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  1. Well, the drummer in Detective, Jon Hyde,- was quite a power-house drummer too. Of course being on Swan Song and all that, and did Jimmy produce the album under a pseudonym? I don´t have any Detective albums, but I´ve heard some songs...
  2. Well, that conversation got bit heated there...woh! Yeah, I guess it's all speculation for Zeppelin after 1980. Sure, there have been releases to keep everyone happy (well, most of us at least) but since the band came to a sudden end... Deep Purple grinded to a halt in 1976, to return in 1984 and one could say that Black Sabbath was never again the same, not even when they reunited. So, how would have Zeppelin fared? I have thought the same about Hendrix and Cream...
  3. Looking at these again; gotta say that Jimmy had a pretty good taste with houses!!! 😊 Boleskine-house was my least favourite of his houses (the ones I have seen pictures of-), maybe because of the extra-baggage it carries, or whatever...
  4. Right now Led Zeppelin III. Nowadays a lot of CREAM, Tangerine Dream and classical 😁
  5. Well, maybe there is a small glitch there, but it does not bother me!!! Actually, I didn´t remember how nice tune "Tangerine" is!!! listening with headphones on, it sounds grand indeed!!!
  6. This is interesting and I will check it out!!! And no, I´m not being sarcastic, it´s good to keep your mind occupied, especially during time like this. Been listening to a lot of CREAM lately, with some other classics thrown in... Yes, I´ve been reading and studying too!!!
  7. Still no video from this show? I mean, like more than mere clips of one minute hick-ups... They should have filmed something else too in 1970, besides Albert Hall. Maybe not professional cuts, but some audience 8mm?
  8. Judging by the 1980 bootlegs, they had some very good (great?) shows and some not so good. Makes me think that if they hadn´t gotten back into it, maybe they never had. Robert was maybe ready to something else too, but they may have felt like they needed to tie up some loose ends. So to speak...
  9. Is it just me, or do japanese get better sonic results, when they remaster old classics? Quite a few japanese cd pressings (Free, Alice Cooper Group etc) have had quite excellent remastering on them 😙
  10. Did Jimmy actually have a dog at some point? 🤔
  11. One would think that is less trouble doing multiple takes and choosing the best. Obviously with today's technology it's easy to splice the solos from bits and pieces. But still... I prefer doing a good take and using it, instead of putting a solo out of bits. Well, whatever makes it good, I guess!!! 😏
  12. Nowadays GHS 10-46 or 11-60. Basicly heavy gauge and thick picks.
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