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  1. Quite right. Maybe this forum needs an area where lyrics are posted to be the definitive guide to the songs. I for one would love to know what Plant really says on Carouselambra.
  2. No problem at all. Enjoy the day my friend.
  3. It may be. But be prepared to be ridiculed here for thinking it.
  4. I never said it was beaten or beatnik woman, OTHERS DID and I disagreed with them. Read carefully. I said it was Beatle Laid woman, which by the way, I have to admit I may be wrong here. Dont be so politically correct anyway...we are talking 1971 Lyrics. I never heard those old blues songs referencing big legged women and appreciate the clips. Just never liked that kind of music even tho it influenced Zep. A friend gave me a Lead Belly CD...I couldnt get through it. I will tell you though, I was 11 when BD came out. Had no idea what was being said but loved the song. Didn't know or care what "laid" meant at the time. My brother got Zep 2 in 1972 or 1973 and that is when I became a Led Head. I bought Zep 4 in 1973 or 1974, for $1.98 plus tax (Still remember the price!) saving up my 25 cents every 2 weeks allowance, a bit after HOTH came out. By then I sure knew what "Laid" meant. And it wasn't like today, back then as a 13 or 14 year old hearing the word "LAID" on the radio was amazing to me! THATS why I remember the part of the article when it was explained about "Beatle Laid". I remember that because it was a hoot!! Yes, that may be 1000% wrong and NOW with the Big legged references supplied above I get it. But I'm telling you I KNOW what i read at the time. And yes all my Led Zep friends at the time would say that was the lyrics too. I subscribed at one point to Crawdaddy but read most of the others out at the time, borrowing them from friends. Sorry if it ticked anybody off....wow....guess I better just go back to reading the posts and not interacting! Have a good day all.....remember to chill out.... Think Ill put on Physical Graffiti.....
  5. Not true. I do. So did others. And the other terms "I suggested" were not suggested by me. They are terms OTHERS told me Plant was saying, that I disbelieved.
  6. HAHA You are probably correct. I'd put a lot of money up saying I wont find it too! Perhaps porgie66 is correct and Plant says "biga legged" instead of big, yet I remember Beatle Laid. And I remember the article. Was the author inferring it? Perhaps. Trying to remember what I read back then. Crawdaddy, Cream,..... In any case, it ISNT ridiculous hummingbird69. Just keep an open mind. I may be 1000% wrong and will admit it, but I may be right too. If I am wrong it has to be BIGA legged like porgie66 says, there is another syllable there.
  7. And it definitely isn't "Lemonade Woman aint got no soul"! Sure wish I could find my coworker from the 1980s (We worked in an aluminum extrusion mill together) who thought it was that! But he got the ending sound correct (aid).
  8. Nope...just listened to the studio version over and over. I hear a TWO SYLLABLE first word. I hear BEATLE. What they did live is of no concern here....they may have decided to scale it back a bit in regards to the Beatles. What I really need is to find the magazine article where it was talked about being a friendly jab. What magazines were around in the mid 70S?
  9. Also the song is ripe with sexual innuendos. Big legged ....really? And I am not messing with anybody. I spent the last 45 years knowing it is Beatle-laid and not big-legged. I need the two syllable first word....it isnt Big.
  10. Yes you are right, most say BIG legged instead of long legged (Ive heard people say "long legged" too, as well as "Beatnik woman" "Beaten Woman" and a few others and my favorite from a long ago co-worker "Lemonade woman"!!! (there is that L again)). But I STILL say its BEATLE LAID. All I ask is you LISTEN to it. The first word is TWO syllables. Just LISTEN to it.
  11. Now, I am 58 and vividly remember Black Dog when it came out. I Loved it and still do. I vividly remember reading the lyrics in a magazine a few years later....say around 1974 or so, but cannot remember WHICH magazine now 40+ years later, about the line that NOW is said to be: "I dont know, but I've been told, long-legged woman aint got no soul." Nope, 100% WRONG. I and the fellow Led Heads I grew up with, as well as the magazine article, as well as my ears know it is: "I dont know, but I've been told, Beatle-laid woman aint got no soul". The article mentioned that LZ were on friendly terms with the Beatles, George Harrison in particular as I recall, and it was a FRIENDLY jab at them. Listen to the song. It definitely is two words, and the first word is definitely two syllables and definitely begins with a B. Its around the 2:25 mark in the song. If you hear a L at the beginning, well....gimme some of the stuff you're on! Its definitely a B, two syllables and the second word definitely begins with an L. Im telling you its Beatle-laid. When I see cover bands do this, they invariably say Long Legged. Figure its time to put this to rest. Any comments? Like I said everybody I know that is a huge Led fan remembers it as Beatle-laid also.
  12. Controversial? Okay, strap in, I am going to get tons of hate spewed my way. 1. I can't stand the early live Zep concerts either, like someone earlier posted. I find myself embarrassed FOR plant with all the weird noises he makes. To me, Zep live didnt get good until 72 or so, and I much prefer the later 1977 or so concerts. This may have to do with my age...born in 1960. 2. I think plant is a total diva now, to ignore Zep but get all excited over Krause or the Fantastic Fence Posts. PLEASE! 3. I think plant would be a nobody if Jimmy didnt find him and while he owes us nothing, he does owe almost everything to Jimmy. Plants own words...he was disillusioned with his lack of success...he was going to try one more time. Then along came Jimmy. He showed a total lack of gratitude towards Jimmy after Zep disbanded. 4. I think a break after Bonhams death was appropriate and needed. I think they should have gone on with a different drummer after a few years break. Or better yet, once Jason came of age rebanded with him. 5. I think Jimmy at some point should have said to himself, "Okay, Robert will never come around. Time to replace him". AC/DC did it, Van Halen did it. Others have successfully also. Zep with Bonhams son, with Page and Jones and someone new singing...heck yes. Would still beat the stuffing out of any other band. And once plant saw the success while he was farting around with Soiled Sneakers or whatever group, he would beg to be let in. His ego would demand it (not faulting this...if I was plant my own ego would be HUGE). Plant held all the cards. Once he saw Jimmy simply get a new deck he would definitely want to be dealt a hand from it. Thus I blame the lack of Zep getting back together on Jimmy, he should have just gone ahead with it. Too late now, it will never be. 6. Coda is a good album. Cant understand why I read here that "Coda isnt a real album, its all songs that didnt make it to the album they were created for" yet these same people consider the SONG Houses of the Holy a real song. It didnt make it onto the HOTH album. Kind of a double standard. Poor Tom is GREAT. And I love wearing and Tearing. 7. In my opinion Presence is tied with PG for greatest album ever recorded in human history. Ever. Three masterpieces on vinyl. Ever. Etch it in stone. 8. The worst song in Zeps 92 song repertoire in my opinion is Fool in the Rain. Bonham must have sensed how weak it was so decided to try to salvage it with superb drumming. Probably the only Zep song I skip over if I hear it on the radio, that and the ending (last 4 minutes) of Carouselambra but I have NEVER heard that on the radio. 9. I wish Page would have been there in the mornings when ITTOD was recorded...maybe he could have over ridden plant and Jones with the very lame songs on that album. By far their worst. To go from the masterpiece of Presence to the doldrums of ITTOD.....wow. In the studio Page should have at least dropped the volume on Jones new electronic toy. My first album ever bought was Zep 4, for $2 when my allowance was 25 cents every two weeks (seriously), back in 1972 or 1973. You are looking at 4 months wages! I bought it because my brother had recently bought Zep 2 and I couldnt believe what I was hearing on our old mono record player!!!! Have been a Led Head ever since. Okay....I'm ready for the hate!
  13. Agree with Stryder. I Look at it this way: Assume the world ends....a few survive, as always happens. Decades turn to centuries and technology slowly comes back. Finally someone finds or rebuilds an 8 track or cassette player and gets it to work... Okay, far fetched I know but ..... which Zep song would you want to survive, which ONE Zeppelin song would you want the people to hear? Gotta be Stairway To Heaven!
  14. And I'm hoping against hope that JP has, somewhere stashed away....unheard studio material....even an unfinished song..., like we got the last few years (10 ribs, LaLA, etc). I LOVED that stuff!
  15. Another true story. I would drive from Ohio to either Wyoming or Montana every August or September for a backpacking trip. I think my 1988 Chevy S-10 was my first vehicle with a radio that had the ability to scan. So starting with the 1989 trip I would let the radio scan and would only stop it for Zeppelin or something else really good (Highway Star, Uriah Heep stuff, etc). I remember hearing Zep all the time during the 2 day drive out and the 2 day drive back. Yes I could have popped in a cassette but it was more fun to find the variety scanning offered. There was a cool station in Minnesota or South Dakota that called September the "Month of Zeptember" and would play the heck out of Zep. I just loved it! Anyway, I just did my 30th trip last year for the eclipse and a small backpack trip, after a 5 year lapse (taking care of my ailing parents). So once again I leave NE Ohio and let the radio scan. 2 days out, then a week later 2 days back. Thats a lot of radio. TOTAL tally: 4 Zeppelin songs! Thats it! On the way out , of course FITR (Grrrrrr!!!). On the way back, of course FITR , then nearing Lincoln Nebraska: Kashmir, then later All of my Love. Thats it. Unbelievable. What happened?
  16. While driving today I was scanning the radio trying to find some Zep. I did ...... it was NOT Fool In The Rain!!! Finally!!!! Sure hope the DJ doesnt get reprimanded for playing Ramble On instead.
  17. Oh my gosh every time I think, "Ok Dan, cut plant some slack", I read an article like the one linked to here. Elle King = yes, JPJ and Pagey = No. Wow. Really? What a slap in his former friends faces. In my mind he is about 2 steps away from "Diva Category".
  18. After plants first solo album which I like, I consider the rest to be mostly junk, but admittedly do like 29 Palms.
  19. Right on jsj. What I don't get is the inconsistency of the CODA naysayers. On the one hand they say "CODA isn't really an album because its nothing but songs leftover from other albums" then they will go on to say "Houses of the Holy (the song) is awesome" even tho on PG its a "leftover" from HOTH album! There are several other examples of songs written for albums that were not used on that album, only to appear on later ones. Of course these are regarded as "official" LZ songs. Then of course there is Hey Hey what Can I do, which isn't on ANY studio album, and also Traveling Riverside Blues. So...Wearing and Tearing, Darlene, Walters Walk, Poor Tom.....I LOVE all of those, all are on CODA, it IS a Led Zeppelin Album, and it is a GREAT album! Their best? No, but still a GREAT album.
  20. Haha thanks! But I'm probably older than you. I was 16 when ALS was released, not a preteen!! But thank you again, it would be nice to be 5 or 6 years younger right now! Frankly while I LOVE their early albums too, I just cannot stand listening to their early concerts. Sometimes I am actually embarrassed FOR them when they do that weird stuff I cant stand.
  21. I wish the three of them (JP, JPJ, and Jason B ) would ask plant to finish some unfinished songs like Lala, 10 ribs, St Tristam's Sword Midnight Moonlight, and others, with a few new songs, to make up one last album. When he says no then get another singer (GVH singer?) and JUST DO IT. Yes it would STILL be Zeppelin for me. I wonder if on an AC/DC forum everyone considers every song after Bon Scott to be "not AC/DC"? I know Uriah Heep fans are fans until the end, and the rabid AC/DC fans still consider them to be AC/DC, and the Eagles fans don't have trouble with post Joe Walsh, and a lot of Van Halen fans think VH is BETTER after their original singer left. It just seems to be Zep fans that are against it and I just don't understand why. Was Jason THAT BAD at O2? Of course not. He wasn't his Dad but he never said he was and no one expected him to be and he was still great and they made fantastic music! Im over it. There will never be John Bonham drumming again. Plant will never do Zeppelin again. Okay. Find someone qualified who will. JP, JPJ, Jason and whoever could finish out the Zeppelin half finished songs. (My hunch is....once plant sees it moving forward without him, his ego in not having a say in Zeppelin would cause him to actually sign on).
  22. LOVED the music from this movie. LOVED IT. Bought it on vinyl when it came out. Went to see the movie in Youngstown Ohio the first night it showed taking several of my zep buddies with me. Major disappointment. The music was great, the concert footage was great, but those fantasy sequences????? What????? They dragged on and on. Im not into, and never have been into, that 'woo-woo" stuff (for lack of a better word). Recently watched the movie again to see if I have changed. Nope... But I still crank the album!
  23. Achilles. Not my favorite Zep song, but one of the top ones for me and if I had to pick ONE for posterity it would be this.
  24. Strongest Achilles Last stand. Weakest for me, GTBT. But then I MUCH prefer the mighty Zep from the mid 70s than the earlier stuff.
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