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  1. At the end of one of the Metallica DVD's, I believe it was Live Shit... Binge and Purge, Hetfield does his best Cowrdly Lion impression. Funny stuff!
  2. The original XM Led was built around the release of Mothership. I am assuming that this station is being built around the LED ZEPPELIN: Definitive Collection CD Box Set release that is coming. A majority of the single-artist based stations that I have seen on XM have all revolved around a new release or project of some sort coming from the artist in question. I can't speak for the Sirius channels as I have heard they may be different. Of course... there was this little snippet from the channel's description: Led Zeppelin Radio | Now on XM 39 & Sirius 33 12:00 AM - 12:00 PM A 24/7 celebration of the music and magic of Led Zeppelin. A handcrafted channel dedicated to everything Led Zeppelin, including studio albums, rare and archival concerts, interviews, and listener interaction. A continuous and mystical radio voyage into the past, present, and future of the mighty Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin Radio Now on XM channel 39 & Sirius 33. Yeah... I know it means nothing, but its fun to point out these little tidbits!
  3. My power finally came back on today!!! Wooohoo! I wanted to scream from my porch like He-Man, "IIIIII HAAAVVVEEE THHHHEEE POOOWWWWWERRRR!!!" Something tells me the neighbors wouldn't have appreciated it. No more hurricanes for a while please!
  4. Yeah it makes sense I suppose... but please try and explain the big phallus on top of Bonham's symbol??? Maybe they are actually experts in minerals... specifically cock rock???
  5. Pardon the question if you don't know... but can you explain to me the story behind the blue field??? I am guessing its artifical turf of some sort, right? Thanks in advance!
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