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  1. bishlap

    Pontiac 1977 - New Photos

    Wonder what the Band remembers about this show(s), if anything(sarcasm). Anyway, wonderful capture of a great bygone era.
  2. Zep covers never did anything for me. Hearing TYG performed here makes me think/ask, has any Zep tune aged better than Ten Years Gone? What if TYG was on LZ4 instead of Stairway and vise versa?
  3. The Stones and Zep are nothing like each other. I've gone thru a major Stones stage and a major Zep stage and love them both. What's odd for me is knowing generally the Stones had a more rhythmic dance/boogie vibe, but NOW when I listen to PG specifically, that album makes me MOVE! Keith once said (paraphrasing) music has got to hit you in the nuts, Graffitti does just that.
  4. Bonham beat the hell out of those drums, obviously. Proof that the man makes the drums, not the other way around.
  5. bishlap

    Why did they not play at woodstock

    Cocker opened for Zep at Asbury Park NJ then flew up to Woodstock.
  6. bishlap


    I can forgive an off song or even two, but Landover is a horror from start to finish. That night and the Cleveland show from the weird category I will never listen to again. My criteria for a bad show are First and foremost, Jimmy not being up to snuff on a particular night. 2nd: Plant is hoarse and Jimmy's playing is weak/average, and last would be Plant is barely audible/croaking throughout most of the show w/ Jimmy playing okay/acceptable. I can love most anything Zep or find something good in every other show other than the aforementioned.
  7. EPIC How many more times, but then again, HMMT was always epic.
  8. EXCEPT for that horrible Alembic shit aluminum sounding trash can bass JPJ's playing.
  9. bishlap

    Offenburg March 1973

    the Offenburg 73 show(s) are the finest rock guitar playing I've ever heard in over 60 years of listening/playing /attending concerts. To listen to Jimmy Page in '75 or '77 at his best is garbage compared to the 73 Jimmy, specifically the Germany show. I'm late to the party, but just got my hands on Offenburg 1973. Incredible bootleg.
  10. knebworth had SUPERLATIVE sound/amplification - the performances were good to average, nothing great to my ears. I'd love a live compilation of the best from every year w/ minimum overdubbing. As we all have heard thanks to youtube, there is so much product out there to be compiled/(re)produced. I'd like to hear more from this show as this performance of SIBLY alone would be worth it.
  11. since I've been loving you, Mannheim Germany, 1980 https://youtu.be/6HFrjQbeWgA