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  1. Hi: I am a pro rock journalist who has been writing for many years. Back in '86, I interviewed Jimmy Page in Florida for a story which later appeared on the cover of Guitar World in July 1986. I asked Jimmy for a guitar pick and he gave me one. It is one of his Herco picks, non-logo. I am selling that guitar pick and wanted to let you know. It is absolutely real and authentic. I have been - and still am - a professional rock journalist for over 40 years. I've developed a reputation of honesty and trust and have built relationships with many musicians and magazines based on my integrity. I am attaching photos of Page and I - the color shot is at a photo shoot right after i conducted the interview and the guitar pick is still in Jimmy's pocket and it will be given to me a few minutes after this shot was taken. The black-and-white is a shot of Page and i on the Starship backk in '77 and the mag cover is the story that appeared. To be honest, it is an expensive pick but exceedingly rare. If you're interested, please give me a shout on my private email: scrosen@sbcglobal.net. Many thanks, Steve
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