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  1. I kinda liked Jimmy's suits on 1980 tour too, very good choices of colours too 😄 They were bit of a change from his dragonsuit...
  2. Jimmy was a brave man to wear those pants. And with those red-socks!!! 🤣 But in honesty, I must admit that I had bit similar pants back in 1996 😂 But I didn't look that cool...
  3. When were these taken? Must be around 1960 or so, garden of his home, I presume 🤔
  4. I sold my Brussels Affair- and Destroyer-box sets. Need I say that I regret that.. 😬 Give it a thought, before you sell!!! I'm gonna have to buy at least Brussels Affair back!!! And I'm looking for LPs, cds won't do 😆
  5. "And that's how you make great covers." 😁 They always had interesting covers: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, UFO etc
  6. Well, Davy Graham also had a bit "dark" feeling for that one. Somehow it reminded me of some Cream-stuff too, or am I just imagining...?😗
  7. I had that Plant/Jones interview already, from sugarmegs. There's more interviews and live shows there. But I had not seen that particular "field-photo" before!!!😃
  8. That Plant video interview was a nice one 😙
  9. Well, the drummer in Detective, Jon Hyde,- was quite a power-house drummer too. Of course being on Swan Song and all that, and did Jimmy produce the album under a pseudonym? I don´t have any Detective albums, but I´ve heard some songs...
  10. Well, that conversation got bit heated there...woh! Yeah, I guess it's all speculation for Zeppelin after 1980. Sure, there have been releases to keep everyone happy (well, most of us at least) but since the band came to a sudden end... Deep Purple grinded to a halt in 1976, to return in 1984 and one could say that Black Sabbath was never again the same, not even when they reunited. So, how would have Zeppelin fared? I have thought the same about Hendrix and Cream...
  11. Looking at these again; gotta say that Jimmy had a pretty good taste with houses!!! 😊 Boleskine-house was my least favourite of his houses (the ones I have seen pictures of-), maybe because of the extra-baggage it carries, or whatever...
  12. Right now Led Zeppelin III. Nowadays a lot of CREAM, Tangerine Dream and classical 😁
  13. Well, maybe there is a small glitch there, but it does not bother me!!! Actually, I didn´t remember how nice tune "Tangerine" is!!! listening with headphones on, it sounds grand indeed!!!
  14. This is interesting and I will check it out!!! And no, I´m not being sarcastic, it´s good to keep your mind occupied, especially during time like this. Been listening to a lot of CREAM lately, with some other classics thrown in... Yes, I´ve been reading and studying too!!!
  15. Still no video from this show? I mean, like more than mere clips of one minute hick-ups... They should have filmed something else too in 1970, besides Albert Hall. Maybe not professional cuts, but some audience 8mm?
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