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  1. Soul Train Brother is the best. A lot of the reactions are from people with black blues and rap backgrounds who hear a lot of that in Zeppelins music. Also, the heavy bottom bass and drums production really surprises people.
  2. Your joking. Only a real musician would know that is a typical non listener view. It was their ode to the blues ... It was their sound. Their bombastic balanced instrumental sound Song structure without repeated chorus chants. The sound of their music transcribed to radio perfectly Album oriented without single releases 90 percent of gate 4 hr shows before Springsteen was even 20 yrs old Perfectly producing that studio sound Guitar overlays giving a thick bottom production Repeated smart riffs using different chord structure and timing ( throws the listener off a bit ) You can’t pinpoint this band and that’s the real reason .. Early they were thrash metal like with a blues base. Then morphing into heavy riff and drum backbeats while introducing their acoustic side along with some psychedelics mixed in with intricate song structure with an underlying bass melody. Being aloof and uncatorgorized is a gift in any art. Brando had it as an actor. Who can do Streetcar then play Julias Caesar in a two year span. The Beatles broke out in later years. The Rolling Stones ..pop? Rock ? Blues ? But Zeppelin hold the torch because you can add the mystery of their low key media exposure and total independence from the music industry folly. They were a fans band. Thats why
  3. Just listen to some tapes on the opening SRTS in 1977 and you can hear the double neck out of tune. Just listening to The Rover intro plenty of times he goes out of tune. Also during NQ in 1977 it seemed he was off key with Bonham's snare sound and Jonsey keys quite often. It didn’t blend well like in 75 and or course 1973.
  4. I loved those 1971 early 72 of Jimmy and Robert looking all conservative ( and playing wise too) with sweaters and beards. It seemed like Jimmy was in such command almost from a collegiate standpoint playing masterfully fluent and conservative. I realize the times, but it seemed to me that was a poignant point before the excess arrived. There sound became hollowed in 1973 and 1975 a bit live, until the overloaded volumetric thunder of the 1977 tour. In 1977 whenever you saw Jimmy with a ciggy , in 1979 to at KW, ( not Copenhagen ), you knew he was escorted to the stage. His playing was downright at times just awful. Like his fingers were sown together , out of tune quite often in 1977, and couldn’t play the easiest guitar solo , one that he composed himself! Jeez I must be bored in NJ making these early morning observations ....
  5. Ramble on ? You kidding me. Brilliant bass run line and magnificent guitar solo by Jimmy.
  6. There’s nothing !! Trust me. Just the thought or vision of someone other than Grant , Cole or a band member with a video or film camera equates a beat down. I would even bet Planty or Bonzo with a camera would get the wrath of Peter Grant. Remember, this was a band that traveled and socialized , especially after 1970, like the mob with Grant being The Godfather. Small circles, heavy handed , suspicious of everything from record companies to concert promoters. By 1975 the paranoia grew reaching a head in Oakland in 1977. Then the tragedy following. No wonder Robert is still bothered by that whole era. Robert seems very approachable and he was growing into a friendly affable bloke. All the others traveled in darkness with Jones off on his own. The only footage I can think of is SRTS outtakes including the Pittsburg show and the band in their privacy from SRTS.. Pontiac 1977, maybe some Knebworth stuff. Nobody wants to see KW stuff , everyone wants to see the band in its glory days.
  7. Sorry never liked it live ...however, Earls Court I liked a bit cause it’s slowed down and lumbering like, which makes it heavy handed..which it should be. All others sound hollow to me.
  8. It would be quite difficult to do a quality information based Doc on the band since there is very little if no stage or off stage footage existing. What makes a music documentary so appealing is the hard to find footage...ala The Eagles ...The Beatles....Queen.. Whether all remaining members give interviews or not, without great hard to find backstage or off stage home or convert footage ...most people will be bored. Remember, they were worlds biggest underground band. Let’s keep it that way.
  9. He was a maturing young man. I think we all forget just how young he was. His voice was his most used muscle ( well maybe ...) and it is growing as it is being used constantly in all seasons. Robert was not a trained singer not many rock singers are. He used his throat too much and not pushing from his diaphragm. He was a blues singer who are naturally instinctive without any immediate control. They work as part of the rhythm not outside it. It’s quite difficult for Robert to hold on to that range for so long actually quite impossible. His voice changed as he did. Having said that..some 1977 shows like MSG , he was fantastic. Really heard some better recordings lately that demonstrated in 1977 his Daltrey like power.
  10. How many guitar solos did heroin laced Jimmy have in each show ... No Quarter Acoustic Interlude Pre Kashmir White Summer electric bow solo Heartbreaker ..if played Talk about overindulgence and you can add a 30 minute drum solo. All guitar solos played as if Jimmy just got his fingers in the mail that day.
  11. Why can’t he nail the Ten Years Gone solo. ? Didn’t Beck call Jimmy bumblefingers? A simple passage that he composed himself !!! plus the triple neck you can barely hear. Quite a lot of bad versions in both shows to many songs. This stands out as a cringe fest.
  12. He didn’t even nail it in the studio.!! Check out Montreal 1975 where he adds an extended solo at the end ( almost like a 3rd one ). He is lightening fast and in the groove.
  13. You will never hear the proper tone on bad recordings. These EC recordings are very sterile with no bottom. The 18th to me has the best overall heavy sound where Jimmy tone is more evident.
  14. Just watched the Jeff Beck doc on Showtime. Got me thinking that these English musicians from Jeff, Eric, Rod , Paul, Gilmour, even fuckin Ringo!, are all still moving and creating like true artists, while Jimmy just revamps and sells music. I am getting tired of waiting!!! How bout you ?
  15. Montreal 1975. You hear very clearly a bunch of young lads who were probably high as a kite however knowledgeable of the band. This is 1975 and at one time one of the kids requests Traveling Riverside Blues which didn’t see the public or radio light till about 1989 from the original box set. After Kashmir all you hear is “ holy Fuck”,,!! Great appreciative Canadian crowd.
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