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  1. Disagree with your comment about his band (they're fantastic but so is GVF) but I love Gary Clarke, Jr. He played a small venue near my house and I'm SORELY disappointed that I missed it.
  2. I saw them Tuesday in Miami and was considering driving up to Orlando to catch them again on Friday. They put on a great show! I loved it; Ida Mae wasn't bad either.
  3. Saw Greta Van Fleet last night and it was AWESOME!! Considering driving up to Orlando to catch them again on Friday
  4. What a great video of one of my favorite Zep songs! Thanks for sharing. What was that bit with Robert and the elderly woman all about? She certainly seemed to be enjoying herself!
  5. David Bowie had a similar look during his "thin white Duke" era - I'd put it down to drugs, 100%, and not some kind of ingrained ideology. It seems a strange sartorial choice for Brits that had been so terrorized by Nazi Germany, but who knows what goes through a drug-addled brain?
  6. Awesome photos, all of them. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Yes, precisely... the "fifth member" of Led Zeppelin was Led Zeppelin - the chemistry or aura or unexplained element that came from those four people and their creativity TOGETHER. Any one of them in another band might not have tapped into that energy. The band is bigger than just the sum of its parts
  8. I am not ashamed to admit that I like Hot Dog! It's not even close to my favorite Zep song but I like it; it's fun and a little cheesy. Regarding the offstage stuff... it's slightly disturbing when looked at through a current lens but it was par for the course for the time. For me, it doesn't add or detract to my love for the band's music. Plenty of people are very talented at their jobs or artistic pursuits and are terrible people (example, Steve Jobs). It doesn't detract from their talents. People are multi-faceted.
  9. How are you married to someone that hates Zep???
  10. Listen to all of the songs and then go back and listen again. If you think you don't like a song, give it a break and try it again, I guarantee you'll find something you'll like about it
  11. III is my favorite. Course, I wasn't around back then, but I'm sure I would have felt the same way if I was
  12. Their song "When the Curtain Falls" has an identical guitar lick to "In the Evening", but you know, that just makes me like the song more. It's a totally different song in every other way. And, they did win a Grammy, so there's that 🙂
  13. I'm a Greta lover so I'll forgive them their ridiculous sartorial choices (as I cringe when looking at photos of myself at that age!) while I await seeing them live in May.
  14. They did seem really nervous and it also seemed like they weren't actually playing their instruments, but all in all, I thought they did a good job, especially on the 2nd song once they warmed up a bit. I'm not sure where they were going with the clothing. Do they dress themselves or do they have help? If they have help, who is this misguided person? I feel like people would take them more seriously if they toned down the look a bit. They look like they're dressed up for Halloween as "hippies".
  15. Just a note regarding spontaneity and live performance dynamics.... it's a special skill / talent to be able to jam and not all bands can pull it off. I read something once where Pete Townshend sat in with the Grateful Dead and noted how difficult it was to play with them because they kept going off on side jams. There has to be a good synergy between the members for successful jamming without it descending into chaos. I haven't heard much live Stones (or seen them live) but I did see Metallica in 2017 and aside from one drum / bass solo, they play their songs pretty much note for note from the album. My brother saw them on the same tour in a different city and the band had to take a break due to a lightning storm. "Ride the Lightning" wasn't on their set list but when they came back on, they started to play it... but after a few bars, they went back to their previously planned set list. It's not a knock on skill or talent, but some bands can be spontaneous and some can't. Different strokes
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