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  1. I agree on the Copenhagen shows, there's just no bass to the recording at all from my perspective. They sound really thin and tinny. I don't understand why people sometimes cite those as being in the upper echelons of Zep live recordings - there are tons of other audience tapes that sound way better. Also I don't think there's that much difference in performance level between them and the first Knebworth show, which I think is one of their classic performances actually.
  2. Good list, I agree with most of it. I can't necessarily rate every show as there are still some I need to listen to, but here are my top picks in rough order: 1) Cleveland 04/28 = this is a monster of a show with an unreal vibe, enhanced by the audience tape. Best version ever of Achilles Last Stand with a sombre and mysterious intro and frantic playing, followed by one of the best post-75 Stairways around. Kashmir and the opening numbers are great too. 2) Los Angeles 06/21 = deservedly ranked highly. Fantastic audience recording (and the alternative source discovered a few year
  3. On the subject of Houston, is it really that bad a show? I personally think it's decent. It was the first 77 soundboard I heard so got a soft spot for it.
  4. Standout shows for me: Feb 12th New York - a very well known show, and possibly the first bootleg that I heard which made me sit up and take notice. Great recording quality - my favourite is Keeper Of The Seasons which I think is a matrix of some sort. Great performance too despite Plant's voice being a bit ragged here and there. Feb 14th Nassau - a very good vibe to this show, as evidenced by the Plantations. I did wonder if the SB ran slightly fast on the Throwing The Wild Seeds boot I downloaded, so switched to the St Valentine's Day Massacre one. March 3rd Fort Worth - good
  5. Bron-Yr-Aur (twice) Travelled past the sands at Aberdovey (this is I think where Plant does some of his fantasy sequences in TSRTS) Site of King's Hall, Aberystwyth (Zeppelin played here in 1973) (now demolished). The band apparently played in the old bandstand on the seafront once (now replaced by a modern structure) The Angel, Aberystwyth (apparently Zeppelin drank here, can't confirm rumour though) Dolgoch Falls (where Page and Plant filmed and recorded some of No Quarter in 1994) Earl's Court (now demolished) Knebworth
  6. Can someone confirm if this release runs at the correct speed? I seem to remember that the original EV release of the 9/29 SB ran about 2% too fast and ledsox corrected it when they released their SB/AUD merge. Does the new 9/28 SB EV release run fast as well? If so I'll wait for the speed corrected version that someone will probably do. Thanks.
  7. Early club shows from 69ish Back To The Clubs tour 1971 - we only have the first two shows and the BBC Paris Theatre one, but it was a pretty legendary tour. More shows would be amazing. Salisbury City Hall 1971 - last show of the year I think, rescheduled from earlier on in the British winter tour. Apparently a very good show, interesting venue and city choice. Aberystwyth King's Hall 16/01/1973 - this show was played the night after the good Stoke performance, so there's a chance it was pretty decent. Apparently a thank-you show to the local area (Aber is only about 15 miles o
  8. Those Moonchild releases are good. Got LTTE and FBO and can't complain.
  9. The Pseudonym remaster is the one to go for as far as this show is concerned. I must admit that I have never really given this show much of a chance as IMO the recording just sounds far too thin and tinny. There is just no bass or power to it. I genuinely can't understand why people acclaim it as one of the best audience recordings ever, to my ears it's really lacking for the reasons I just gave. However the Pseudonym remaster does go some way towards giving it more weight.
  10. On a related note, do most recordings of the 08/21/71 show run fast? (as someone above recommended getting a speed corrected version of it). I have TDOLZ 'Wild Weekend' but to my ears I think it runs correctly? Thanks
  11. Interested in canvassing people's opinions on this particular show. This is generally the least mentioned of the Forum run, I think mainly because of the recording quality being rather ropey. What intrigues me is that I've seen a few opinions stating it to be a good show but with something intangible missing, or just nothing that stands out. Having listened to it recently I don't think I'd agree with that analysis - there's some really good playing and the band is very tight. (I have also seen some people claiming it to be one of the best shows of the Forum run). I found the acoustic
  12. I can't agree with your assessment of Kashmir for this show; IMO it's an extremely powerful version and at least an A grade.
  13. Can only echo everyone's recommendations above. I would like to add that the Vancouver 3/19 SB is VERY good sonically, even compared to the other shows, as it's noticeably more bass-heavy - you can hear Jones beautifully.
  14. Thanks, much appreciated. Will get a hold of the June 10th show at least. Currently playing the 8th June show on Youtube and it doesn't sound that bad at all really, was wondering if a new source has been uncovered or it's been remastered? Certainly I've heard worse sounding recordings.
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