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  1. yea i ordered my program a week before the show, they did state they would ship after the 10th or 12th. still i havent received my program yet...
  2. I heard the STH solo on you tube from 02, and i thought it was great. i was extremly proud of jimmy for pulling it off.
  3. BRILLIANT IDEA ZEPPLER! Led zeppelin has fortified my die hard fan spirit!!!
  4. yes indeed ev, naysayers got slammed with the the hammer of the gods!!! naysayers are now tortillas!!! LOng live ZEppelin you did it boys !!!!!!!!!
  5. THey sound great for a tour, and its not only the music its a festival! its in the air, the magic the mysticism, the friends, the songs, the smiles the celeberation. from what ive heard they were able to conjure all of that on the o2 show! i would go to as many US shows as possible!
  6. I think the person that wrote this review is just not happy with his life at this moment in time. Ive heard from people that went to the show and they are still to this morning in shock and amazed on how great they sounded. I keep hearing how they are back in strong form. This review is the first negative ive heard. Im open minded to hearing bad reviews on music i lvoe but this one doesnt have any foundation. The small clips ive heard confirm to me how strong they sound, and they made me very proud to be a zeppelin fan.
  7. Cosmic Forces please allow Zeppelin to tour the US Thats all i want, honest, i ve been good, i dont bother nobody. im a simple guy who minds his business , just wanna jam with zeppelin here in the us
  8. man i cant even breathe with excitement from watching these vide o clips.. or spell zeppelin is back!
  9. Zeppelin as strong as ever !!!! THANKS JIMMY, PLANT, JONES, JASON !!!! WOOOOOHoooo!!!! Made this die hard fan PROUD!!!
  10. mama mia!! They have slammed the hammer of the gods on us!!! ...I'm scared..
  11. me too ive been counting the days for the bluray version...im trying to come up with a reason why they would hold it up? i cant find one?
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