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  1. Thanks, but I know a guitar can make MANY sounds...my only point was I never realized that sound Page made was a dog panting all these years.
  2. remember hearing this in 1980 i think, and thought it out of character for Jimmy to say much of anything...EVER. Was so stunned i played it over a few times to be sure it was The Jimma!! He's obviously feeling no pain, u can tell by his tone/voice. I recall the words, Let me take my glasses off so I can see you too--all right....
  3. I'm embarrassed to admit that I NEVER KNEW/HEARD until I read on youtube that the opening "scratch" sound of Black Dog is actually Jimmy making the guitar sound like a dog panting - duh, me... all this time I felt it was just a tape gimmick of some sort that Zep seemed to put on every record, some more than once.
  4. worked in a deli before my real job (night loader) and remember putting up these Schaeffer ads... Schaeffer was BY FAR our best seller in the 2 delicatessen's I worked - the boss' son was a Rock fan and our deli would get the ads in advance of the shows being advertised and would run to get us tix while I worked... his father/the owner, never knew!! The bands we saw on the cheap, damn, Hot Tuna, James Gang, Todd Rundgren/Utopia, Dave Mason..... Feelin alright!! THANKS, drowan
  5. those Schaeffer concerts were so good - great seats inside, or the huge rocks outside and plenty of great shows. 1st time seeing Aerosmith live w/ Ted Nugent /Stranglehold as the opener was a fantastic show. Had tix to Bad Co. but had to start a new job that night loading soda trucks, just my luck, Jimmy Page played a few numbers w/ Bad Co. Thanks for the reminder.
  6. I did not see Bolin other than w/ DP, unfortunately. Friends and I were very particular w/ our Rock tastes and loved Bolin w/ Zephyr and James Gang. Discovered /heard him on late night FM radio out of Briarcliff Manor, upstate NY. I was in the city, anyway, this station wouldn't play the Bands you heard over and over every fifteen minutes, (Zep, Boston, Grand Funk R.,Stones, etc) and instead were way ahead of the curve w/ bands like Blue Oyster Cult, Nils Lofgren, Montrose, Mahogany Rush and Tommy Bolin. We loved his playing but he hit NY once in 76 I believe and I/we never made it. When he joined Purple and they released, Come Taste The Band, we knew we were gonna see them/him no matter what. So long story short, Loved Bolin's playing, but, never saw him at his best, but saw a damn good show at Radio City. That's my Bolin experience - played well enough, show was good, but we wanted to see him really show his true gift, he did not. Much like the Page heroin years- could be good, could be great, could SUCK!!! P.S. I remember hearing very little when he died, was something like, Rock guitarist... blah blah, found dead. Then in Creem magazine(maybe) I read the autopsy showed he had a drug store in his system, not surprised. The Guy had it all, Looks, Talent, youth, but that doesn't mean a person is happy. Peace RIP Tommy Bolin
  7. Memories; I was deaf for a week... Tommy was pretty wasted, but got off some good runs when he was able, Glenn Hughes was fine as was the rest of the band - good show, not great, and very Zeppelin-esque in that two great players (Page & Bolin) could make or break a show. Coverdale was strong as always. Opening act was Nazareth, who were coming off the Love hurts release, they played real well, very well in fact, but maybe 30 minutes, 35 tops. Traveled to radio city by car in a driving snowstorm, was a great night!! Any night hearing good bands play loud and live is a great night.
  8. got it, Thanks. The huge speakers around the venue are supplied by the band(s). Thanks again.
  9. so it's all about the "Hall/room's" PA system?
  10. Having seen/HEARD Zeppelin twice, I never noticed a huge bank of amplifiers like I did seeing other bands (Skynyrd, Purple, Aerosmith, Sabbath, Foghat Ramones, etc.) yet Zep's loudness was overwhelming. Where did all this electricity/decibels come from? These pictures don't show an AC/DC wall of Marshall's or even a Grateful Dead PA system. 2nd row Deep Purple @Radio City(Tommy Bolin tour) and Lynyrd Skynyrd, also 2nd row, but @Beacon Theater were the 2 shows as loud. Zeppelin @MSG upper upper deck/nose bleeds still had my ears ringing for 5 days, at least, no exaggeration. Any acoustic experts, or Zeppelin sound system afficianado's out there willing to explain?
  11. SHIT!!! I was a senior in H.S. in the glory days of graduation/June when hardly anyone attended class - ANYWAY, Hearing that Page was being interviewed by Scott Muni (A huge name in NYC Rock radio, but really didn't know shit outside of The Beatles) rushing home to turn on WNEW 102.7 FM and hearing Scottso ask his questions and barely hearing a stoned out Jimmy reply. My friends that heard it and I looked at each other and thought we had heard a most ridiculous interview. I/We rushed home for that?
  12. Top pic in this group; I swear, Travolta stole that look/suit from Jimmy for Saturday Night Fever... the timeline matches, isn't that around '75 when The Jimma wore that suit and shirt?
  13. as a blues music lover, I have to agree, Buddy is pathetic now, he can still play as fast as anyone, ever, but the material STINKS and the histrionics are embarrassing. The shouting/screaming - ouch!! Glad someone agrees w/ me, finally. BTW, I always loved his stuff w/ Junior Wells.
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