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  1. Glad they didn't replicate Plant's balls. The "Ken-doll" approach is much more appealing.
  2. I read that Jimmy made a special trip to Cairo to see the Stele of Revealing. It was on a very particular date. The solstice or anniversary of Crowley's channeling of Aiwess?
  3. Just my own tribute to Zep celebrating 50 years of incredible music, magic, and mystique Hope you enjoy
  4. It was beautiful today! I know we need rain, but spring sunshine here is the best.
  5. Plant loves laughing at his own jokes. The real reason LZ will never perform together again is that Percy's lemons lost their octave register long ago and he can't sing the songs anymore. His churlish disregard for the band and legions of fans who never got to see them live is annoying at best.
  6. I've been lurking here for ages so thought it was time to stop being a hermit and say hello! Cheers from California
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