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  1. Not as bad as US Festival, but still on the downside of peak DLR Van Halen. Good to have video.
  2. My friend from up the street saw that show (in bold) and was awestruck by EVH. Said the entire crowd did nothing but talk about VH after the show. Ozzy was a mess at that point, as we all know. You gotta believe at least one member saw this double bill somewhere that spring. I remember SAJ or someone talking about Alex approaching Bonzo in LA at the Whiskey and Bonzo dismissed him. ‘75 I think. Interesting there isn’t more about Zep and other bands interacting or even being spoken about in the mid-late 70’s.
  3. That’s awesome! Still listening to everything of his that I can find.....
  4. Hot as Hell down here...almost 100 heat index.
  5. Nice. Sorry for your loss. He was my first rock god, growing up in upstate NY. My connection to the LA scene, a ray of sunshine for a kid in a dreary small town in the “snow belt”. It’s hit me hard this week but I’ve been listening to new live stuff I’ve never heard before and studio stuff from the Hagar and VH III era that I haven’t heard in a long time or ever in some circumstances. Feel horrible for Al and Wolf. ✌🏼❤️🎸
  6. F cancer and F 2020! RIP EVH
  7. RIP Rock God Light up the sky tonight Eddie. Godspeed.
  8. The Recount (@therecount) Tweeted: President Trump recites the Pledge of Allegiance at this morning's 9/11 commemoration in Shanksville, PA. https://t.co/KZPWjai9ye
  9. You are not wrong with your statement here. I have been a subscriber, but feel the same way as you just described here. Second verse, same as the first....
  10. Yep. Those channels are paid for, for a reason.
  11. Walter

    2020 NFL Thread

    No problemo. Just another stain on 2020.... Glad your Raiders won! Also glad the WTF kicked philly’s asses!
  12. She wasn’t my first crush, but she was pretty amazing for many years in many roles. RIP Dame Diana Rigg
  13. Lighten up, Francis.
  14. Yeah we’re watching it closely looks like the end of days in the Bay Area and So Cal to us. Glad you’re doing well, Sean.
  15. No, just coincidence. Checked in for the first time in a while and you just were the first thing I saw in a number of......posts. ✌ I guess I just entered the thread! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  16. Newark? When was the last time you could leave a door unlocked there? 1900? The smell alone would knock you ass out! Now that’s a shit hole! 🤣🤣🤣
  17. Not really. But I guess that depends on your point of view and your level of paranoia.
  18. Yeah, well that’s the way it goes. Walk in other people’s shoes and maybe people will understand where they’re coming from. But then again that actually takes empathy with a mixture of critical analysis. Both are fleeting in this fucked up nation.
  19. Walter

    2020 NFL Thread

    Season starts tonight. I know there’s no pool, but we’re picking regardless. Mrs W is taking Houston - she loves ole JJ Junior and I are taking KC. What a sad state of affairs in this fucked up country...
  20. Keep surviving, red. I am sincere when I say that too.
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