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  1. My thoughts exactly. What we are doing here is merely listing our least favorites and I had a hard time getting to three. I agree with you on ITTOD. Very underrated and too often ignored. Many think JP took the album off but if you pay attention, the guitar playing is there on every song. Oh, what they might have gone on to achieve if not for Bonzo's very Good Doctor-like vodka consumption.
  2. My best friend had Presence and Song Remains the Same on 8-track and we played them non-stop in his AMC Levi's Gremlin. Stop laughing. I know how 70's this sounds. I found the only Led Zeppelin album I could in a used store. It was LZIII. I wore the grooves out of that baby and spent hours turning the wheel on the album cover to see all of the pictures. I even found the inscription on the vinyl, "do what thou wilt". I think starting out with that record gave me a unique perspective of the band as more than just the greatest rock band, but as a great all around band that could do anyt
  3. My favorite, too. Only because I don't consider Ten Years Gone a ballad. Actually I can't consider anything they've done strictly a ballad because the genre limits them. To me the slower numbers were just Zeppelin songs just like the rest of them. Still, I like your choice.
  4. I know it's so derivative of Zeppelin,(but when was that ever a bad thing?), I've always loved Tall Cool One. Very strong percussion, including the piano. Also Heaven Knows from the same album. "You were pumping iron as I was pumping irony"
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