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  1. Thank God for newspapers!!! 🙂 I wish I've kept more of my magazines and clippings...
  2. JPJ looked quite stylish in these 1977 photos 😄 Still not sure about Jimmy's trousers... 🤣
  3. Very nice photos!!! Especially the Hawaii ones 😃
  4. The whole first album already set the tone of Bonzo's drumming for me. Led Zeppelin's debut is near perfect for any debut anyway!!! And after that it only got better!!!😆
  5. Mikelangelo


    German site Fotex.de has some nice photos from Led Zeppelin´s 1980 tour: https://fotex.wg.picturemaxx.com/?96240931679735518802 Or just search with "Led Zeppelin"...
  6. I have to agree on this: I've always liked the original Allman Brothers because of Duane and Berry!!! But I have to say I regard Dickey Betts highly, he has surpassed Duane in musicality and songwriting-wise he was also very prolific. But that original band just seemed to have a great chemistry.
  7. John Lennon may have liked Zeppelin indeed. Led Zeppelin ruled over many heavy rock bands hands down; say Mountain for example, who were quite heavy for that time. I never understood comparison between Led Zeppelin and KISS. Sure KISS was huge in the late 1970s, but Zeppelin were vastly superior music-wise and in global popularity, I think...
  8. Maybe worth if checking out?I think I may have Mick Bonham's book about Bonzo somewhere.
  9. These come from the spanish magazine (early 80s, maybe 1982, I think):
  10. Two of the last shows by Led Zeppelin that I´ve been into: Bath 1970 (no surprise here!!!) and Belfast 1971. Just to hear the audience not so much reacting to songs from the fourth album. For my ears, there´s a great feeling in many of the 1971 shows. Not saying it wasn´t present on any other years, but there´s something.
  11. Led Zeppelin were (or should we say was?) a photogenetic band 😛 I think Led fared pretty well in most of the groupshots. Many bands tend to look grumpy (which they may be) or just plain non-interested...
  12. Some interesting tales about Mick can also be found in Bob Daisley´s boo "For Facts Sake".
  13. Those good old long jams. Bet you can't get away with those these days 😁 Like Allman Brothers' Mountain Jam etc.
  14. Where was that revolving stage? Not Madison Square Garden?
  15. Any videos from 1972? I mean anything longer than few seconds? I´ve been watching some the stuff from 1971, 1977 and 1980; Led Zeppelin did progress quite nicely, actually!!! No matter what general opinion might have been on "In Through The Out Door" or stuff, but they were their own band and compared to, say Black Sabbath´s Never Say Die, Led Zeppelin,- in my opinion, finished on the higher note.
  16. Ah, okey!!! That clears it up a bit! Makes sense too; I thought it was silly if they´d only make that 30 seconds available 😁 Bath 1970 is definitely one of my favourite Zeppelin-bootlegs, so I´d love to see videos of that!!!
  17. Is there video of Bonham (or the whole band) backstage or soundcheck? I remember reading that there was such a clip in existence...?
  18. Are there any more photos from Jimmy´s opening proceedings? This is about the only one I remember seeing...
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