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  1. Hey everyone- Ok. Got a questionabout Richard Cole and his touring work with Led Zeppelin... Did he go with them both on the circult in the UK and on tour in the USA?? Or just on tour in the USA?? Get back to me on this please Thanks! Dylan
  2. Hey everyone! Still working on the script for "Friends" and have some questions about some details regarding the situation with Jimmy Page and the Yardbirds. Specifically this... I remember reading someplace that Pagey got after one of the other musicians {ie Keith Relf} concerning his conduct onstage. What I remember {from "Hammer Of The Gods" by Stephen Davis} is Pagey yelling at Relf "Keith, we go onstage and you act as if you're in a pub, cool it"... Asking because i reference this somewhat and need to make sure I'm accurate.. Get back to me, Thanks! Dylan
  3. I've got three... 'Friends' 'Thank You' 'Out On The Tiles' There's a line from 'Out On The Tiles' that I think speaks volumes.. It's verse two line one: "I'm so glad I'm living and I'm going to tell the world that I am"...
  4. Hey everybody! Does anyone know the times for the performance at the Toby Jug Pub?? I'm assuming that it happened in the evening. But the ad doesn't give the time slot and there isn't any other way to find out. Get back to me on this please, Thanks! Dylan
  5. Hey everyone!! Did the shows in Newcastle Upon Tyne and Birmingham take place during daylight hours or at night??? Get back to me! Thanks! Dylan
  6. Hey Steve! Thanks for checking. I appreciate the help. I'll explain a little more when I get further into editing. But the jist is that that event sets off part of the plot line... I'm coming from a different perspective with the script. So I might end up asking questions that most people wouldn't and come up with topics that most people on here might not find all that interesting... Sorry too for the request for itinerary re the Summer of '69 UK tour. Turns out that I might not need that after all. At this point we will either start the UK tour timeline with the performance in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne going to Birmingham or Birmingham going to Manchester. Scenes that take place between performances {off-hours} might end up taking place within the areas with the musicians walking around etc etc because there were {and still are} places in England where it's safe to walk around. Even at night. For the USA summer tour my coauthor and I will figure things out when we get to that point... Thanks again! Dylan
  7. Hey Steve! Thanks for that info. I'm meeting with my coauthor later on today and will let him know. At this point we're about halfway through and I've been editing constantly up to this point. I've also got an older friend who is a big fan of Led Zeppelin and I will run the problem with the dates by her too. At this point I can't change date info because I'm in the midst of the writing process. I read Cole's book a long while back and that's where I first found an account of that incident. I am also going to see if I can find an account of the incident in one of the Detroit newspapers or else contact their PD's records section... I'm going to write a short intro disclaimer for the film too. So we are either going to move that event up the timeline or deal with the discrepancy in the disclaimer. Thanks again for your help!! Get back to me, Thanks again! Dylan
  8. Hey Merle! Thanks! Ya! I know that Led Zeppelin was founded in 1968. But my coauthor and I are starting during the tour. We start with the concert at the Iowa Memorial Union and the next day when the group is checked in in Detroit {a few days before the performance at the Grande Ballroom}... Speaking of such things. I know from reading different accounts on this that there had been a shooting at the motel a few minutes before the group was checked in. According to one account the area was still being cleaned up. So now my question on this part of the topic: What was the reaction among the musicians???? Thanks! Dylan
  9. Hey everyone! Ok. Gotta ask another "stupid" question here... During the first UK tour {1969} how did they handle accommodations etc??? For those of you who may not have already read my first post, I'm working on a script for an animated film about Led Zeppelin. The film itself is called "Friends" {for the song on 'Led Zeppelin III'} and takes place from the middle of January 1969 to early January 1970... I'm asking that question mainly so that I can figure out how to go about laying out the part of the film that deals with the first UK tour... Get back to me, Thanks! Dylan
  10. Hey everyone! I know that it's been awhile. Been hard at work on 'Friends' and have twenty-three scenes written so far {i.e. almost an hour of movie time}... So now I have a burning question here. Specifically this: Where was Peter Grant's office located {the UK scenes take place mostly in one area of London for instance}??? Get back to me on this, Thanks! Dylan
  11. Hey everyone! Here's some of Jimmy Page's earlier work... http:// https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsuf7gVwjgY&list=RDdsuf7gVwjgY It's a song called 'Keep Moving'. I'm actually looking at adding it into 'Friends' and am looking at getting a guitar arrangement done... Apparently 'How Many More Times' was performed by Robert Plant with the Band of Joy first. I've heard the version that was recorded on Led Zeppelin's first album. But are there any older recordings of 'How Many More Times' in existence?? Get back to me please on this, Thanks! Dylan
  12. Hey everyone! Reading though Jimmy Page's autobiography and ran across info for both the Pop Proms concert {Led Zeppelin's very first performance at the Albert Hall} and the Bath UK Blues Festival in 1969. Anyone have any idea where I can find either info or footage of either of those shows?? Get back to me, Thanks!! FreedomDylan
  13. Thanks Sathington!! Btw everybody. This is going to be a 3D animation film. So below are visual rough drafts of the musicians themselves. I'm getting by with Adobe Fuse right now. So in the case of Plant, the representation might be more of a similarity to photographs taken in the mid 1970s. I'm taking college courses in computer animation right now. So once I'm done with prerequisites, then I will learn how to make the chars and other things from scratch. Worst case scenario I will ask a fellow student to collaborate with me on creating them. Until then let me know what you think! Thanks!! FreedomDylan
  14. Hey everyone! I'm very very new {first day!} and may have a dilemma here... I'm actually working on a script for an animated film about Led Zeppelin right now. The film itself is called "Friends". I can't give too many details yet. Except to say that right now my timeline falls between Jan of 1969 and Jan 1970. So here's the dilemma... Looking for the full lyrics to Led Zeppelin's version of 'Down The Line' {also called 'I Gotta Move'}. This is the only high quality version of this song that I found: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOSEU91cSds Any ideas??. Get back to me on this! Thanks! Dylan PS: Sorry about color change and font resize. I'm sight impaired.
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