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  1. I was working on Back Bay condo and a client played a cassette of the Yardbirds. I was positive it was 67 w/Beck. Wrong. It was House of Blues 2003, s shoddy recording of a great show. I am not easily fooled either. I try not to think about it, because I may have been pretty insistent on what I thought I heard. Insistent and wrong. Oh well. Good for them. They were kicking the a$$.
  2. I had a dream, crazy dream..anything I wanted to know.. and a voice said, with a thunderclap, it's Jonesy!! True story. The dream, not the content. whaddaya think? It would solve one mystery in my book, "the cold shoulder."
  3. Eyes on you! Congrats on being at the right place at the right time. It's a good feeling. I must admit I look greedily at the new issues of The Crooked Times, hoping they'll come back to Portland. Thanks for the rock shots.
  4. I've never understood why he did this. Knowing what their (LZ) percentage was of the door (90%) and how many shows they played under this arrangement, it is impossible to believe he did this to 1)Pay for his kids 2)Pay for the 1980 divorce 3)Pay for studio time and musicians Robert Plant doesn't have the reputation for spending money on young girls, cars, castles, or cocaine that the 1979 class of rock stars had. I just can't believe he did it for the money. I can believe he did it in the 2 month period that Duran Duran ruled the roost, in the bowels of 1982, when it seemed like Zep wo
  5. What an embarrassment. I don't want thug from the Stones, we've got that covered in the States. I don't see how they can associate with this guy ever again. Bad for business and unbelievably lame.
  6. Ray Riepen and the Boston Tea Party, featuring lots of info and 2 pictures of Jimmy about half way down.. The Boston Tea Party Club from Boston Sound Home Page
  7. History Lesson: The Other Boston Tea Party This isn’t about a bunch of Colonial revolutionaries dumping tea into the harbor; this is far more significant. It’s about the hallowed grounds of 53 Berkeley Street (also know as 9 Appleton Street). 53 Berkeley Street once housed a Unitarian church, but in 1967, a couple of guys turned it into the Boston Tea Party, creating one of the most important music halls in Rock and Roll history. Based on Boston’s proximity to England, most British Invasion bands played their earliest American gigs at the Tea Party. A good show meant the band could s
  8. I think that is one that got away, sadly. Sometime before the show, Brian May told Robert that Freddy sang Innuendo with Robert in mind, in a sort of tribute. I think May may have killed Plant with compliments he was neither wanting, nor able to understand. I mean, what was he supposed to do, imitate Freddy imitating Plant? May should've never let this particular cat of of the bag. This is perhaps the most nervous Robert Plant you'll ever see. I like this song so much and Robert Plant's voice so much, that I've been able to use my imagination to fill in what should've been.. and I've listene
  9. Aerosmith out, Joe Perry in. On a separate track, GoogleCN is threatening to or already has drop(ped) filtering to protest hacked Google email accounts and other acts of e-sabotage emanating from China. Is this sort of tension a threat? Seems like the margin for error/complication is small. Obviously someone should dispatch Robert Plant before the whole thing falls apart. Jimmy needs a translator eh? My gf is studying Chinese, and already survived 8 months of teaching ESL in Shijiazhuang. I need her to have a Zeppelin job.. at this gig. so I can go.. Prolly won't get official confir
  10. Hi ConneyFogle. I'm interested in the image at the top of the thread, the one that says BHP and appears to have Jimmy Page playing guitar. Is he involved? *edit* oh...nevermind. Guess we'll have to wait for Page. He's never early.
  11. Well.. I guess this is better company than "Satch" and the guy from Van Hagar, killing rock one cliche at a time..and not the fun ones either.... Let's hope that Slash and Halford can keep the evil forces of Dream Theater at bay. This is still a bit "Camp Freddy" for me, site unseen. I'm off to youtube... better check. chickenfoot.. OH! the horror.. the horror.
  12. SteveAJones.com feat. Led Zeppelin.
  13. and you speak as the Zionist banker's son does. As far as I'm concerned, you see things as they aren't. You are also owner of a lot of free time, or so it seems. As I ride my bike from place to place, people under-estimate my age by 10 years or more. I bought some Debbie Meyer brand Green Bags, that keep greens fresh by absorbing and removing ethylene gasses, keeping my spinach fresh for 3 weeks and beyond. I buy local when I can, I buy from progressive farms, organic products when possible. I never miss a chance to vote with what's left of my dollar. My green agenda is saving me money and kee
  14. Uh oh. I highly doubt the session itself will lose momentum, guitar players end up waiting around for the rhythm section anyway.. unless they do live basics and keep em. Seize the day, Vultures! Hope Josh finds healthy ways to deal with the pressure. It would be nice if they decriminalized smoking a joint, though. Is that so wrong?
  15. Jimmy makes me happy and sad at the same time. I can't help read into his body language and what there is to hear of his statements. On this occasion he gives me no reason to expect new music. I'm really pleased to see his long term commitment to this charity.
  16. 1 To do very well in the soil and make/be made beautiful before the master.. that's what everybody wants..right?
  17. ooops. video is from Brixton Academy...and not Dead End Friends..man.. wtf. I'll have what I'm having.
  18. Here is a review of the Portland show from Oregon Music News by Tara Dublin with a youtube video of Dead End Friends from the show. http://oregonmusicnews.com/blog/2009/11/23/them-crooked-vultures-rock-the-roseland/
  19. translation via Google info button: RIO - Jimmy Page, 65, the legendary English guitarist of Led Zeppelin, will make a show for a few on Saturday in Rio de Janeiro, for a good cause. Ancelmo Gois As reported in his column on Wednesday, the artist will be in the British school for an event in support of the House Jimmy, an institution which helps underprivileged youth and teenage pregnancy, in Santa Teresa. Jimmy will perform with Pepeu Gomes, George Israel, Kid Abelha, and bands formed by students of the school, the auditorium of the British School in Urca, at 16h. Who wants to watch the
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