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  1. Just watched the Jeff Beck doc on Showtime. Got me thinking that these English musicians from Jeff, Eric, Rod , Paul, Gilmour, even fuckin Ringo!, are all still moving and creating like true artists, while Jimmy just revamps and sells music. I am getting tired of waiting!!! How bout you ?
  2. Montreal 1975. You hear very clearly a bunch of young lads who were probably high as a kite however knowledgeable of the band. This is 1975 and at one time one of the kids requests Traveling Riverside Blues which didn’t see the public or radio light till about 1989 from the original box set. After Kashmir all you hear is “ holy Fuck”,,!! Great appreciative Canadian crowd.
  3. Well chronicled. I disagree with many of the long term impact references. Zep is like a fine wine. These other bands have a 1/4 of radio play and I bet some of those reviewers ,that deviated from the bands performance, have matured their opinions a bit.
  4. Love the responses. I know there is way more insight than mine alone. This is why we love this band so much. Again I'm in my NYC 1977 MSG show faze and the first 5 songs stellar. Then the show it’s a huge wall. Then a break , then another wall. Between piano solos, drum , an acoustic interlude with Jimmy soloing, White Summer and then a hellish guitar solo pre ALS, I couls only imagine these kids in the audience being somewhat bored. Plus, if I could just be honest , I can’t get myself around Jimmy decline in his picking. His fretwork has always been great but his picking and the way he holds his pick is a mystery. At times he can’t put a simple. passage together. Plant must have been beside himself many a times. STH solo most of the time is an embarrassment with the stop and go dynamics he throws in, I could barely listen. Having said that, there are moments. There are moments.
  5. Love the replies and I am open minded to the live stuff and yes opinions can be swayed. I love the Copenhagen shows and think Pagey did deliver the goods. Love that show and wish they took that format into the Europe 1980 tour. Also, Montreal 1975 Jimmy seems possessed. His fluency rivaled 1973 Europe. Having said all that , it’s short lived. Trust me , I’m a live connoisseur as you guys and different live sources can sway an opinion. That’s the beauty of this band. Even though they have disbanded when I was 13 yrs old, they still seem to be in motion even now when I’m 52. That’s all due to the live concert recordings and the music itself. A lot of valid points made. DC
  6. I listen. Been listening to the live stuff since I got my Knebworth cassettes in 1982 after ordering from ad in back of Rolling Stone. I was a bit shocked my the low quality and performance. Since then it has been a quest to find that Holy Grail of a performance while going through mt tour stages ( right now it’s MSG 1977 ). I just purchased Dave Lewis live chrono of the band. Although Lewis does not offer his own opinion of each show ( ala Rey ), he does provide heavy detail in finding the actual press reviews of each show. What enlightened me a bit was noticing that a lot of the reviewers were spot on and knew more about the performances and the band itself that I gave credit for. Some mentioned the decline in the performances after 1973 European Tour. The freshness was lost and they became lumbering while Jimmy lost alit of his “clean” playing. Self indulgence was prominent ( I can’t agree more). When did it happen ? Especially with Jimmy. Comparing Celebration Day ( song ) live in Canada 1971 to 1973 is alarming. How did they not notice ? The shallow 1973 sound live I have a hard time listening to. I blame it on excess and ego. I feel that Grant was determined to really conquer America especially after hiring Danny Goldberg for press. That space , however, between 1972 America and 1973 America was key to the change in the sound and delivery of the band live. After this it was hard to get a fabulous STH solo without a brief struggle from Pagey. After that period it was difficult to get Page and Plant firing on all cylinders on one stage. I know I’m gonna hear it about LA 1977 ...pure volume if you ask me. Jimmy was good but was he actually playing up to his ability of being one of the finest English rock blues player in the world ? between 1972 and 1973 American tour - was that the space that changed the band live ? I know all about the European 1973 tour which to me seemed like some American rehearsals and the Jimmy and Bonzo show. Both were extraordinarily maybe even over the top but Jimmy fret work was like lightening. Robert was done after the 1972 American tour. In 1977 he came back with a deeper Daltry like approach but was super strong and carried those 1977 thru 1980 shows, Jimmy after Europe 1973 was never the same live. Yes there were great shows but if you you average the amount of shows from America 1973;to the end , the playing to ability was probably 60 percent. Bonzo is always stellar. After 1972 he just became much louder. In 1973 yeas he was great and the world started to notice him . In 1977 he was over playing due to some chemicals. His foot work in 1977 was hard to hear and he was very very loud. Hated the snare tone. He compensated a lot for Jimmy weak soloing. He would add unnecessary fills during some difficult chord changes and timings. I love Bonzo in 1975. His best MD if you ask me. 1979 was terrific with sparse compact playing to the song. 1980 he was tired. Jones completely ruined the 1977 shows with that self indulgence of a NQ solo that just brought the show to a halt. I personally think he did that on purpose since he wasn’t the happiest with all the bs and band direction. Plus the Ambelic bass kinda threw Jimmy off tone. What I noticed is that the press reviews noticed the same thing at times which was the decline. They got “heavy” live and the slickness was lost. The volume got louder as did the light gimmicks. Having said all that , I am still listening to MSG 1977 from a an audience recording. It is devastating and loud and Robert is in control. However hearing the band in its primal form ( Japan 1971) ,this is only a fraction of potential of these twenty something year old lads. As you can see , I have alot of time in my hands this morning. Cheers from NY
  7. This Zep material is not easy to play for one guitarist. We all know that. When Clapton plays, he has assistance, Townsend has a second guitarist, Richards always had. If you notice Jimmy at the 02 he played a lot of heavy distorted rhythms because the modern sound made it sound monumental. When it came to his fine picking leads, he was much better in 88 through 96. The only one that’s gets away with it is Beck. However , Jeff plays totally different type of music where the other musicians play for him as Jimmy needs to play for the song. There is a lot of stuff gong on and one guitar player at seventy something years old today cannot handle. When he first came on with the blistering GTBT solos ( best of night ) , I thought , wow holy hell does he sound good. But he went back and resorted to some apprehension and sloppiness by the time SIBLY was played. What made Jimmy stand out that night is that it seemed like he had some real pro audio techs for a change not like the stoned out ones back in the day that would hand him a guitar ( techs) that was out of tune in front of 25000 fans.
  8. Agree to all. The book is extraordinarily in depth. It’s over 500 pages. Great companion in the when sitting alone needing privacy haha. Seriously, one thing about it is the detail with Bonzo. These authors really bring him out in each song with rarely a criticism. Also, Percy gets notoriety in every piece. Basically all members get their share ( of criticism too ) but you expect most attention going to Page, but they spread the love to all.
  9. Hey yeah I saw something about the Lewis book. That's on my radar. I just got the LZ on LZ for the 50th Anniversar also. Enough spending for now. Both were about 50-65 bucks each. The real gem would be the Luis Rey book. I had the original and wore it out. Didn't realize how valuable that would be now.
  10. Just saw in New Jersey USA. Barnes and Noble. Not a big picture book fan. Who cares what they looked like at a certain time. This mysterious band is all about the songs. As Ray Davies said " like one big jam "...I really like this 600 page book. I just wish they included some more live stuff. Is this old news ? Don't see a thread on it.
  11. Hated the whole production. No backstage footage. No audience footage even though it was filled w rock stars. Most of all I hated Bonhams snare sound. Sounded more like Alex Van Halen. SRTS I thought was real good but didn't get much fanfare on this site. Page came out of gate in great shape but I personally think he tires fast. His finger work on the guitar was sloppy at times towards TUF and especially STH. How the guy who wrote the damn solo cannot play the damn solo is beyond me. Plant was fantastic. Jones wonderful. Jason stellar all the way through. Jimmy killer tone , pacing and overall played very well. Camera work a bit dodgy and scattered but overall ok.
  12. Good question. I thought we were running out on this site. I would take 1971. I just hate the Dancing Days versions of 1972. Jimmy is out of tune and band seems sloppy. Pieces are played a tad slower and hinting toward the lumbering American live approach ( ala Celebration Day ) in the 1973 tour. To be quite honest and of course the subsequent years speak for themselves , the band was probably tired.
  13. I love Jimmy but he needs to show he is a musician first. By Plant not doing Zep doesn't mean Robert doesn't like the fans. He's just on his own trip as a musician. Jimmy on the other hand to boast album sales releases a 240.00 package of Song Remains The Same where only a sharp ear would really hear the difference in the recording. Plus leaving the butchered NQ just shows you that Jimmy can give a crap about what the fans want. Jimmy, please act like a true musician and not like a manager ....of the past. McCartney still makes music, Clapton, Plant, Daltrey, Neil Young, Springsteen, Gilmour. Musicians are always creating. Jimmy's best way to show that he gives a crap about the fans is too release some new stuff or go to live archives and release some hard to find stuff. Robert is mature enough to move on, All the amateur fans out there ( in public ) think that Plant coming back would heal all their breakup wounds. Zeppelin music is physical and tiresome performed live. It's asking Mike Tyson to come back to fight. Or even George Foreman. It's impossible. It's actually incredible to read fans reaction in 2007 that Plant can't sing like he used to.....???? Of course not!!!. No one can. Especially in his vocal register. Do you think now it would sound good..?? Acoustic is the answer but Planty would probably sprinkle it with his Arabic beats and chants like PP of the 90s. Rubbish. At least Robert is not living in the past 100% likemJimmy is. Jimmy is always been aloof in the British rock guitar scene. Not the most highly regarded by his English peers ( Americans , yes ) and I think a lot has to do with his ability to keep to himself, away from the crowd ( which is fine ) and really not creating new material. You would think that the documentary with The Edge and JBlck would have done it. Instead he charges fans an enormous amount of money for "upgraded " sounding past recordings with no real true " finds ". Really, LZ 4 special edition? Wow !! an alternate " Rock n Roll" without 1 overdubbed guitar. An acoustic GTC with no vocal...??? Please guys let's get real here...
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