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  1. therocker68

    New EV DVD collection

    I love Led Zeppelin,have done for over 40 years and like to collect all the Jap releases.Especially the Empress Valley and Tarantura CD's. The lavish packaging alone is worth the price on some of the releases.
  2. There is a copy of Record Collector magazine where Dave Lewis does a imaginary Earl's Court complete album with the songs,dates and why he chose those specific ones.I will try and dig it out if you have not seen it and put some scans up.It is really interesting.
  3. therocker68

    New Mystery Soundboard?

    Just finished listening to the 14 CD box set of Seattle '75,what a marathon.Great work done by Empress Valley and Led Zeppelin are on fire.Jimmy in particular seems to be enjoying himself.Has anyone else heard the complete box set yet? Do you think the remastering is good?
  4. therocker68

    New EV DVD collection

    The History Lesson DVD is worth getting,there are a loads of upgrades in quality and it is great to have everything that is available in one collection.Empress Valley do a great job getting Led Zeppelin music released,can't wait for next one !!!!
  5. therocker68

    Definitive Blueberry Hill

    The best version !!!!
  6. therocker68

    Detroit 1970

    Just listened to Detroit 1970,shame it is only the first hour.Does anyone know what happened to rest of the tape? Or is it going to turn up soon??
  7. therocker68

    New Mystery Soundboard?

    Has anyone heard the remaster of the Seattle show? Only been released a short while and already a remaster.Not a bad job done with it,it is by DADGAD. Thoughts anyone?
  8. They were taped.And soundboard recordings exist of 17/18 and 23 May,maybe they will see the light of day eventually.
  9. Earl's Court 17th and 18th May 1975 were also filmed.
  10. therocker68


    Hello Zep fans,I have just signed up to the forum.Hope everyone is good,Deus Ex Machina was worth wait !!!!