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  1. nice scans. I'm not sure which rehearsal is the one I'm getting exposed too. I'd like to hear some comparison of Shep vs. O2 rehearsal. Like maybe they were willing to spend a bit more energy on the 5th is what I'm hoping. I'd also like to hear a review of the 2nd part of the set above, from the event itself, I'd like to know if the sound is getting closer, esp the bass. The shots of the mixing desk are beautiful.

  2. Page acquired one of these right before the 1972 US Tour, giving a whole other dimension to his sound.

    Besides being used alongside the theremin, Page also used it (albeit more subtle) for his guitar tone during solo's.

    Now how important was the echoplex during these solo's? There are times you can hear it very clearly that the echoplex is being used (like boogie chillun), but other times.. not so much.

    Sometimes it's used with a rather short delay (in the style of scotty moore), other times it's a bit longer.

    So, according to you, which solo's are definitely treated with the tape delay, and at what speed/intensity?

    The Echoplex tape has one big reel in it. The tape winds back onto itself in an endless loop, unlike a two spooled reel to reel. The play head slides on a rail. This determines the length of the delay, and Page likes to move it around even as it's reproducing. The Echoplex is very important because of the way the sound decays upon repetition. The quality is totally unlike digital decay. The 1980s Boss delays from Japan are the best electronic analog version of this effect.

  3. One of my favourite Firm tracks... Fabulous seductive melody.


    The rule must have been "zero realism" which Tony Franklin blows by playing a couple of bass notes that are in sync with the studio recording. I think SG is the track that brought the most independent ears along, people that would be trending towards Sonic Y and deeper cuts of rock strata a couple of years later. Love Jimmy, love being on the inside of the experience.. but...this video is just ridiculous. They like to have fun I suppose.

  4. repeat after me

    "So mote be it"

    "So mote be it"

    "So mote be it"

    "So mote be it"

    "So mote be it"

    "So mote be it"

    not "So mote it be"

    And not to be confused with a "moat" which must surely have surrounded Page's English castles, brimming with alligators and piranhas. .

  5. Well, you go tell that to the writer Jimmy Page.....

    Seems to indicate Cadillac was on the session for the first album, not the 2nd, even tho' it sounds like the Mean Business production. Overall I prefer the sonic aura of the first LP, but Cadillac is my fav Firm song and my fav Page song from the 80s.

    I'm loving the "on this day", as if I needed any more conviction that Jimmy Page is the man. Turning out to be a rich cache of music history.

    Did you catch the Joe Cocker day? Jimmy had 2 songs up, the 2nd of which had this hot lick that I was sure The Blues Magoos of NYC had invented on their "We ain't got nothin' yet" mid 60s monster hit single. Must have passed for a serious air guitar moment, and what do you know, Mr Page got there first.. just like he did with Nico, Alexis K, etc. He will show us this again and again with "on this day", a fantastic addition to my internet life.

  6. I've got one. As you can see it says "So mote be it". Nitpicking, I know.

    The reverse side says "do what thou wilt". It is on thick vinyl with a totally different tactile feel than subsequent copies.

  7. Thank you rokarolla!!! Your post made my day! For that was my intent with this thread, along with memorializing Trish; if only one person gets turned on to Broadcast through my posts, well, that is ONE MORE than yesterday!

    I'll tell you what I think is their most striking quality. They know how to record atmosphere, therefore their recordings are atmospheric. I like their taste in sound for sounds sake. the **Dead Poet...*song was my favorite. I surfed over to Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazlewood on u-toob cause I thought I heard the structure of "some velvet morning". Nice turn on, bro.

  8. Dated April Fools Day...

    German to English translation

    Management of Jimmy Page: There will be an album and a tour

    Now there is hope in the hom

    e or not Led Zeppelin? The fans just did not know you. But the new statement from the management of Jimmy Page (guitar) brings not much light into the darkness.

    John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page would love to be together on stage, said the management of the guitarist now. Led Zeppelin would surely bring together some time a new album and a tour. However, should the situation be clarified singer.

    So far nothing new. The problem is that singer Robert Plant continues to hold away from such plans. While there are rumors sing that Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and Chris Cornell with Led Zep, but they are of course that is currently nothing more than speculation.

    After all, the management continues, the three musicians Led Zeppelin John Paul Jones (bass) would have had Jimmy Page and drummer Jason Bonham have a good time at rehearsals - came up singer Robert Plant. The basis for continued career remain so. Only with whom the great legacy is carried on final, is still open.

    01. Apr 2011

    Management von Jimmy Page: Es wird ein Album und eine Tour geben

    Besteht nun Hoffnung oder nicht im Hause Led Zeppelin ? Das wüssten nicht nur Fans gerne. Doch auch das neue Statement aus dem Management von Jimmy Page (Gitarre) bringt nicht viel Licht ins Dunkel.

    John Paul Jones und Jimmy Page würden es lieben, gemeinsam auf der Bühne zu stehen, meinte das Management des Gitarristen jetzt. Led Zeppelin würden sicherlich irgendwann ein neues Album und eine Tour zusammenbringen. Allerdings müsste die Sänger-Situation geklärt werden.

    So weit nichts Neues. Problematisch bleibt, dass sich Sänger Robert Plant weiterhin fern hält von solchen Plänen. Es gibt zwar Gerüchte, dass Steven Tyler von Aerosmith oder Chris Cornell bei Led Zep singen werden, aber das ist natürlich momentan nichts weiter als Spekulation.

    Immerhin, so das Management weiter, hätten die drei Led Zeppelin Musiker John Paul Jones (Bass), Jimmy Page und Schlagzeuger Jason Bonham eine gute Zeit bei den Proben gehabt – bis Sänger Robert Plant kam. Die Grundlage für eine Fortsetzung der Karriere bleibe also bestehen. Nur mit wem das große Erbe final weiter getragen werden wird, ist immer noch offen.


    This is a german article from April 2011. Maybe you can understand it a bit.

  9. Broadcast also did some cool intrumentals...when dubstep comes up with anything half as cool as this, then I'll sign on...just vibe on the sheer delicious groove on this track:

    More atmospheric groove...it ramps up and shifts gears around the 3-minute mark:

    How can anyone not like this? It breaks my heart...

    This is good music. I had not heard it before, I am glad to hear it now.

  10. Oh wow, a boot of the Sonny Boy Williamson sessions -- how's the music, Steve?

    Can I interrupt this thread with a question about Springboard Records? What device of publishing law allows them to exist? I can't count how many times I've looked at the back of the SB w/JP or their Yardbirds w/JB and tried to imagine how Rod Stewart, The Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix, Tina Turner, Jimmy Page and The Yardbirds got onto this label.. seems like a gas station Hendrix cassette type of label.

  11. So here are two bands that go great together, Lightning Bolt from Providence RI and the Flaming Lips who are collaborating on a studio project. This single is the first fruits of their labor released to the public, called "I want to get high, but I don't want brain damage." err.. catchy!

    Lightning Bolt is is a noise rock two piece consisting of drums, vocals, and bass through several layers of effects, such as harmonizing and pitch shifting. Also below is a post from the most recent Lightning Bolt show I saw here in Portland OR @ Holocene last April. The live vid starts about 20 sec after the music, which is frenetic and loud.

  12. Oh. I don't think this is Led Zeppelin at all.

    So, this does say Zeppelin in the title overlay. I hope people don't just start putting "zeppelin" on everything. It's usually obvious, but Jones' tone has less attack now, and Jason doesn't hit like Daddy, despite his great beat vocabulary and punctuality with the hit. The o2 band sounds like Zep and it doesn't. I'm going to listen to this a third time after gf goes to wrk. tired of getting laughed @.
  13. Not to be mean, but shouldn't you put this into another topic?

    It's on topic if it's leaked LZ with stand in singer. I'm going to listen again with a fresh ear today. Prolly not worth a thread, that's why I'm tucking it away here. I'm basically asking if anyone knows what this music is. On first listen it sounded enough like the tone of Jones and Jason that I really became intent on the guitar. then I posted it. On 2nd listen it sounded a lot less like Page. IDK what Myles Kennedy sounded like, but when I see his hair a flowin I imagine a singer sort of like this one.. the label guy thinks he's a dead ringer for C.Cornell.. that kind of thing. or maybe this is music that evry1 kno but me.

  14. The first Fleet Center gig was October 23, 1995. It was always part of the pre-scheduled tour itinerary and the band stayed at The Bostonian.

    The Worcester gig was October 29, 1988 and 'Train Kept A Rollin' was dedicated to Tyler and Perry of Aerosmith who were in attendence.

    None of this is on the chronological live index on Jimmy's official site, which is riddled with omissions.

    I'm not going to be too critical on the first night. I do hope for a true story complete list.. you know.. like the one you got.. lol. If y'all can lend an ear to the latter day boyz, I'd recommend any Boston area show. I was kind of hoping for audio on the show date pages.. feeling super greedy today.

  15. I'm signing off on the P/P gigs I saw and I can't find the first Boston Massachusetts Fleet Center gig. This was a strange one-off several months after the 2 Garden shows, and just after the Garden's replacement. I'm trying to think if it was a replacement for a Dead gig due to Jerry Garcia's passing.. anyway.. is it just me or is the third of 5 greater Boston area shows missing? I only see 4.

    edit: also missing the Worcester MA stop on the Outrider 1988 tour. This was a good show with an excellent version of The Chase.

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