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  1. gibsonfan159

    Facebook and issues that come with it

    Facebook is fine for people who make good decisions and works completely against those who make bad ones. It's that simple. If you're paranoid about it, then you must be worried about being exposed. And who's gonna complain about employers looking at your page? The real you should be evaluated, not some bullshit you spew for an interview. Make racist or sexist remarks on a social network? Then you don't deserve a job. But yeah, apart from catching up to old friends I only use mine for groups and the market.
  2. We've all been speculating about a release for the anniversary, but that would actually be far fetched considering it would probably be pushed back anyway. I think a more realistic guess would be an announcement on the first album release date. Then Page could spend the entire year teasing us with a release date for whatever he has left.
  3. gibsonfan159

    Holy Grails

    Only my opinion, but I thought the 22nd had the best Kashmir.
  4. gibsonfan159

    Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    I'd almost buy tickets just to yell "Stairwayyyy!" at him.
  5. gibsonfan159

    Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    I recently read that in 1979, when Page still owned Boleskine, he also protested against "damage" to Loch Ness. Seems to be quite the conservationist.
  6. gibsonfan159

    Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    Feuding with Jimmy Page over real estate is William's greatest achievement in life. I'm glad this knob isn't a thing in America. I'd rather have Justin Bieber.
  7. Plant told everyone what to do with the magazine back in 73. I always keep a copy in my bathroom.
  8. I appreciate the Stones. I understand their attitude and their swagger. I love a lot of their stuff and would always put them within top 3 classic rock bands ever. I've read some about the situation with the recording sessions and the atmosphere around their tax exile hideouts. Though there are some true gems on the album, but there is one area that the Stones can't come close to Zep on- musical diversity and song distinction. Let's face it, a Stones song is a Stones song. Most of them fit within the same mold. Physical Graffiti, like the other albums before it, defined musical diversity. You're going from one landscape to another. One planet to another. With Exile, you're basically just hanging out on Main St. listening to the band jam and pop pills. Not a bad thing, but that tends to bore the average listener after a few listens. Physical Graffiti has no two songs alike. It defines variety and soundscape. I know Exile works better as a whole album as there are few real standout songs compared to other Stones albums. Tumbling Dice is arguably the strongest radio track on it. But the good thing is, most of the other songs have a similar feel and attitude. So if you like one song on Exile, you'll like most of the others. On the other hand, if you don't like Tumbling Dice, Loving Cup, All Down The Line, you probably won't like the album. The whole thing has that "Laid back, southern rock mixed with country blues" feel that the band was engrossed by during this time. Zeppelin knocked that out of the park with In My Time Of Dying, which featured more attitude, heavier riffs, and more extravagant instrumental work than anything on Exile. So, that's one Zep track that rivals a lot of Exile. Physical Graffiti is a kaleidoscope of different colors and shapes, a plethora of riffs and rhythms carefully constructed and pieced together, not just a jam session. Of course, it's kind of cheating considering Physical Graffiti was cobbled together from "back burner" tracks that Page had saved up. But even without them, the new recordings for Physical Graffiti were much stronger stand-alone tracks than most of Exile. I will note one attribute of Jagger and the boys that Zep lacked almost entirely- social familiarity. Plant could sing about viking raids and lemon squeezings all day and nobody could touch him, but when it came to just telling a story with lyrics, he came up pretty short. Plant's voice was an instrument where Jagger's was a human being conveying a real life situation to you. Zep's instrumentation worked more like a well oiled machine where the Stones' songs seemed to gel into more of a warm, "live" feel. But my God, let's be honest- there is no "Kashmir" on Exile. There is no In My Time Of Dying. There is no BronYaur. No Trampled Underfoot. Zep was unquestionably more dynamic. I'd grant that Kashmir alone has gotten more airplay than everything from Exile. Production and Engineering- I've listened to the original Exile and the deluxe edition. They all sound dreadful. I'm not entirely familiar with which songs were recorded where, but the majority of Exile has a dull, flat, overly bright sound that is rather harsh on the ears. The guitar tones are thin and distant, unlike the beefy tone that was on Sticky Fingers. Keep in mind the album was engineered by Andy and Glyn Johns, who worked with the Beatles, The Who, and Led Zeppelin. So something doesn't add up for this 1972 release. It sounds..like shit. Then let's get to Jagger, who's obviously drunk and mumbling on half the recordings. His voice is unusually higher pitched as well. No contest here, I'd even contest that Zep's first album sounded better than Exile. Double album worthy? Nope. Exile should've never been a double album in my opinion. To my ears there are a lot of filler tracks. Filler tracks being songs that aren't sonically significant or distinctive, or maybe overly repetitive with no real captivating hook. Songs like Rip This Joint, Shake Your Hips, and Casino Boogie are obvious filler to my ears and I have no idea why these lame tracks open up the album. Hell, even Down By The Seaside has more melodic significance than a lot of Exile. If this album had been whittled down to the core of the stand out tracks, it would've made a much stronger impression. I think at the end of the day the band was pressured into releasing a double album just because. Considering a 12" record can hold a total of about 44 minutes, this is my pick for a stronger, no filler, track list: 1. Rocks Off 2. Tumbling Dice 3. Sweet Virginia 4. Loving Cup 5. Happy 6. Sweet Black Angel 7. Turd On The Run 8. Ventilator Blues 9. Let It Loose 10. All Down The Line 11. Shine A Light 12. Soul Survivor I think this track list would've easily put the album on par with Sticky Fingers. But the extra tracks seem to stretch it a bit too thin.
  9. gibsonfan159

    Led Zep III

    Should say "do what thou will, so mote be it".
  10. gibsonfan159

    Beautiful Women

    Really not bad for her age. At least she looks natural and hasn't been ruined by surgery.
  11. While browsing through eBay for Zep stuff you'll find a lot of off-beat items.Thought I'd make a thread about some of the more strange or downright ridiculous ones we come across. Or items that are cool, but you just can't convince yourself to buy.
  12. gibsonfan159

    Long Live Led Zeppelin

    Thanks for creating such an excellent site. One question; is there a reason you don't upload any of the remastered versions? I've noticed a couple of Winstons but that's it.
  13. gibsonfan159

    Led Zeppelin being booed by the audience?

    That whole GFR story is lame as well. Opening for Zep that night in their hometown is the highlight of their career, as they've been talking about it ever since. Fast forward a few years and compare who's blowing who off the stage. GFR eventually resorted to playing straight up cover songs in order to crack the billboard. Imagine being stuck playing "Locomotion" for the rest of your career. But hey, they had that one night in Michigan when all their friends and family came to see them.
  14. gibsonfan159

    Led Zeppelin being booed by the audience?

    Hanson could blow the Stones off the stage. Their live acts were held together by a front man strutting like a chicken.
  15. gibsonfan159

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    Then why would they have to wait to release it? Going in circles here.
  16. gibsonfan159

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    Same, still. Unless I'm mistaken, live performances are still copyrighted by the original content.
  17. gibsonfan159

    Who would be a good Plant replacement?

    Oh, it will be.
  18. gibsonfan159

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    How does a live recording/bootleg fall into public domain? The songs themselves are still copyrighted. Bootlegs have no copyrights anyway. You can copy EVSD's artwork and packaging verbatim and sell it yourself.
  19. This, to me, is the coolest riff Page ever put down on guitar. Is it a traditional blues progression? Sure, but the way Page combines this acoustic riff with electric guitar and turns it into a blues rock masterpiece still astounds me today. He was a little over twenty when he recorded this. The swagger of this song is still unmatched in my opinion. You can bring up Beck, Clapton, Richards, Townsend, or Steve Vai, but none of them put anything down that sounded as confident and cool as this song.
  20. gibsonfan159

    Travelling Riverside Blues Cover

    Thank you. I always hated playing slide due to not being able to chord properly, but this thing makes all the difference.
  21. gibsonfan159

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    I'm omitting the acoustic sets from any of these because 1, the set is already gigantic and it would take me forever to do the whole thing, and 2, Page's playing doesn't vary that much on them other than some improvising on Bronyaur Stomp and White Summer. And although Page is a pretty good acoustic player, that's not where he shines, so it's unfair to judge it too much. Also omitting the drum and guitar solos. Nitpicking Page 6/21/1977 (Listen To This Eddie) We all know this show, so let's get to it. This was one of my first downloads, so I have no idea which actual version I have. The time sigs should be pretty close though. TSRTS- Undoubtedly the best intro of this song that I know of. Up-tempo and Bonham destroying his kit on the first few measures. First solo- Bonham matching Page's vigourous riffs. Second solo- Guitar is a little murky, but playing sounds good to me. This is "energy" defined musically. "A+". Sick Again- Almost a mathematical fact that bad things always seem to happen when there's a chance at perfection for a song. 0:44, Page either breaks a string on the intro and swaps guitars or has a cable issue. Solo- Missed note at 2:38, almost unnoticeable. Outro solo- 5:00-5:12, good fluid run. 5:34, a little sticky. Not a great flow, but good enough. "B+". NFBM- Pretty much flawless first half, though this is a song that's hard to screw up. Harmonica- I'm not the best judge of the instrument, but sounds like Plant knows his stuff. Solo- Pretty solid, maybe could've used a little better phrasing. "A". OTHAFA- Minor flub at 0:21. Plant seems to have some of his high range back. Solo- 3:04-3:12, absolutely love these bends. Superb phrasing. Articulation is a little hard to make out, but sounds pretty good. Top notch solo for this. 6:05, Page plays the out of tune string repetitively as to let his tech know. This is how this solo should've been played all through 75. "A". SIBLY- 0:42, yes sir. 3:04, Page matching Robert's vocals here makes me realize how sound his mind was for this show. Solo- "Suck it". Hangs up a little at 4:16. Very solid and fluid, maybe just a little spastic. A very solid "A" version. No Quarter- Nitpicking Jones- Very moody piano work that wanders on like the music to a silent film. Gets his Ray Charles going at 9:28. Boogie section- Page comes in with some steady lead work. 12:45, Bonham loses the beat for a second. 19:25, Bonham and Page having fun. Solid solo with Bonzo blasting away. Good outro. Apart from Bonham playing like a madman, there's nothing too noteable. "A". Ten Years Gone- Good solid start. First solo- Articulate, fluid, perfect phrasing. A minor flub at 3:41. Second solo- Pretty good. 5:34, tape cut, but the alternate source sounds good. Good playing on the outro. A first nitpick, so I'll say "A". Kashmir- 6:02, what a yell. Bonham does some cool, unorthodox fills at the end. A good version with the mellotron virtually absent. "A". Heartbreaker- Thunderous intro. Solo- Pacing himself nicely. 4:17, I know this is supposed to be somewhat intentionally sloppy, but this was almost a trainwreck. 5:00, Page was great at this type of noodling, should've done it more. 5:57-6:07, that's what I'm talking about. Good playing at the end of the solo with a nice extended jam. It's nice to hear this played with vigor again, unlike the 75 encores where it just sounds like they were legally obligated to play it. "B+" because of the choke in the solo. Achilles Last Stand- Very harsh guitar tone as he plays using the wah pedal. First solo- Spectacular. 4:41, minor flub. Second solo- Basically playing lead runs between the main riffs, very nice. Being the first time nitpick, I'll just rate this an "A". Stairway To Heaven- Solid first half. Solo- Extremely energetic playing and pretty good fluidity. 8:46, this little improvised riff sounds a little off. An "A" at the least. Whole Lotta Love (Partial)- The Alembic bass just doesn't work with this, in my opinion. Rock And Roll- 0:46. Bonham fires the tommy gun. 1:40, the version I have has a terrible sine wave noise present. Solo- 2:10, flubbed chord. Not bad. Final assessment- Bonham was feeling his oats (or coke) for most of this show. Page was quite impressive, playing with energy and a sound mind and I can't wait until he releases the multitrack later this year. We can dream, can't we?
  22. gibsonfan159

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    I've got the TMOQ version and it would be a real challenge. Maybe if there's a decent remaster or alternate source.
  23. gibsonfan159


    I take it you're judging his vocals by his range? Yes, Plant had a completely different range after 72. But in 73 and 75 he struggled not only with range, but with constant throat problems which caused him to sound hoarse for the first three numbers. In 77 he was at least able to gain control back and sing with confidence. As for Page, he never truly hit 73 level, but there are a few moments in 77 where he played very close on a technical level. "Even the best nights had Jimmy in sloppy mode". I gotta strongly disagree with that and I'm super critical of Page. Maybe 75, but he regained some control of his syncopation in 77 and had better phrasing. 75 Page is an articulation disaster.