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  1. there is a small local chain of pizza restaurants around my area.. while it doesn't mention this on the website.. in the restaurants the menus state the the president of the company/owner..being a big music fan.. named the restaurants after his all time favorite band. www.zeppes.com
  2. ..its all comes down to this.. there is no lack of unreleased material, there is more than likely tons of shit locked down in Pages "vaults".. basically what he does, and always has done..and more than likely will continue to do..is simply release as little as possible..just enough so as to continue to sell cds, dvds, vinyl and box sets (ect). He is not going to throw all of his proverbial "cards" on the table thus leaving nothing more to sell. There will be " New Led Zeppelin material" coming out well past the point of Page being around, along with everyone on this forum now. Its all about $$ and getting the absolute most out of what he has.. and that means throwing out very small bits and pieces over a very long time along with using any excuse in the meantime to be able to do it this way (no more unheard tracks, lost tapes, no multi-tracks, bad quality, blah blah blah) Its all bullshit.
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