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  1. Peter Grant (talking with Mike Figgis & Malcom McClaren of all people) appeared briefly in the Ronnie wood documentary “Somebody up there likes me” on Sky Arts Channel 13th June, talking about Jeff Beck Group. Rod Stewart asked about PG said “f***king Bast**d ...I hated him....he was a bully” Grant talks about his early days as tour Manager with Gene Vincent & carrying a gun & scaring some would be “trouble makers” in Rotherham. Entertaining 5 mins or so...
  2. Yes. Sadly that seems to be a recurring theme with any “new” Zep stuff (Live Albums etc). I live in hope but not holding my breath anymore.
  3. Does anyone have any news on when it will go on release? Why the delay?
  4. Can’t stand the rag but a relative brought it to my attention so I googled it & it was good to read about times at Bron yr Aur. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/11522841/fast-lane-led-zeppelin-back-to-nature/.
  5. Well I ain’t no monkey. Can’t climb no tree....
  6. My mistake the Stones do appear for 2 nano seconds in the early eighties.....
  7. Great to watch (esp the rise of Zep early 70s) but no Stones or U2 is a mystery...
  8. I found this sorting the Attic out. I remember being so proud the Band i worshipped we’re finally being heralded in a “Posh” Sunday Paper. The Oberver no less. (2nd Headline down...See pic) Although by this time they were at their juggernaut pomp with their fans, Parents of such would never have heard of them! The clever marketing catch phrase “bigger than the Beatles” (& not untrue!) got them real recognition outside Rock Circles.
  9. So there was a deliberate black out on news. No matter! Just fantastic that it’s up!
  10. What’s happening on the John Bonham Statue opening in Redditch?? It’s disappeared off the Led Zeppelin “Upcoming events” prominently featured on Twitter & weekly emails. Second time I’ve asked on here & no replies! Am I missing something........
  11. Is the John Bonham statue unveiling still going ahead 31st May?
  12. Trivia Question: Which Simpson’s Character refers to “Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin” (in S15 ep7)?
  13. https://t.co/6Fd7g7Gajn what a great interview. You can see the pride he has in what Led Zeppelin achieved & damn right too! Still so much he could expand on I’ve heard quotes that he won’t publish the real deal cos of legal issues until after he’s gone (not yet please, he can still get out & play!) Just hope he’s making sure everything he wants to say is captured before that time comes. The Man is a Genius.
  14. Like quite a bit of Plant’s Post Zep material & admire him even more that he’s still hungry to try new things & walking the walk with his Touring. One frustration is he never seems to play Harmonica on this stuff & we all know how outstanding he is when he plays (never better than on “when the levee breaks”) His latest band lends itself perfectly for him to blow some harp, yet Nothing. Any suggestions why?
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