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  1. I vote for no opening act too.... If I HAD to choose.....Well there's a lot of bands who could do it... That come to my mind: Aerosmith and Whitesnake.... But when I saw the topic the first one in my mind was Gotthard....
  2. "Most people are inside the arena now, waiting to see the opening acts at this Ahmet Ertegun tribute concert. We’ve been hearing that among the guests expected are Sir Paul McCartney, Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher, Chic legend Nile Rodgers and Foo Fighters frontman and Zep fanatic Dave Grohl. This is the man who recently reviewed the band's new Best Of 'Mothership' for our mag, and gave it the perfect 10."
  3. I trully believe that no famous people will be there Just yesterday I saw Davil Gilmour saiyng that he wanted to be there but didn't have a ticket And if a Pink Floyd member can't get into a rock concert no kate moss will!!!!!!!
  4. That's...........................................AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I just started to cry.....
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