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  1. Not our favourite Zep moment but never heard this performance with a good sound quality like this
  2. Wow Steve! Could you please send me the link for the 9/29/1971? I would love to hear the whole thing
  3. The song is "Diamonds" by Jet Harris&Tony Meehan
  4. Where can i listen the complete sbd version?
  5. I just read Mick Wall's book Hammer of the Gods. As a Finn, I obviously read it in Finnish. In the end of the book, there is interviews about the gig in Helsinki 1970. Famous finnish musicians talked about the gig, they praised Zep members and etc. BUT what really made my eyes pop out was that the interviewer said the gig was pro shotted by the Finnish TV company YLE. He said the footage is/was black&white and he don't know if the tapes do still exist. But what I do know is that YLE had a really bad manner to wipe old tapes and use them again... For example, Jimi Hendrix's gig in Helsinki 1967 was wiped. The possibility of pro shotted footage from Helsinki 1970 still exists, it's not confirmed by the Finnish media that the tapes were used again.
  6. I think Jimmy should do the same like he did with Stairway in HTWWW. He took the mellotron from the Stairway of southampton 1973 and replaced the organ to the version of HTWWW. For example he could take the organ track from the bbc sessions 1971, edit them and put them for TY and SIBLY. I don't know if it's possible, but i would try that😄
  7. I read Brad Tolinski's book about Page. They discussed about the RAH performances and Tolinski asked why SIBLY and TY were not in the DVD because they were played. Jimmy said that they failed to record the track for the organ.
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