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  1. Indeed.A great throwback (Carry Fire) to Nigel Kennedy’s violin contribution on ‘Calling to you’.
  2. Oh, but we’d miss Justin’s Dad dancing 🕺 wouldn’t we ?! 😀 ps; agree totally Steve.
  3. Last chance motel, early 2019 makes sense (beyond Skin Tyson 'Cast dates' etc. , but as we know,the bigger question is 'do the relationships remain the same' ? Hope not,hope better than when this was taken. Nicht gut....
  4. Oh Robert...the old wag remains the same ! Kirsty McCall's UK hit song 'There's a guy works down the chipshop swears he's Elvis ' comes to mind. Ha !
  5. Robert''s final leg U.S tour goes through until Sept 23rd with a (current) final two end-October dates (with Van Morrion) last week of October. Therefore unlikely to see much 'in person' action,involving Robert at least,until Nov-Dec.
  6. Agree with many here - highly improbable.A good indicator of 'any' LZ live action in 2019 will be Robert's recording (and of course any subsequent touring) schedule with Alison,SSS. Right now he's committed on touring with SSS until end October.Will he be generous and leave a rehearsing/performing window into 2019 I wonder ? 🙂
  7. Indeed. The 'Mane wasn't remaining the same' hence required a bit of Francis Rossi style augmentation. Still, hitting 70 soon,so fair enough !
  8. The syrup/augmented weave remains the same. Good for Robert !
  9. Cxy Actually,no it 'aint. Well,,he could have had a bit cut off the sides/back & had it transplanted to the front/centre. Definately a weave/syrup....as others have commented based on other new interviews/shots. Trying to maintain the ' mane remains the same' ...good on ya Robert, and that's not splitting hairs ! 😀👧
  10. Absolutely right.Alice Cooper commented some time back that why is Plant continuing to play this game when Jimmy & JPJ are ready and eager to go (maybe not even under 'Led Zeppelin' branding). Totally disrespectful of Robert,shame on him.
  11. Yes indeed,definately more 'hair piece' than 'hair peace' ! 😄
  12. Think you are quite right there Steve. Jimmy developed some sort of aversion to playing in a live format a long time ago.I (as a loyal fan of 40 years) think that he's lost his nerve.The lack of any sustained performance is pretty much co-incidental with having given up the booze (in particular) since the early 2000's. The only standout exception over 20 years was obviously the O2 show,which I was hoping he would have taken strength from,with or without Robert.Sure Jimmy has a wry smile on his face when he hears U2's 'With or without you'.
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