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    Jimmy Page Says...

    I'm signing off on the P/P gigs I saw and I can't find the first Boston Massachusetts Fleet Center gig. This was a strange one-off several months after the 2 Garden shows, and just after the Garden's replacement. I'm trying to think if it was a replacement for a Dead gig due to Jerry Garcia's passing.. anyway.. is it just me or is the third of 5 greater Boston area shows missing? I only see 4. edit: also missing the Worcester MA stop on the Outrider 1988 tour. This was a good show with an excellent version of The Chase.
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    Jimmy Page Says...

    In and wandering arrooouuunddd ssssllllooooooollllyyyy. prolly all i'm gonna be doing today. . i've earned it. time to rock.
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    Jimmy Page Says...

    it seems like the sand is really shooting through the hour glass now.. or I grow old waiting, and my sense of perspective is getting warped. the muted strums really have my hopes up though.
  4. ahh. I lose my bit about Phul Colons and his album Ass Value I guess. Not funi any more. Get as well as you can Phil. edited: so as not to forget "In the derriere tonight"
  5. Wanda Jackson, Jack White, Rich Gilbert on David Letterman
  6. They had Cadillac dialed in by the 1986 USA tour and were kind of cocky about it, like they knew it was hott. The light show was kind of floral and it would expand on the stage and stop with the breaks in the song. I believe Page was rocking the blue strat but the guitar sound had much more sustain than Hammersmith. I've been wating for that vid-boot to show up on u-toob, but no dice so far. I'll put it if I see it around. and yeah anything of Death Wish would be sweet.City Sirens is good.. I saw the Worcester MA stop on the Page 1988 Outrider tour w/Jason on drums. Bonzo the younger did
  7. They can fix everything up until when they come back in too quiet. Even that they can smooth over. It's digitally multi-tracked, so they can add, subtract and clone parts. The drum fill is there, the guitar is there, the bass, the voice, everything except the return in unison on the main descending riff. Not to mention they may have played this the night before at the rehearsal, and if they did, it was also multi-tracked. The show before the show gives them a second chance on everything that got away the night of the show. I think this is gonna hit somewhere between really good and amazing.
  8. It didn't grab me on the LP, and then I saw a (bootleg) video of it live (when it was still current) and it clicked. Now it's my favorite Firm song. Page really got a psychedelic tone going between the silent rests which were abrupt. I'm thinking it was from Atlanta Georgia, def USA and LOTS of sustain on the guitar, it didn't die during the bends, it stayed noisy and omni-present. The 2nd LP wasn't mixed well to my ears and some of the songs were too far in soft rock territory for me. Fortune Hunter and Cadillac were the rockers.. All the Kings Horses was what they tried to work on the rad
  9. CA DI LLAC CA DI LLAC CA DI LLAC CA DI LLAC! and all of FIre and Water.. esp Mr. Big. jealous American here.
  10. Robert fields these questions alone. Over the years he has stated that he didn't want to share by 1/3 creatively, socially, or financially, and that forward is the opposite of reverse. I think there is something else at work which isn't discussed, and that is publishing. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think remaining members of LZ purchased Robert Plant's share of publishing rights in 1982 as he was re-aligning spiritually and corporately. I think he did it to throw himself out of the nest and fly with his own wings, and perhaps to make things right with his ex wife. He doesn't need Zeppel
  11. Live review: Wanda Jackson at the El Rey Theatre and Rich Gilbert is on pedal steel! I love pedal steel. I brought up this guitar player when Buddy Miller fell ill, but before I knew who the hell Buddy Miller was. As usual, the LZ dot com was quick to catch me up. It's real nice to see the legendary Rich.G pop up with some people that appreciate roots. Jack White is bringing something back to life in these people. I wish Conway was still around. and wouldn't it be a fine thing to see Jack work with Jimmy?
  12. "work progress 12-10-2007" is a good utoob search term. has a lot of nice front and center shots like ms monkeybirds, but full songs and decent sound, albeit extremely compressed. I'd love a full copy of what ms monkeybird has (shown above, I believe). Feels a lot more like the real deal when you can see the interplay between the whole band. Personally that is the only camera I want to see. The close ups are for another fan. This version of Trampled has grown on me quite a bit.
  13. I'd like to shine a light on "Work Progress 12-10-2007" as a utoob search term. This is a fairly new version, sounds great on headphones, excellent camera editing. I'd post a link, but the poster didn't put the bands name which is his way of saying 'Don't post links' as far as I'm concerned.
  14. Uh oh. Zeppelin disappointments don't feel good. Hope his emotional steel is up to strength. Jimmy can talk to Robert through the press when they are out of phase, but can Jason talk to the lads? I haven't forgotten about Black Country, even though, just like I was afraid of, Dream Theater has come to call. That's what happens when you jam with Joe Satriani.
  15. Is this really a new interview? Kinda looks like a rehash to me. I thought the O2 was listenable from the start, but elements have grown on me some more, especially in light of the new compilations that keep coming out. I think "Work Progress 12-10-2007" is a fine YT search term. Trampled Underfoot is maximum Jonesy, so funky.
  16. I'm not sure how many of you have heard the Jake Holmes version. It's really good. It does not emphasize the bass line as the dominant melody, like the Yardbirds and Zep. Rather, it has the bass line but adds harmony instead of octave doubling. The arrangement is different. The words are different. The vibe is similar. I think, from JP's p.o.v, it's a gentleman's game, winner take all. Every time he loses, he pays in court. Page saw times when he thought he deserved more credit than he was getting, I am guessing. Like that Tom Jones song he plays on, or those very important Kinks guitar
  17. Sounds like you haven't seen the side split-tingly funny episode where Otto the metal head school bus driver drives the school bus into the ocean. He only has enough air to say one last thing. With is last breath he says "Zeppelin Rules". I was watching with friends that were well aware of my strange LZ obsession, and it was like I was Otto and he was me. If I could die from laughing, that would have done it. But today's LZ in unrelated places is on the Colbert Report. I found a link to the excerpt here The Zep mention is about half-way through a five minute clip. Funny how
  18. Yeah, I wz there when they were playing bad co 15 min ago. Said something about getting the led out @ 9
  19. I was wondering about the guitar and bass on the video clip that is the official Jason Bonham website splash page. Is that Bonamassa Hughs? Sounding pretty good.
  20. whatever. Today's estimate: 75,000 + 20,000 Barrels of oil a day. Previous estimate was 5000 barrels a day. My information is better than yours.
  21. Bells tolling for humanity: BP oil catastrophe, Times Square bomb plot, and the folly of imperial oil agenda By Larry Chin Online Journal Associate Editor May 17, 2010, 00:22 Email this article Printer friendly page Faced with the end of the age of oil and systemic collapse, the leaders of the Anglo-American empire have engaged in increasingly violent and transparently futile zero-sum games to salvage what is left of a corrupt governmental and economic milieu. Empire in crisis From the BP-Deepwater Horizon catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, crashing stock markets, an
  22. Whenever Jimmy looks that happy, I wonder if anything Zeppelin is happenin. I see some space on the calender for all the mems late this year, and Bonzo Jr seems to be doing Zeppelin work. I think Zep is going to play a show. ha ha. :beat:ha! How can the horse be dead if the glue isn't in the bottle yet?
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