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  1. I agree, there should never be a TOUR, another rehearsed one off show would be great though
  2. New interviews with the band on Spotify tonight!!!!
  3. I thought the suprise interviews on Spotify were good, and it hyped me up that the WIZARD has more up his sleeve than we all know, but I could be wrong
  4. Listening on my computer speakers, comparing both versions in MP3 format, I hear a slight difference, like the new version is a touch brighter, if you already own original not worth a remaster, unless of course you want the box set packaging, and or vinyl, that's my opinion, but who am I? In contrast I totally could tell a difference from the 1990 remasters vs. the recent STUDIO remasters
  5. Was watching that months ago, rewound because the scene was intense, and I realized In The Light was playing, perfect lyrics and haunting music for that scene
  6. I hate to take away from Led Zeppelin as a band, and YES this has always been one of my favorite songs, BUT my favorite version is The Unledded version
  7. Now thats a mystery solved, I was told Plant was going to perform with Dread Zep that night in Rochester NY, so I went to the bar after the Plant show, no Plant LOL
  8. I wish that Bonham would have just done drum projects, around LZ activity
  9. Thank you, Mel Bay, best opening to a reply I've ever heard, LOL LOL LOL
  10. Since Page and Plant are in town together, they should throw together a little concert, maybe a acoustic show
  11. Monochromatic, thats a great way to describe Presence, I love the album, but in a sense it's like ONE Big Song, Monochromatic, nice Dark Lord
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