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  1. I am a sixteen year old girl, daughter of two small town baby boomers. My father, born in '61, was at prime age during Zeppelin's reign. He has taught some of the most crucial of life's lessons to me through music, Zep being one of the main bands. Since I'm considerably younger than most fanatics, people tend to blow off my opinions. They underestimate my appreciation, even down right love for Led Zeppelin. I've watched bits and pieces of the reunion concert at London's O2 Centre (just the clips on YouTube) and am totally impressed. No, I wasn't around while they were at their height but, I do know what great sounds like. I think I speak for most of my generation when I say, give us just one more tour; Page, Plant, Jones and Bonham. For the sons and daughters of baby boomers, give us a taste of real, live, passionate, raw music. Rock and Roll is hard to come by these days, and Led Zeppelin is, in every aspect rock and roll.

    I'm a fifteen year old girl and know exactly what you mean

    you're not alone! there are a few of us who aren't into my shitty romance!

  2. If they didn't tour, I wouldn't be totally "OMG ZEPPELIN SUCK THEY'RE SELL-OUTS" blah blah blah like some people do about certain bands [iron maiden not playing desired locations is one example] I would totally understand. However, I'd absolutely LOVE to be able to see them just once because I've never seen them as I'm only 15 and wasn't born at the right time :(:lol:

  3. Wow, that's a beauty. I wonder where/what circumstance it was taken? Looks like a giant weed patch in London :)

    either that or it's an Alice in wonderland scenario - he ate the wrong side of the mushroom :lol:

  4. I know exactly what you mean. Today is the 6th anniversary of my dad's death so it's normally kind of a sad day. I'm of course thinking alot about my dad, but I also can't stop looking at this gorgeous man, I'm obsessed. I'm actually starting to think there is something wrong with me! Please convince me otherwise! LZ just makes me happy... always has in ways nothing else can. I'm so glad other people feel the same way but the "other" people in my life look at me like I'm insane!

    I'm so sorry about your dad, you have my sympathy

    I know what you mean about LZ, the music is like medicine, it's an escape for me at times

    and I most definetely agree with what you think of Mr.Plant!

  5. Wow Lola! Great posts!

    One of my favourites from the O2;


    I haven't seen many 02 pics - I'm more than sure there's lots floating around here but I'm still trying to get into the swing of this forum :lol:

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