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  1. If you could go back in time and meet Jimmy Page when he was a session musician, what advice, it any, would you give him, knowing what you know? I would probably say "For God's sake Jimmy, film as many live shows as you possibly can because they will be worth their weight in gold for your fans. Do TV, I know you are against it but just do it! Go on The Old Grey Whistle Test and other Music shows and do some TV specials. In the future when they compile music programmes about the greats or specials like Sounds of the 60's , they will include clips from The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, Clapton and so on, but none from your band, you will be left out because there will be no clips to show (or very few)" Oh, and try having some singing lessons, may come in handy.
  2. I was looking through old photographs over the Christmas holidays and I came across these two pictures of Viram Jasani, taken over twenty years ago. In my younger days I used to learn to play the Sitar and we had an Indian Classical Music conference in Leeds and one of the speakers was one Viram Jasani. So, after the talk I approached him, he was quite a serious looking person and as soon as I asked him about his past I think he realised where this was going and I suspect he gets asked about it every so often and he seemed not too happy about it. Anyway I persisted and it seems he was a jobbing musician and played on many records at the time including The Rolling Stones, Donavan and so on. He didn’t really want his name to appear on the back of the sleeve because now he gets asked it about even though it was one recording out of so many he did at the time.
  3. Back in the mid 60’s and 70’s you had this group of musicians who we can regard as Rock Royalty and there are numerous pictures of them together in venues, clubs, parties etc. Namely members of The Beatles, Jagger, Richards, Clapton, Bowie, Moon and for a brief period Hendrix, but very rarely ,if ever, do you see pictures that also include members of Zeppelin. Was there a clique between these musicians? a circle that Zeppelin never got into, or never invited to? Was there some shunning going on at the top table or did they just move in different circles?
  4. Not sure if anyone has posted this before. There is a chain of Indian Restaurants in central London call DASHOOM. The one near Covent Gardens has a list of house rules, one of the rules is No Hassling Robert and Jimmy. Last time I was in I asked them about this rule and this is the reply is received : Back in the late 60's there was these two guys who were in a band that was quite famous. They went to India and ended up in Bombay where the rehearsed and played with the Bombay philharmonic orchestra. Word got round that these to guys were famous and the locals would gather round wherever they went and would generally be a nuisance, hence the rule - No hassling Robert and Jimmy. Notice the reference to Pink Floyds earlier album, didn't get to ask about that rule though.
  5. I’ve always thought the “great swan” of Led Zeppelin looked very elegant but little did I know the frantic paddling that was going on just under the surface. Okay I knew there were issues with Page and Plant and with Jonesy from the 80’s onwards but it is only since coming on this forum and following a lot of the threads that I now realise what a precarious ride it has been right from the very beginning and I’ve been following them since about 1975, Chuffin’eck!
  6. Hi Guys, First time on here, but been following threads for over a year. My better half has decided to do a Zepp based painting. Work in progress.
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