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  1. Thank God for newspapers!!! 🙂 I wish I've kept more of my magazines and clippings...
  2. JPJ looked quite stylish in these 1977 photos 😄 Still not sure about Jimmy's trousers... 🤣
  3. Very nice photos!!! Especially the Hawaii ones 😃
  4. The whole first album already set the tone of Bonzo's drumming for me. Led Zeppelin's debut is near perfect for any debut anyway!!! And after that it only got better!!!😆
  5. Mikelangelo


    German site Fotex.de has some nice photos from Led Zeppelin´s 1980 tour: https://fotex.wg.picturemaxx.com/?96240931679735518802 Or just search with "Led Zeppelin"...
  6. I have to agree on this: I've always liked the original Allman Brothers because of Duane and Berry!!! But I have to say I regard Dickey Betts highly, he has surpassed Duane in musicality and songwriting-wise he was also very prolific. But that original band just seemed to have a great chemistry.
  7. John Lennon may have liked Zeppelin indeed. Led Zeppelin ruled over many heavy rock bands hands down; say Mountain for example, who were quite heavy for that time. I never understood comparison between Led Zeppelin and KISS. Sure KISS was huge in the late 1970s, but Zeppelin were vastly superior music-wise and in global popularity, I think...
  8. Maybe worth if checking out?I think I may have Mick Bonham's book about Bonzo somewhere.
  9. These come from the spanish magazine (early 80s, maybe 1982, I think):
  10. Two of the last shows by Led Zeppelin that I´ve been into: Bath 1970 (no surprise here!!!) and Belfast 1971. Just to hear the audience not so much reacting to songs from the fourth album. For my ears, there´s a great feeling in many of the 1971 shows. Not saying it wasn´t present on any other years, but there´s something.
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