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  1. That sounds right, but I'm not 100% sure if he did or not. This is the first time I have heard him actually sing. The Battle of Evermore vocal contribution always felt like he was a little uninspired. Honestly, I'm curious that if he had played Mandolin on the Battle of Evermore, would he have gotten more into the song. Granted, having seen him play the "Triple Neck Song", I know he can really get into the guitar, but the Battle of Evermore consists of pretty basic chords repeated (which is definitely NOT John Paul Jones' style). I feel that JPJ would not only have really taken that song to the next level mandolin-wise (not that I don't love Jimmy's contribution), but he would have been more into his singing part. This is all speculation, and I may be wrong. But this is my opinion.
  2. I was thoroughly impressed with JPJ's vocals. After hearing him on the Battle of Evermore in '77, I actually doubted his ability to sing. Even after listening to him rant on Angry Angry (which is hilarious), I still didn't hear the voice. But his rendition of That's The Way is amazing. Does anyone know if he has sang any other Zep songs like this? Maybe Going To California?
  3. My bad. This is what I was going for... Correction: Please tell me I'm not the only one (IN THIS FORUM) who has heard this. Lol
  4. There has been some questioning as to how to play the chord at the end of Immigrant Song. Jimmy Page claims everyone does it wrong. So it seems the only way to correctly learn it is to learn from the master himself, and in some rehearsal sessions with Aerosmith, Jimmy is actually shown teaching Joe Perry how to play the chord. Here is a screen shot (sorry for the low quality). I'm not sure exactly on the notes to how that is but I did here him say something about G-minor in the video. I am assuming the strings would be- E-3rd A-1st D-X G-3rd B-3rd E-X Any thoughts? here is the link to the video (skip to about 25:15)
  5. Yes, that's interesting now that you mention it. Page was quite the magician in the studio. After all there is some kind of guitar army going on in Achilles Last Stand and Ten Years Gone. The sound of the 12 string fascinates me. I try to decipher it out of every song I can. I can certainly hear what sounds like a 12 string in Fool In The Rain. I also read that Carouselambra was the Studio debut for the double neck. Jimmy was clever in his use of the electric 12 string. Certainly Travelling Riverside Blues and When The Levee Breaks come to mind because that are very bluesy songs with slide guitar. The reason I take so much interest in the acoustic 12 string is because it sounds beautiful. Over The Hills And Far Away is a prime example of this. I have always wondered what guitar was used to get that bright and beautiful sound.
  6. Hello, I'm a new member and this is my first time posting. I have been following the forum for quite some time and decided to finally join. Here recently I have been scavenging looking for any info on Jimmy Page's guitars. There is obviously info to go around about his Les Paul(s), Tele, Dano, etc. There is even a substantial amount of info on the Harmony Sovereign and the J-200 that he borrowed for Led Zeppelin I. It is known that Jimmy used a Fender XII for Stairway to Heaven in the Studio as well as When The Levee Breaks. However, there is hardly any info regarding his acoustic 12 string guitars. He didn't use them very much from what I can hear, but it is definitely safe to say he did. Led Zeppelin III's Tangerine, Gallows Pole, and even Hey Hey What Can I Do all have an acoustic 12 String. I have found info about a couple of 12 strings he used live for Tangerine (Giannini GWSCRA12-P Craviola and a EKO Ranger XII). So my question is: Does anyone have any info regarding Jimmy's use of acoustic 12 strings in the studio? ANY information (whether it be interviews or whatever) is welcome.
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