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  1. thanks for the help on this one. I can't the Japan scenery film to run and the link to the Live Japan boot isn't active. If I had to pick one and only one representation of the best LZ could be live, Japan 1971 is it.
  2. Aynsly Dunbar plays wickedly on the last good Frank Zappa and the Mother of Inventions record, live at the Filmore 1971. well.. some of it is good.. the intro... Peaches..
  3. nice scans. I'm not sure which rehearsal is the one I'm getting exposed too. I'd like to hear some comparison of Shep vs. O2 rehearsal. Like maybe they were willing to spend a bit more energy on the 5th is what I'm hoping. I'd also like to hear a review of the 2nd part of the set above, from the event itself, I'd like to know if the sound is getting closer, esp the bass. The shots of the mixing desk are beautiful.
  4. The Echoplex tape has one big reel in it. The tape winds back onto itself in an endless loop, unlike a two spooled reel to reel. The play head slides on a rail. This determines the length of the delay, and Page likes to move it around even as it's reproducing. The Echoplex is very important because of the way the sound decays upon repetition. The quality is totally unlike digital decay. The 1980s Boss delays from Japan are the best electronic analog version of this effect.
  5. The rule must have been "zero realism" which Tony Franklin blows by playing a couple of bass notes that are in sync with the studio recording. I think SG is the track that brought the most independent ears along, people that would be trending towards Sonic Y and deeper cuts of rock strata a couple of years later. Love Jimmy, love being on the inside of the experience.. but...this video is just ridiculous. They like to have fun I suppose.
  6. repeat after me "So mote be it" "So mote be it" "So mote be it" "So mote be it" "So mote be it" "So mote be it" not "So mote it be" And not to be confused with a "moat" which must surely have surrounded Page's English castles, brimming with alligators and piranhas. .
  7. Seems to indicate Cadillac was on the session for the first album, not the 2nd, even tho' it sounds like the Mean Business production. Overall I prefer the sonic aura of the first LP, but Cadillac is my fav Firm song and my fav Page song from the 80s. I'm loving the "on this day", as if I needed any more conviction that Jimmy Page is the man. Turning out to be a rich cache of music history. Did you catch the Joe Cocker day? Jimmy had 2 songs up, the 2nd of which had this hot lick that I was sure The Blues Magoos of NYC had invented on their "We ain't got nothin' yet" mid 60s monster hi
  8. Don't believe the hype. The show has the flow, the rehearsal has bad marksmanship throughout. I spent a lot of time today dl ing the R, unzipping and locating the one media player that has a built in codec for FLAC files, winamp.. and.. it wasn't worth it.
  9. There will be 999 left for you all after I get mine. For this listener DW II is the last stop in a particular train of thought for Jimmy Page. I keep buying his records, hoping to Jimmy will re-connect that to that euphoric area in his brain. If he makes another record someday, I would like to hear new marching orders for the guitar army.
  10. I've got one. As you can see it says "So mote be it". Nitpicking, I know. The reverse side says "do what thou wilt". It is on thick vinyl with a totally different tactile feel than subsequent copies.
  11. wow. just wow. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlS3j-9Y18s&feature=share
  12. I'll tell you what I think is their most striking quality. They know how to record atmosphere, therefore their recordings are atmospheric. I like their taste in sound for sounds sake. the **Dead Poet...*song was my favorite. I surfed over to Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazlewood on u-toob cause I thought I heard the structure of "some velvet morning". Nice turn on, bro.
  13. ro_a

    Jimmy Page Says...

    Dated April Fools Day... German to English translation Management of Jimmy Page: There will be an album and a tour Now there is hope in the hom e or not Led Zeppelin? The fans just did not know you. But the new statement from the management of Jimmy Page (guitar) brings not much light into the darkness. John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page would love to be together on stage, said the management of the guitarist now. Led Zeppelin would surely bring together some time a new album and a tour. However, should the situation be clarified singer. So far nothing new. The problem
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