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  1. SHIT!!! I was a senior in H.S. in the glory days of graduation/June when hardly anyone attended class - ANYWAY, Hearing that Page was being interviewed by Scott Muni (A huge name in NYC Rock radio, but really didn't know shit outside of The Beatles) rushing home to turn on WNEW 102.7 FM and hearing Scottso ask his questions and barely hearing a stoned out Jimmy reply. My friends that heard it and I looked at each other and thought we had heard a most ridiculous interview. I/We rushed home for that?
  2. bishlap

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Top pic in this group; I swear, Travolta stole that look/suit from Jimmy for Saturday Night Fever... the timeline matches, isn't that around '75 when The Jimma wore that suit and shirt?
  3. jeezes, what happened to Plant's feather?
  4. as a blues music lover, I have to agree, Buddy is pathetic now, he can still play as fast as anyone, ever, but the material STINKS and the histrionics are embarrassing. The shouting/screaming - ouch!! Glad someone agrees w/ me, finally. BTW, I always loved his stuff w/ Junior Wells.
  5. Facebook is evil, not to mention unbelievably misguided. The Taliban gets more respect than the public over there at Zuckerberg Land.
  6. KISS sucked, and I saw them when they were "good" 1975. P.S. Met Ace a few times, he even dated a friend of mine's sis, good guy, great sense of humor.
  7. cool post, bro.. I turned 18 the week Zep played MSG '77, you brought back great memories. Thanks.
  8. $3 large for a jersey? dang me. Gotta admit, the Blackhawk jersey is ICONIC, worth every cent.
  9. an official NHL hockey puck, early 70/'71 $4 and change, Mom, Dad, can I get an allowance raise? I remember getting a pair of Thom Mcan converse (remember those?) bc the regular cons were almost $15 !!!... ok, $14.99. Anyway, I'd take the Woodlawn station or the 241st/white plains rd. EL to manhattan from westchester co. Those were grrrrrreat times to be a kid. Everyone says that about their "time" growing up, but I MEAN IT... j/k Peace my man, thanks for the trip on the memory lane local. P.S. Clyde Puma's, still my fave style sneaker ever.
  10. as a NYC kid, going to Cosby's was almost like going to see Zep. It was one of the few shops where you could get AUTHENTIC Knicks/Rangers(that's the original Rangers Hockey club jersey w/ the zep tags) pro teams gear. Expensive as hell they were.
  11. agree 100%, the triple was clangy, ovation had depth.
  12. Not Jimmy, that's Buck Dharma hiding behind those shades.
  13. WINNER WINNER, Chicken dinner.
  14. the Offenberg show is the greatest live Rock guitar playing I've ever heard and I've seen many live shows including Allman's w/ Duane, Johnny Winter numerous times, Jeff and Clapton, Mahavishnu, Frampton, Buck Dharma, Jorma, Montrose, etc. Jimmy was so fast, clean, POWERFUL and tasteful on (at least) one night that it remains hardwired to my brain. Not saying Jimmy, or anyone is good, great, better, best overall, that would be impossible, but for one night... wow.
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