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  1. Those were the days,searching record shops and record fairs to find bootlegs.
  2. Got Destroyer 4 LP set in the ''typewriter'' carry case for £20 a couple of years ago.Bob Langley used to sort me great deals on Empress Valley and Tarantura sets,will have to look for some of the best ones.
  3. Excellent work,do you know of a program for use on a PC?
  4. Nice work,what program did you use to create them?
  5. Just been wondering if this version is worth getting? Any thoughts?
  6. The cover to Please Please Me release is Led Zeppelin looking out the window at Chateau Marmont from 1969,how shit is that?
  7. I have noticed since the release of The Night Stalker and LA box set from EVSD there has not been so many Led Zeppelin bootlegs uploaded to torrent sites like Guitars101. There was a time when it was maybe half a dozen or more each day uploaded but over the last month or so it has gone very quite.Have EVSD finally got there way and people are buying there releases and keeping them to themselves?
  8. I have played the new LA soundboard several times now and just cannot get into it.A Zep gig for me is two or three hours of excellent music with Plantations and off mike comments,completely submerged in the concert.These partial soundboards EVSD keep releasing are rubbish,I have been buying EVSD releases for over a decade and own loads of standard releases and box sets but if they keep this up I'm afraid I will have to spend my cash elsewhere.I purchased this new release and several others over the last few months and I have to say the best one has got to be the Queen 9 CD box set from their Japanese 1976 tour.Complete audience tapes with all of Mercury's chat in between the songs,I think I will go back to the Glasgow audience tape unearthed a few months ago. EVSD have seen the last of my money.
  9. It also runs a bit fast,I'm sure somebody will do a remastering soon.
  10. Hello again,spent yesterday listening to the new Empress Valley release,The Pareidolia Paradox.As always,great packaging and the tapes are sounding better than ever.And the soundboard is astounding !!!! But I myself was more impressed with the Detroit tape that surfaced a few days ago,and I am still playing the Glasgow show that turned up a couple of months back.I like to get new shows to fill in the gaps but it is still a joy to hear new soundboard tapes of old audience tapes.So,here's to the next release,let's hope it is another audience tape from a long forgotten show.
  11. Rock n roll and sick again are from the 24th,in my time of dying,TSRTS and rain song the 25th and the last four are from the 27th.
  12. The new Zeppelin release looks like a compilation of all three nights in LA,the track listing is on the back and it just says from Los Angeles 1975 suggesting it could be a track or two from each night.Just a thought.
  13. Right now I'm listening to Since I've been loving you(Landover 30/5/77).Prince Georges Final Flight bootleg.
  14. I don't mind paying big money for the releases,I have loads of Empress Valley and Tarantura originals,what pisses me off is they release half the show like the Osaka show last year and then don't bother with the rest of it.I would sooner pay whatever the price as long as it's the complete show.Oh well,only time will tell if we get it all.
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