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    Nitpicking Page 1980

    Nitpicking Page 6/17/1980 Dortmund (Dortmund- Tarantura) The first boot (and show) to kick off the 1980 tour. The guys have adapted to the new decade by abandoning the silk suits and now sport sleeveless shirts. An "Ego kill" for the dinosaurs I suppose. This is listed as a soundboard but sounds more like a quality audience recording in places, instead of the usual dry sound. Train Kept A Rollin- An explosive new opener kicks off. Bonham's drum sound has good depth here. Solo- Wah soaked and played fairly well. Excellent start. "A" for this first time rating. NFBM- Now skipping the acapella guitar opening and getting right to the meat. Harmonica- very good. 0:40, Page plays the wrong riff. 1:51, barely audible but Page is playing some weird chords in the background. 2:21, wrong chord. 2:36, a little sticky. Solo- not a terrible start, but 3:36-3:50 is a sloppy, poorly phrased mess. "C+". (4:48, someone yelling "intermission". And it sounds like Page is doing the Plantations now.) Black Dog- Very uptempo and energetic. Plant sounds good and gets some excellent screams in, though I don't know if they were "aided". Solo- Rough on the edges and of course having slight articulation issues, but this is a pretty good solo with lots of attitude. "B+". In The Evening- A quicker start to this as well. Good verses. Solo- Terrible tone, but played quite nicely. The flute on the middle section seems out of place and dated, only saved by Page's moody arpeggios. It's hard to believe with Jones' orchestration skills that's the best he could come up with- one single, repeating flute riff. Page gets some solid licks in for the outro. "B+". The Rain Song- Either the recorder level is clipping or Page has some static sounding overdrive. The delay coming through really helps this. 1:06, a tad sticky. Jones' synths sound wonderful here, much better than the Mello. Rock section- Some off notes by Jones, but still pretty good. Good ending. "B". Hot Dog- Fairly good intro. 1:18, I don't know about these vocal effects. All in fun I suppose. Solo- Good first half, but 2:00 gets very sticky. Good ending. "B". All My Love- Excellent first half. Synth solo- Perfect. Guitar solo- Page does some mild sweep picking and plays some well phrased, though choppy, leads. 3:10, slight flub. The outro is so Queen sounding it's not funny. "B+" for a first rate. Trampled Underfoot- Uptempo and driving, very confident sounding. Jones gets some good clavinet licks in. Solo- One big ascending, wah soaked run off the bat. 3:52, some blazing runs. Very good. 4:24, wrong note? 5:40, that Bonham groove. The best version since LA 1977, maybe even top 5 for me. "A". SIBLY- A decent intro. Jones does some exquisite piano work and Plant is singing naturally, not forcing it like 1977. Solo- Page's fingers become quite nimble and his phrasing is on point. Great solo. Latter half is played with tremendous conviction. "A". Achilles- Solid intro. A few missed chords on the beginning. First solo- Some straining but otherwise not too bad. Second solo- A little sticky. Third solo- again, some straining but nothing major. Plant, Jones, and Bonham all sounded solid. Overall a fairly average version. "B". WS/BMS- White Summer is very sticky and goes off the beaten path in places. BMS is much smoother, but contains a couple flubs. "B". Kashmir- The mellotron was definitely much better on this (when it stayed in tune). A fairly solid version. "B+". Stairway- Let's shoot that elephant in the room- Jones' synths are an absolute abomination for this song. Bring back the 'Tron. His piano work is excellent however. Plant sings this in a very moody tone, sounding a little melancholy. Solo- Good start. 5:17 is a strange released bend, but works nonetheless. Articulation is sticky in places, but overall a very unique sounding solo phrased well. "B+". Rock And Roll- Good energy and blazing tempo. Solo- Obviously going a little fast for Page and he just tries to hang on. Audio cuts to an extremely muffled audience source. "B". WLL (Partial) - 1:12, cool riff. Heartbreaker- Page is a little sloppy after the first verse. Solo- Page skips the signature acapella "Smear" part and plays the rockabilly section frantically, almost impatient. The climax solo is rife with bad articulation. Sounds like he just wants to get offstage. WLL (Part Two)- Good ending. "B" for the medley. Final Assessment- Although not flawless, this is definitely a huge step up from the 8/11/79 show. Page is struggling slightly and overly frantic in places, but I'm sure nerves played a part on this opening night. The other three are solid as usual. Highlights are a tremendous Trampled Underfoot, truly one of the better ones I've heard. SIBLY is intriguing and played with more integrity than almost any 77 version, though Page's guitar blazing has mostly faded.
  2. gibsonfan159

    Nitpicking Page 1980

    Nitpicking Page 6/18/1980 Sporthalle, Germany (Cologne 1980- TDOLZ) This is mostly soundboard with a few audience source patches. The description states it has been speed corrected but still seems to run a little fast. Train Kept A Rollin- Plenty of attitude, but rough around the edges. "B+". NFBM- Speedy tempo. 0:46, some off notes. Harmonica- Not bad, a little uninspired. Bonzo is murdering the drums though. Solo- an unusual couple runs off the bat, then some sloppiness played at blinding speed. Not too bad overall, but this was driven mostly by Bonzo's muscular drumming. "B". Schwarzer Hund- Very energetic with excellent enthusiasm through the verses. Solo- not amazing, but better than a lot of 75 versions. The energy really makes this shine. "B+". In The Evening- Just noticed the intro sounds a bit like Rush's "Xanadu". Again, good energy. 2:17, synths sounding like carnival music. 2:47, notable drum fill. Solo- Just ok, nothing more. 5:38, Page comes in with some blazing wah licks. Good ending. "B". The Rain Song- Some sticky notes throughout, but otherwise a decent run through. Though it sounds severely outdated in 1980. "B+". Hot Dog- Very rough intro. 0:37, beautiful piano. Solo- Page does some repeated bends to start then disappears behind the piano, but seems to finish up nicely. Not bad, but it's a far cry from the nifty hybrid picking he did in 1979. A solid ending. The intro really keeps this at a "B", but good apart from that. All My Love- No proper introduction makes this start off awkwardly. Page's little guitar voicings are played nicely and Plant sings with a fitting tone. Solo- Jones knocks his down perfectly. Page struggles slightly with his. 3:34, sloppy guitar part. I still hear Freddie Mercury singing the outro. Pretty bland version, "B". Trampled Underfoot- A refreshing return to form. Solo- Jones was only decent, but Page takes off. 3:17, excellent riffing here. 4:05, perfect use of the wah effect. 5:54-6:40, amazing wah phrases on the outro. I don't know if these versions just sound good compared to the tamer 1980 set list or if they're really that good, but I'm impressed. "A". SIBLY- 0:13, some off notes, otherwise good intro. Good verses. Solo- Page plays with hesitant, suspenseful phrasing but the dry soundboard does it no favors. Overall a nice solo played with passion. 7:55, some off chording. This version certainly has the mood, but it drags so bad. I'll give it a generous "B+", held together by an intriguing solo. Achilles- 0:32, almost a blunder as Bonzo misses the bass drum pedal. 2:44, Bonham misses the beat for a second. 3:00-3:08, these guitar fills sound pretty bad. First solo (3:45)- The audio sources switch, but sounds like Page gets some solid runs in. Second solo (6:33)- very sticky. Third solo (7:49)- Not bad. A little more loose than tight on this one. "B". White Summer- 1:00, bending those strings a bit too much. 1:33, he's having a real hard time kicking this one off. The faster tempo takes off frantically. 3:10-3:18, unique phrasing. The ending wanders aimlessly. Page just isn't feeling this one tonight. "B". BMS- A little smoother now, though it's still lacking enthusiasm. "B". Kashmir- Thin sound, but overall a solid performance. "A". Stairway- I could spend an hour complaining about these keyboards, but let's just pretend they're not there. After a lazy intro, the uptempo part sounds much livelier. Solo- Opening run sounds like he skipped a few notes. 6:12, off the track. 6:28, a nice run. 7:40, sloppy. Final bars are pretty good. Not the worst solo I've heard, but close. As the ending switches to an audience source it's clear the audience couldn't be bothered with some sloppiness. "B". Rock And Roll- Way too fast. Decent verses. Solo- very good actually. 2:18, fingers stuck in strings. Not too bad, "B+" for energy. Communication Breakdown- Good energy for this closer. Solo- wah soaked and a little sticky. "B+". Final Assessment- A step down from the last show. The band fails to hit on all cylinders tonight and Page's playing is very frustrated in places. Once again the highlight is Trampled, which is played with authority. The SIBLY solo is certainly worth a listen, but no real treasures to be found here. An audience source would certainly mask a lot of mistakes.
  3. gibsonfan159

    Backstage arguments?

    I heard Page and his "doctor" had some arguments backstage.
  4. gibsonfan159

    Hats Off

    Page and Harper
  5. gibsonfan159

    Led Zeppelin Photo Mysteries

    Plant with singer Allanah Miles. Anyone know when/where it was taken?
  6. gibsonfan159

    I've Been Going to the...MOOOOvies

    Blackkklansman is typical Spike Lee boredom. The first 30 minutes lead you to believe it's gonna be very interesting. Nope.
  7. gibsonfan159

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    I'm looking forward to that Bundy biopic.
  8. gibsonfan159

    Long Live Led Zeppelin

    As someone who lives in the sticks and doesn't have the fastest internet, I actually prefer 320 mp3s. Much faster download and doesn't overwhelm my hard drive.
  9. gibsonfan159

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    Dick Dale was an untouchable legend. Talk about a right hand. Edit: Err...left hand. Oof.
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    RIVAL SONS, from Los Angeles

    I know GVF is the front-running scapegoat for a Zep clone, but I have to say that without a doubt, Rival Sons are the absolute most obvious rip-off artists as far as Zep is concerned. The vocalist for GVF might sound pretty similar to Plant on a couple songs, but the music itself isn't very close. However, Rival Sons are almost verbatim copying Zep riffs and slightly twisting them to their own format (to avoid copyright). I'm actually completely amazed that GVF is getting so much flack compared to these guys. And how it's been ignored and overlooked is nothing short of phenomenal.
  11. gibsonfan159

    Backstage arguments?

    I think Bonham's drinking would've been the main issue early on, as there was certainly one show in 69 where he was unable to perform. I can't imagine Page ripping into him for it, especially someone as irreplaceable as Bonzo. He might've suggested he ease up a bit until after the show lol. I'm sure as long as most shows were solid and the money was rolling in, nobody criticized anybody. So from 73 to the end, I highly doubt there was any arguing over performances. They may not have been intimidated by Page, but I guarantee they knew what they had with him at the helm. Whether he was good or bad on any night, he was still bringing in the crowds and he was still the bandleader.
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    Random Thoughts v.3

    Vodka is the purest of most 80+ alcohol and has less toxins than than whiskey, bourbon, or scotch. It's actually the best hangover you'll have. 1-2 hour hangover? LOL. My vote goes for severe food poisoning. Absolutely the worst pain I've ever felt. Like someone poured gas in my stomach and flicked in a match.
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    New EVSD soundboard?

    I think it's gonna be chord by chord this time.
  14. Which is the best of these box sets? I see them pop up on eBay every so often but I'm not sure of the differences.
  15. gibsonfan159

    Make Your Own Poster

    Plenty of live shots on posters, but how about a casual one?
  16. gibsonfan159

    The Final Option vs The Complete EC Tapes

    Well, yeah, but I was wondering which set had the best physical packaging. Just from a collecting standpoint.
  17. gibsonfan159

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Excellent death/grind metal. Underrated band.
  18. gibsonfan159

    An instrumental inspired by "Levee".

    All me. Guitars are live, everything else is programmed.
  19. gibsonfan159

    Underrated Band Photo

    Poster material
  20. I'll take a 30 minute drum solo over any extended jam the Grateful Dead did.
  21. A thread for the metal heads to share some of their most influential albums. Trying to avoid the common masterpieces (Black Album, Ozzy, etc), my list is more about non-mainstream albums that took me to the next level in some way. 1. Morbid Angel- Formulas Fatal To The Flesh. In my early teens I was still hung up on classic rock and the common heavies like Metallica and Megadeth, but was definitely yearning for a stronger drug. I'd heard the term "death metal" tossed around all through school, but never actually indulged in it myself. I'd heard some Cannibal Corpse but found it overdone and uninteresting. I bought this album based strictly on the album cover and band name, but was mentally rearranged after a few listens. The muscle, the power, the confidence, and next-level musicianship was like nothing I'd heard before. This was like going from smoking some weed on the weekends to mainlining coke and heroin. The guitars were Eddie Van Halen on steroids. The drums were....well, I found God in Pete's merciless, flawless beats. The lyrics pumped enough adrenaline through me to tackle a fucking grizzly. I know the Vincent era is the defining sound of the band to some, but this album has no equal as far as I'm concerned. The first four tracks alone still make me feel invincible. 2. Samael- Ceremony Of Opposites. I'd first heard these guys on a sampler I received from their label, and I immediately found the next level of heaviness I'd been yearning for after becoming accustomed to the likes of Metallica and Megadeth. "Black Trip" was the guitar muscle I'd been missing. "Into The Pentagram" was just devastatingly heavy. From start to finish, the guitar riffs are merciless and relentless, sharp as a razor. The drums were in your face and dynamic. And above all, there was a strong sense of melody. The later albums were ok, but this one really hit home with me. 3. Iced Earth- Something Wicked This Way Comes. I'd heard the tracks "Burning Times" and "My Own Saviour" and quickly realized this is a band I identified with. Barlowe's impeccable, powerful vocals combined with those riffs was an awakening to a level of metal musicality I had been subconsciously looking for. It was classic metal that wasn't cheesy. It was the perfect combo of power and melody. Songs like "Melancholy", "Watching Over Me", and "Blessed Are You" had me in a metal euphoria for months and I was a fan instantly. 4. Blind Guardian- Nightfall In Middle Earth. The closest I ever got to power metal was the classics- Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, until I stumbled upon this gem. Though this was lacking in my usual fix for gigantic riffs and aggression, it made up for it with blazing guitar solos and melody that couldn't be matched. It was like a metal Shakespeare play. Just as Morbid Angel's "Formulas" opened my eyes to Death Metal, this album broadened my horizons on the other side of the spectrum. Powerful, emotional vocals, layered guitar, and an endless flow of melody and intricate song structure. And Tolkien. "Into The Storm", "Nightfall", "The Curse Of Feanor", and "Blood Tears" were jaw-dropping. 5. Nile- In Their Darkened Shrines. I'd gotten Nile's first album "Amongst The Catacombs" on a whim when reading the description "Egyptian Death Metal". I was looking for something to satisfy the need for extra-heaviness that Morbid Angel had created and that was intriguing enough to get me interested, but I just didn't dig it. The atmosphere was there but the album sounded terrible to my ears, over fuzzy guitars and a dull sound. Now this time around they hooked me. "Sarcophagus" and "Unas, Slayer Of The Gods" was the exact, adrenaline pumping sound I was looking for. The guitar crunch was unbelievable and the drums were absolutely insane. Going from full speed onslaught to extremely slow chugging riffs and impossible solos for 6-8 minutes was hard to wrap my mind around, and to be honest it took me a few listens to fully take on what was happening. Then it's like a door opened up and I just "got it". Still one of the absolute heaviest albums I've ever heard.
  22. gibsonfan159

    Not so hot Zep songs

    I read that was a poem he wrote for Maureen and Page really had to push him to use it in a song.
  23. gibsonfan159

    An instrumental inspired by "Levee".

    Much appreciated, guys. I miss having time to record.
  24. gibsonfan159

    The Led Zeppelin III Story...

    I consider the first two albums to mostly be an advertisement for their performance capabilities, to draw people to their shows. I consider III, IV, HOTH, and PG to be the band actually writing music in their comfort zone, true to their own creative sense with no intention to make a "radio" track. That's artistic integrity. I also think Zep gets credit for spawning alternative rock with the third album. Friends, Celebration Day, OOTT, Tangerine- these songs are neither here nor there. It's hard rock, folk, country, world music all in one. Fast forward to 90s rock and tell me the song writing wasn't similar.