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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54AVNQK2vYo&t=2s&fbclid=IwAR06ldko6TNItIIpS2603c91CWRXL8Lp4-VGdTfUn5rmM1vZ73hxhL3HPHM Any hardcore Led Zeppelin fan knows a bit about the story of Mike (the Mike) Millard and the famous LA Forum recordings of Led Zeppelin (among many others). But very few people really know much about the real Millard and much has been made of his "eccentricities". But at the end of the day, Mike the Mike is a legend and this trailer for an upcoming short documentary not only reveals a bit about the person but also delves into how he was able to get such incredible sound using 70's recording equipment. Current technology used by today's tapers still can't quite capture the quality that Millard was able to capture. Equipment similar to Mike the Mike's was used to record a show at the Greek Theater in Berkeley by The National. Even Matt Berninger of The National is blow away by the sound achieved calling it "Juicy Sonic Magic" . It's an amazing project and a great look at the man, the myth, and the legend (and legendary way he taped shows). The film also features the only know available photo of Mike Millard. I'll forever be linked to Mike the Mike by my own recording made the same night as the famous Listen to This Eddie Led Zeppelin show at the Forum in 1977. It's really cool to see how he did it and learn a bit more about him. Please check out this trailer and look for the full release. It's really cool!
  2. I just wanted to share an article that was published recently in the latest edition of Tight But Loose. Dave Lewis asked me to write a few words about the show and the story behind the Listen To This Erik recording. I sat down and an hour later had 4 pages written. It was fun to write. I hope you enjoy it.
  3. The restoring of my 6/21 show is almost complete. It's finished through Achilles Last Stand. The last 3 songs will take a bit longer as the batteries were running down and more work needs to be done with them to get them right. For those of you wondering about the formats that it will be released in here are the details: The show will be made available through a well-known torrent site (or sites) in two formats: 16/44.1 restored and mastered FLAC files 24/96 restored and unmastered FLAC files I will also post the show on YouTube at my channel GBauer10 without the song breaks, just as it was recorded.
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