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  1. thanks for the help on this one. I can't the Japan scenery film to run and the link to the Live Japan boot isn't active. If I had to pick one and only one representation of the best LZ could be live, Japan 1971 is it.
  2. Aynsly Dunbar plays wickedly on the last good Frank Zappa and the Mother of Inventions record, live at the Filmore 1971. well.. some of it is good.. the intro... Peaches..
  3. The rule must have been "zero realism" which Tony Franklin blows by playing a couple of bass notes that are in sync with the studio recording. I think SG is the track that brought the most independent ears along, people that would be trending towards Sonic Y and deeper cuts of rock strata a couple of years later. Love Jimmy, love being on the inside of the experience.. but...this video is just ridiculous. They like to have fun I suppose.
  4. Seems to indicate Cadillac was on the session for the first album, not the 2nd, even tho' it sounds like the Mean Business production. Overall I prefer the sonic aura of the first LP, but Cadillac is my fav Firm song and my fav Page song from the 80s. I'm loving the "on this day", as if I needed any more conviction that Jimmy Page is the man. Turning out to be a rich cache of music history. Did you catch the Joe Cocker day? Jimmy had 2 songs up, the 2nd of which had this hot lick that I was sure The Blues Magoos of NYC had invented on their "We ain't got nothin' yet" mid 60s monster hit single. Must have passed for a serious air guitar moment, and what do you know, Mr Page got there first.. just like he did with Nico, Alexis K, etc. He will show us this again and again with "on this day", a fantastic addition to my internet life.
  5. wow. just wow. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlS3j-9Y18s&feature=share
  6. he looks like he may be reading Knebworth reviews.. the timing is right. His face looks a little malnourished in every summer 79 shot I've seen, not a picture of health at this point his career. I wonder if the acoustic guitar clip is also from 1979. I can't hear any clues in the playing.
  7. Holy Cr@p, this GTBT operner from the o2 is freeking awesome. YARRRrrrrghhhh! best o2 GTBT so far... i think.
  8. ahh. I lose my bit about Phul Colons and his album Ass Value I guess. Not funi any more. Get as well as you can Phil. edited: so as not to forget "In the derriere tonight"
  9. I'd like to shine a light on "Work Progress 12-10-2007" as a utoob search term. This is a fairly new version, sounds great on headphones, excellent camera editing. I'd post a link, but the poster didn't put the bands name which is his way of saying 'Don't post links' as far as I'm concerned.
  10. Uh oh. Zeppelin disappointments don't feel good. Hope his emotional steel is up to strength. Jimmy can talk to Robert through the press when they are out of phase, but can Jason talk to the lads? I haven't forgotten about Black Country, even though, just like I was afraid of, Dream Theater has come to call. That's what happens when you jam with Joe Satriani.
  11. Sounds like you haven't seen the side split-tingly funny episode where Otto the metal head school bus driver drives the school bus into the ocean. He only has enough air to say one last thing. With is last breath he says "Zeppelin Rules". I was watching with friends that were well aware of my strange LZ obsession, and it was like I was Otto and he was me. If I could die from laughing, that would have done it. But today's LZ in unrelated places is on the Colbert Report. I found a link to the excerpt here The Zep mention is about half-way through a five minute clip. Funny how Zep has gone so mainstream. Seems like the "shark episode" is Americana now. I never thought Colbert would have much to say 'bout that.
  12. I was wondering about the guitar and bass on the video clip that is the official Jason Bonham website splash page. Is that Bonamassa Hughs? Sounding pretty good.
  13. oh brother. I thought he was joining an original new British band. This is moving in the wrong direction. I want to see Jason make new drum patterns for new music. I already know about Zeppelin. Ugh. I hope his handlers keep him out of LA. Just Say No to Camp Freddy!
  14. So he played the Paul on this tour. Man. I dreamed at night about the Paul in 1984, and thought Jimmy was done with blazing leads forever. To me, the brown tele represented weakness, remorseful sloppy solos with no mids or bottom tonality. I learned tp appreciate the B string bender vocabulary years after he stopped using it. Then I would listen to my 7" of "Together" when no roomates were around to catch me in my moment of sap. Back in the day I would have killed to see Page unleash the Paul. I bought every mag that carried a pic of Live-Aid Page w/Paul.
  15. I had a dream, crazy dream..anything I wanted to know.. and a voice said, with a thunderclap, it's Jonesy!! True story. The dream, not the content. whaddaya think? It would solve one mystery in my book, "the cold shoulder."
  16. I've never understood why he did this. Knowing what their (LZ) percentage was of the door (90%) and how many shows they played under this arrangement, it is impossible to believe he did this to 1)Pay for his kids 2)Pay for the 1980 divorce 3)Pay for studio time and musicians Robert Plant doesn't have the reputation for spending money on young girls, cars, castles, or cocaine that the 1979 class of rock stars had. I just can't believe he did it for the money. I can believe he did it in the 2 month period that Duran Duran ruled the roost, in the bowels of 1982, when it seemed like Zep would be irrelevant forever. I can believe that he made an all or nothing commitment to move forward. He doesn't seem to suffer from writers block as some do. If I were the producer of a Led Zeppelin 2011 tour, the first thing I would put on the table is the publishing and royalty rights. The question I've not seen answered or asked is To whom did Robert Plant sell his Led Zeppelin rights? It would be easier to get them back from Jimmy Page than it would be from Jermaine Jackson.
  17. Albini is a live band guy. It takes road work to make a good "live feel" type album like Surfer Rosa was for the Pixies. Robert in particular didn't do the road work that it took to correctly apply his vocal range and energy until well after the record was out. By the time I saw em' in Boston and Mansfield, the vocals were loud and proud. At Mansfield, of the three new songs they played, 2 were treated like highlights of the show by the audience, Most High and WiC. If Albini had a band that sounded like the Mansfield band, then he would have had a multi-platinum animal in the recording den.
  18. on NPR.org from: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.p...ft=1&f=1021 went like this: Most of it was garbage. None of it had been corroborated or screened. But it went directly to the President and his advisers, who are not intelligence experts. That's when mistakes got made." Others who saw the same intelligence reports found the experience mind-altering. It was "like being stuck in a room listening to Led Zeppelin music," said Jim Baker, former head of the Counsel in the Department of Justice's Office of Intelligence Policy and Review. Readers suffered "sensory overload" and became "paranoid." Former Deputy Attorney General James Comey believed that the cumulative effect turned national security concerns into "an obsession."
  19. Do you remember the Simpsons episode where Otto the bus driver crashes the bus into the ocean and the last thing he says before getting swallowed by the drink is "Zeppelin Rules!!". The first time I saw that, I had to make sure the laughter was coming out the right hole.
  20. I have that too! I was after City Sirens. Seems to me that's from the same show they broadcast in 1984 on WBCN Boston before the first LP came out. Hammersmith Odeon. I didn't notice Cadillac until I saw a 1986 tour vid and they tore it up. Now that's my favorite Firm song. IMHO this is the closest they sound to headiness of Zeppelin.
  21. I'm pretty sure I saw this color video when I was too young to ID it properly. I viewed it in the home of Bill Burns in 1988. He was a collector who made a living selling cassette bootlegs on the street. Bostonians may remember him from the same areas frequented by Mr. Butch such as Kenmore Sq in front of the Ratt and Auditorium station one block from Berkeley Coll of music. Bill OD'd in 1990. He had two girl friends, a white chick with brown braids, Leese, and a full blood Eskimo woman whose name escapes me now. I think these would have been the women to wrap up his apt, as his family was already deceased. Both of these ladies remained in Boston for years. I saw the Eskimo lady as late as 2004. As I've said before, it's a cold trail, but I saw a vid. The vid was from Texas, it was in color. My recollection is that the point of view remained the same, and didn't toggle like a video screen cam would have. Bill Burns. Someone remembers this guy besides me, right?
  22. Isn't pedistool when you step in shiite?!
  23. The best radio station in the United States, WZBC doesn't play Zeppelin or The Killers, ever. They do play experimental underground rock of all kinds. Best station ever. Listen Live
  24. OMG! if isn't the new Hobbit Rock, I'll stop shaking the Keebler Tree, right now. no really. it's pretty heavy. my gf has been at me to look them up all day.. right, once again.
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