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  1. Worldwide deaths top 3,000,000, at least, due to COVID-19 and its variants. Horrific. Stay safe everyone.
  2. Good to hear from you Bong-Man! We’re all pfizered up here too. Mrs and I are doubled down and Junior is getting his 2nd jab on April 29.
  3. Awesome!! Thanks for sharing the pics!
  4. Another 1977 gem! So aggressive. Just before I turned 8. I know I had heard Van Halen I at this point because of You Really Got Me, being my household was strictly 50’s and early/mid 60’s music I knew the original well. My cousin from NYC was always giving me and my sister the heads up of what was hip and happening and she turned me on to the rest of VH I. Upstate New York was always at least 2 years behind the trend!
  5. Rainy day, watching The Masters.
  6. 🤣 I’ll let her know SAJ. Hope you’re doing well over there!
  7. Glad you tested negative. Good luck with the 2nd round.
  8. You too! Glad to hear you’re getting your shots. Congratulations to your daughter on the new home and bright future ahead.
  9. Yay!! I certainly hope we can see each other. The pool is now coming along so it’s like Spa Walter around here...shortly! 😉😆 Love you guys. 😘
  10. Glad to hear that Reggie! Disney is fully opening up - you can let your daughter know - I can’t wait for the concerts to finally return! Hope y’all are doing well my Australian brotha!! ✌🏼
  11. Right on, brotha! ✌🏼❤️💉
  12. Love it. Well said. Again. ✌🏼❤️🤘🏼
  13. 2nd Pfizer shot. Junior gets his first Pfizer shot on Thursday. Mrs Walter received her 2nd shot a week ago Monday. We are....
  14. Receiving my 2nd Pfizer vaccine shot on Wednesday. Can’t wait until the rest of the world can move forward with the rest of us. 🙏🏻
  15. Just stopped by for the first time due to hearing about the Winterland show and WOW! 👀 First, I’m sorry for the loss of your wife from cancer. That’s really a tough one. Glad you got that motherf*cker to finally show his true colors. I know it’s been eating at you for a while. What a self-centered POS! I’ll never understand the hoarding aspect. He said it’ll make them less valuable - than what, nothing?!? Something is only as valuable as someone is willing to pay for it. I gotta believe the value for unheard Zep stuff isn’t as valuable as it was 10 years ago. The market is sh
  16. I can’t believe there is not substance behind it when the reaction to COVID has been so much better, vaccine distribution, etc Believe what you want, but I’m seeing results statistically and on the streets. I’m ready to get my first vaccine, shortly. RIP Lawrence Ferlinghetti. 101 is a lot of living...
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