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  1. I would agree... the countdown to the opening of a new website in and of itself doesn't necessarily warrant a major fanfare... Except for maybe on this site where we fans have been waiting for something from him for quite some time. After the website launches on July 13/14, maybe then we will get an idea of what's REALLY to come.
  2. Neat... but somewhat simplistic view of the birthday of Stairway with a Houston twist. Interesting story in the comments from someone who played in the symphony for one of the Houston P/P shows in the 90's. http://blogs.chron.com/40yearsafter/2011/03/the_neverending_stairway_to_he_1.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+houstonchronicle%2F40yearsafter+%2840+Years+After%29
  3. This is pretty exciting! JPJ is the only living Zep member I haven't seen live... yet! If you go to the Metro's website, it list the artist that night as 8436276653388588737. If you have a phone near you, you can translate it to THEMCROOKEDVULTURES. Sweet... come on to Houston!
  4. cabal200

    Reunion reports?

    Dayna Steele was one of my favorite rock DJ's here in Houston when we used to have a real rock station. She is an equally talented businesswoman. Kudos to her for putting it all in perspective! Although I do certainly hope she and everyone else is wrong about this.
  5. Most of the time wikipedia is not an acceptable source for a school/college project... but I don't know where else you could get the info other than the riaa which may not be accurate.
  6. The only thing I know of is how to check for U.S. album sales through the RIAA's website. That site is www.riaa.com but even then I don't know if you will get EXACT figures on that site. Good Luck!
  7. If you are still waiting for that comment then you obviously missed it the first time this topic was discussed. Some yahoo came on here and claimed that he worked for a video game company and that the sessions with Jimmy, John Paul and Jason were involved in were specifically for a new video game. A lot of the comments (i.e. backlash) from some echoed the nonsense you mentioned above and more. I really do like that analogy, btw. I guess to continue on that line of thought, I can't wait for nuclear holocaust so that I can roam the Wasteland just like in Fallout 3.
  8. Are you insinuating that some bands/musicians quit because they couldn't compare to Zep? That's a bit of a stretch...
  9. Wow... I am amazed no one brought up what was widely considered the most blatant attempt to recreate Zeppelin with VERY little overall commercial success... The mighty Kingdom Come (or Kingdom Clone if you prefer) hold that honor.
  10. If memory serves, I believe I remember hearing/reading that one early review of an album (maybe their debut) described Geddy's voice as a cross between Robert Plant and Donald Duck. Imagine Donald Duck singing something about "every inch of my love" with no pants on... oh the scandals!
  11. Hadn't heard that... I imagine it could be both, but I have no clue. I stick by my autobiographical moment proposition, though! haha
  12. I think I'd like to hear Robert make an attempt at Roy Clark's "Yesterday When I was Young." That would make for an interesting take and could be somewhat autobiographical and topical considering his career path.
  13. At the end of one of the Metallica DVD's, I believe it was Live Shit... Binge and Purge, Hetfield does his best Cowrdly Lion impression. Funny stuff!
  14. The original XM Led was built around the release of Mothership. I am assuming that this station is being built around the LED ZEPPELIN: Definitive Collection CD Box Set release that is coming. A majority of the single-artist based stations that I have seen on XM have all revolved around a new release or project of some sort coming from the artist in question. I can't speak for the Sirius channels as I have heard they may be different. Of course... there was this little snippet from the channel's description: Led Zeppelin Radio | Now on XM 39 & Sirius 33 12:00 AM - 12:00 PM A 24/7
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