many levels, and I have a concealed weapons permit.
  6. Roasted pork tenderloin in mushroom gravy, with jasmine rice, fresh green beans, and a hearts of romaine salad with red cabbage and organic carrot matchsticks.
  7. Steaming some fresh key west shrimp with old bay and beer in preparation for tonight’s Boston/St Louis game 6 matchup.
  8. Game of Thrones season 6, episode 10
  9. Walter

    2019 NFL Thread

    Carson Wentz 4 year $128 million extension, at least 66 fully guaranteed. Up to $144 million with $108 mil guaranteed...that’s a lot of faith in a player that didn’t finish the last two seasons on the field.
  10. Walter

    2018 NHL Season

    Nice win Blues!!
  11. LOVE STP and I’ll get it...when it’s slashed to half price. They are a forgotten band.
  12. I have as well. All of what you said. Here are a few pages from Nick Mason’s book describing the day. Edit: The order of the pages changed it’s 1st, 3rd, and then 2nd if you’re trying to read them with continuity.
  13. 44 years ago today, the infamous day Syd Barrett walked into Studio 3 at Abbey Road Studios while Pink Floyd were recording ‘Wish You Were Here’ lp. Richard Wright said they were working on “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” at the time...
  14. Were going up there at the end of July. The 26th is the date of our show. Looks great from their site. Very envious of you going to RR. Definitely one place on the list to see a show. Colin Hay is going to be great I’m sure. Enjoy the edibles, etc! Looking forward to hearing about the experience.
  15. Happy birthday to.....McLovin!
  16. Looking forward to checking this out tomorrow while waiting for service people to show up at the house...
  17. I’m going to see JBT at the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta this summer too. No Red Rocks date for Big Head Todd this summer? Funny how our two groups consistently mirror each other’s summer touring schedule and venues.
  18. So as of this morning, here are the current standings: 1. MightyLedZeppelin 321 2. ebk 315 2. Strider 315 2. Walter 315 5. kingzoso 313 6. paul carruthers 309 7. LedZeppfan77 294 8. zepscoda 284 Nice tight race with the top 6 only separated by 12 wins - no bonus points awarded as of yet either.
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